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Trending Pup Haircuts: Grooming Experts Show Off Insta-Worthy Styles!

At A Glance

These furry fashionistas are grabbing attention and gaining fans for their flair and fantastic hair! Embark on a delightful journey as you acquaint yourself with our four-legged celebrity doppelgangers and the pet stylists who work their magic to ensure the dogs that come to them look nothing short of fabulous.

  • From topknots to braids, beach waves and precision cuts, there are plenty of options when it comes to giving your pet a glam look.
  • Professional groomers are experts at bringing out the best look in dogs, irrespective of breed, age, personality, or size.

Last Updated on: Sep 01, 2023

We scoured the pet grooming world to find some of the cutest and quirkiest dog hairstyles done by master stylists wielding their tools and working their magic.

Get ready to be captivated by chic and charming pups who are winning hearts everywhere with their fabulous coifs and A-list looks, thanks to the skills of their gifted groomers!

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Now, let’s get to know them better, shall we?

What The Pup Grooming Studio

cute dog hairstyles - what the pup grooming

Milly, the Cocker Spaniel is looking all cute and dandy rocking those pigtails with her easygoing beach waves like a boho chick.

Milly looks like a full bloom with her playful, tiny hair sections. Her groomer, Jamie Ayala styled her lush hair, complementing her dark, dreamy eyes, droopy ears, and sweet expression.

“Milly has been seeing us since her very first puppy groom! She is so full of beans and loves play time with her doggy pals whenever she comes in for her grooms. We love to style her hair in pigtails and we think it suits her cheeky personality pawfectly”, says Jamie.

Cocker Spaniels like Milly are affectionate and fun-loving, sporty and energetic, and they do love lots of cuddles and frolicking. This makes quaint and playful hairstyles perfect for them as they add another layer of awesomeness to their already cheeky vibe.

About What The Pup Grooming Studio

what the pup studio

What The Pup is the go-to pet salon for pet owners in the area who want picture-perfect and personality-apt hairstyles and grooming for their pups. The salon welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes. The grooming studio uses only premium salon products to ensure safety and great results. What The Pup also offers other dog care services like dog daycare for socialization and a shop where you can buy pet treats and unique dog accessories.

Check them out and give your pup some pampering in an inviting atmosphere made possible by talented groomers who combine passion and fun at work!

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Email ID | Contact

Address: Augustine Heights QLD 4300, Australia

Blooms Grooms Mobile

blooms grooms dogs

Elly and Chester enjoy a VIP grooming experience that calms the senses and amps the style!

Meet two of Blooms Grooms Mobile’s regular customers who get their glam looks from expert hands by appointment. Talk about VIP treatment that provides professional styling and pampering on demand.

This adorable little pup on the left in the above image with what looks like a bob framing her head is Elly, the ever-effervescent Havanese dog who’s a regular at Blooms Grooms Mobile. She sports a medium length, uniform straight cut around the head.

And Chester who is on the right, is not a unicorn in disguise but a white Lhasa Apso sporting a full-body pride-inspired Mohawk in rainbow colors! With his quirky, whimsical, colorful coat, it will be hard to miss this pup in a crowd. This creative cut works best with curly, fluffy coat dogs like Lhasa Apsos, Poodles, and Pomeranians.

“We strive to make all the pup grooms as stress free as possible,” exclaim Elly and Chester’s groomer Shayna.

Expert groomers at Blooms Grooms Mobile use only safe and dog-friendly products and accessories, they ensure your dog looks haute and happening.

About Blooms Grooms Mobile

blooms grooms mobile about us

Blooms Grooms Mobile, headed by owner/groomer Shayna is a dog grooming concierge service with over a decade of experience. From their state-of-the-art grooming van, Blooms delivers a full range of services right to your doorstep, making it a hassle-free experience.

This on-demand, traveling spa boasts a long list of satisfied clients happy with their team’s pro skills and ability to adroitly manage not just difficult and hysterical dogs but even those with health issues and physical challenges. This holistic spa on wheels gives every dog that walks through its doors a zen-like, gentle grooming experience.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Chicago, Illinois

Barkbus: Mobile Dog Grooming

dog haircuts - barkbus mobile dog grooming

Fabio looking all fabio-lous with that iconic coif!

Fabio is a friendly and stylish poodle who has mastered the art of looking classy and cool without trying too hard! Fabio’s not-a-hair strand-out-of-place pom poms and puffs cut is one of extreme precision and creativity. And he definitely looks dapper with that neatly done ‘do and that little plaid ribbon tied around his neck, accentuating his white, well-combed coat.

“There’s nothing plain about this mane! Fabio went from cute and curly, to fluffed out and fierce in one spawday session,” says Fabio’s groomer.

About Barkbus: Mobile Dog Grooming

dog haircuts- about barkbus (1)

Barkbus is a mobile dog grooming provider that serves Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Dallas, and soon, the Phoenix region on their grooming buses. They provide grooming and styling sessions with a gentle one-on-one approach, making each session a calming and enjoyable time for dogs.

They use warm, filtered water baths, safe, hypoallergenic products, breed-specific grooming, and more. They started in 2017 on a mission to end traumatic salon trips for dogs. Their stress-free, next-generation mobile services include warm filtered hydro-jet water baths, All-Natural shampoos, conditioners and face wash, hand blow dry, gentle brush out, ear cleaning, nail trimming and filing, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression, if needed.

Website | Facebook| Email ID | Contact

Address: Los Angeles | Orange County

D’s Doggie Do’s & Cats Too

dog haircuts - d’s doggie do’s & cats too

Vivi, the vivaciously trendy Yorkie pup is all dolled up, ready for any runway.

A dog or a doll? Vivi looks girly and pretty as her groomer Grace thought it best to highlight her charm even more with a topknot and dainty bows. This look matches her personality as a Yorkshire Terrier that oozes confidence, charm, and intelligence in one small package. And while it may look fancy, it’s actually pretty easy to maintain, especially with proper brushing at home. It’s a low-maintenance cut that does not require fussy care.

“I asked my boss that I personally groom Vivi. I had a blast and loved the experience,” says Vivi’s groomer Grace.

This awesome cut is quite unique. Notice how it highlights her perky ears, letting her exude overall elegance and sophistication. Grace and the team at D’s Doggie Do’s and Cats Too do an excellent job at ensuring Yorkies and similar yappy breeds get dog grooming done sans the stress and anxiety.

About D’s Doggie Do’s & Cats Too

d doggie do's location (1)

Like Vivi, many dogs experience the caring and creative touch of D’s Doggie Do’s groomers. They also cater to cats.

Aside from their range of grooming and styling services, they also have a daycare boarding facility and a self-washing station for DIY grooming for $10 for 12 minutes, with towels and aprons provided.

They cater to dogs of various sizes, breeds, and grooming needs.

WebsiteFacebook| Email IDContact

Address: Bloomington, IN 47403

PAWSH Mountain Pet Spa

pawsh mountain pet spa- dog haircut

Feeling down in the dumps? Take your cue from this cute little pup, Daisy: Glow up after a break up!

For dog groomer and stylist Brittany, every grooming session is a work of art from the heart! Here, she does her version of the trendy Asian Fusion cut on Daisy, which originated in Japan, China, and Korea and works best for small dog breeds. It embraces individuality, imagination, and fun! Brittany is still mastering this art but has been getting rave reviews for her recreations.

“After 17 years, I opened an official business called Pawsh Pet Spa and we are bursting at the seams. I am currently operating out of my garage but have a beautiful spa-like atmosphere and have expanded to one employee. I’m now hoping to have a pawsome storefront soon!” says the groomer at PAWSH, Brittany.

Brittany’s growing roster of dog clients can be attributed to her attention to detail, evident in how she created a serene, soothing, and inviting grooming spa where the pups can wash away their doggy disquiet, and get a makeover or glow up!

About PAWSH Mountain Pet Spa

about pawsh mountain pet spa

Pawsh Mountain Pet Spa operates from a garage, but Brittany is certified and provides a world-class grooming and spa service, turning dogs from frumpy and stressed to looking and feeling their best! The spa offers various packages like the Bubble Bath Package, the Tranquil Tidy Up Package, the Complete Body Sculpting Groom, various a la carte services, small animal services, and other premium add-ons.

They also sell CBD, grooming supplies, treats, backcountry leashes, collars, bells, and other dog supplies and accessories for your dog care needs.

Website | Email IDContact

Address: Alberta, Canada

sWAG Grooming Salon

dog haircuts - swag grooming

Freshness plus fabulous tresses! Evve get pampered and primped by seasoned pro Shannon

Evve may be sporting a traditional Pomeranian cut but she is definitely taking it up a notch! The fun-loving groomer added flair to the swaggy Pomeranian while keeping her cut clean and simple, outlining her natural coat shape with a clean top. It’s suitable for the breed’s naturally thick coat to prevent matting and keep things manageable.

Balancing the classic cut with some goofy and quirky human-styling and Evve transforms into a character as a sassy bespectacled Pom Pom!

“I’ve been grooming dogs for over 30 years and have owned and operated 3 salons, managed doggy daycare and boarding. My passion for what I do remains and I have never once got any client complaint,” says Evve’s groomer Shannon.

At sWag Grooming, it seems there’s no shortage of fun and their canine customers are loving it!

About sWAG Grooming Salon

cute dog haircuts- swag grooming about us (1) (1)

Shannon is an experienced pet groomer who knows how to incorporate play into her work. She has groomed and cared for many dogs over the years, and her grooming salon now benefits from her decades of professional experience.

Dogs seem to sniff her passion and dedication and quickly warm up to her regardless of breed, age, and gender. She pampers her dog clients like her own fur babies and has a ton of fun doing it!

The salon has a homey feel; she lets its laid back atmosphere flow, allowing dogs to feel comfortable in her hands. She feels like she’s married to her job, and her workplace is like her home too, where dogs are welcome to relax and enjoy grooming from the hands of a seasoned groomer and stylist.

It’s like Shannon has a Ph.D. in dog grooming, and her canine clients can feel the difference. They leave the place with a smile and wagging tails!

Facebook| Email IDContact

Address: 213 Matheson Street South, Kenora, ON, Canada

Comb & Collar Club

cute dog haircuts - comb & collar club

I’m Taloulah and this is my off-duty look thanks to Comb & Collar Club’s groomer Kristin, my one-woman glam team!

Taloulah’s haircut is both trendy and timeless, highlighting the dog’s entire face and in symmetry with its fluffy ears and snout. Kristin’s precision cutting combined with her creative touch make Taloulah’s hairstyle reel-ready!

It looks like Taloulah’s been on some beauty treatment regimen we can only dream of having – head-to-foot pampering and grooming that sculpts and smoothens those luscious locks, highlights her brown coat shades, and a scarf that adds a ton of chic.

“This in demand style works on multiple breeds, but is especially suited for various doodles. We do our best to make every customer happy and discuss in detail what they would like for their pet groom,” says Kristin.

About Comb & Collar Club

about us-comb collar club

Comb & Collar Club boasts a team of skilled pet stylists and caregivers meticulously trained to provide a safe and comfortable experience for dogs. They have an airy, well-equipped, and pleasantly relaxing place that makes every grooming trip a delightful anticipation for pups and owners alike.

Comb & Collar Club offers premium professional baths and service packages for all dog breeds, a retail shop, and a self-serve wash station (supplies provided). They are an authorized retailer of the Natural Dog Company brand that offers health and wellness products for dogs.

WebsiteFacebook| Email IDContact

Address: 600 W Wise Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60193

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming

from floof to fabulous with sydnees

From shabby to quiet luxury – the black beauty pup shines and slays the Sydnee way!

Black is black… I want my fur baby back! Yes, back from Sydnee’s Pet Grooming with a new look but the same old charm! Canines walk into this popular spa, get pampered by a grooming guru, and walk away feeling paw-sitive and fabulous.

“What makes Sydnee’s unique is our relationships with our clients. We’re all about creating a healthy lifestyle for your pet. Many of our clients have unique physical and emotional needs. Our loving and friendly staff are able to work with every pet and establish long-term relationships with our clients!” says the groomer at Sydnee’s, Kaylee.

Like this furry one that got primped to perfection with a neat haircut that showcased that round face and those elongated ears. Groomer Kaylee had a blast snipping here and there to bring out the pup’s big bright eyes, soft gaze, and knockout charm.

It’s one of those simple yet sophisticated haircuts that gives off a timeless charm, perfect for dogs with medium-long, wavy, dense coats.

About Sydnee’s Pet Grooming

dog haircuts- sydnees-about us (1)

Sydnee’s Pet Grooming franchises are spread across California and Utah and also serve Austin, Texas and Chicago, Illinois. They provide the works under their various grooming packages like Full Styling, Bath & Brush, Quick & Fresh, and Quick Scrub to suit your dog’s needs.

Some of their salons offer a monthly membership club where dog members get highly customized services for their unique grooming needs every month.

WebsiteFacebook| Email ID |

Address: UtahTexasCaliforniaChicago

A Touch of Class Dog Grooming

a touch of class dog grooming

Hello from Mr. Beau and his undeniable glow!

It’s hard for anyone to resist Mr. Beau’s charismatic charm as he struts around looking very much like a gentleman on a date. His demeanor perfectly complements his sleek and stylish haircut, exuding an air of cool, calm, and collected elegance.

Adorned with a uniform style Dutch Cut, Mr. Beau flaunts a well-groomed look with all his hair evenly trimmed to the same length, gracefully highlighting his rounded head and ending with a small, adorable poof.

This cute and fun cut flawlessly blends classic aesthetics with a low-maintenance style, making it a hit among many pet owners. Beyond its irresistible appeal, the Dutch Cut also serves a practical purpose.

Particularly suitable for high-energy dogs like Mr. Beau, who prefer an active lifestyle, this cut helps minimize matting and clumping of fur, ensuring a hassle-free grooming experience for both pup and owner.

About A Touch of Class Dog Grooming

about a touch of class dog grooming

A Touch of Class Grooming is a full-service grooming salon catering to dogs of all breeds. They are based in Illinois and have been snipping and styling local dogs for years.

The grooming salon is like a playhouse for pups because they have fun while being pampered and primped. It’s hard to miss those toothy grins as the pups come out, tails wagging and sporting a cute scarf knotted with panache!

This grooming salon is loved by the locals and was awarded the Neighborhood Fave Nextdoor Award 2023 for its contribution to the community.

Facebook| Email IDContact

Address: Palos Park, IL 12902

Kira Pet Cuts

dog haircuts-kira-pet-cuts (1)

I’m Gayla and I’m leveraging this platform to spread paw-sitivity!

Meet Gayla, the Standard Poodle. She is a cherished regular at Kira Pet Cuts, where every visit transforms into a trendy and stylish experience, all thanks to the expertise of groomer Kira and her creative and caring touch.

Gayla’s unique style includes the addition of hair embellishments that perfectly complement her chic cut. Here, she’s photographed standing tall, proudly showing off her Miami Poodle Cut, also known as the Bikini Clip.

“Gayla is sporting a Miami Poodle Cut. This cut is practical AND stylish. The short cut in the body is also a fashionable way to keep your poodle cool this summer,” says Gayla’s groomer Kira.

About Kira Pet Cuts

dog haircuts-kira pet cuts-about us (1)

Groomer Kira Pechony is the owner of Kira Pet Cuts located in Rockwell, Chicago, and she has been grooming and glamming up several dog breeds (and cats, too) in the area. Whether you want to prep your pet for a party or it’s just needing a new hair trim and look, Kira’s is where you should head.

Patrons of Kira Pet Cuts get their maintenance and makeover styling in a comfortable place they’ve come to love, like a second home. This grooming salon also raises awareness and funds to help save Ukrainian dogs caught in the war zone.

WebsiteEmail IDContact

Address: Chicago, IL 60625

Four Paws Grooming Inc

haircuts-four paws (1)

Not one but two braids because I’m fabulous like that!

Serving some beauty and braids with this cute, cheeky and chichi pup thanks to her fairy groom-mothers at Four Paws Grooming Inc. Four Paws specializes in grooming and giving their doggy clients swoon-worthy looks.

From intricate braids to quirky pigtails elevating various dog haircuts, they create next-level cuteness and charm with the right blend of cut, color, and care!

Braids are so versatile given the numerous styling options like single braid, double braid, or elaborate braids for dress-up days or dog shows. Braiding your dog’s hair is also a lovely way to keep mats at bay, especially for those breeds with long and curly hair.

About Four Paws Grooming Inc

haircuts-about us-four paws (1)

Despite being equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools, Four Paws Grooming takes a holistic approach to grooming. It provides its canine clientele with an anxiety-free, relaxing environment that respects a pet’s boundaries.

Some of their top-selling services include style and wash, full grooming, and premium grooming. They also offer add-ons and a la carte services like Dremel Nails: less scratching nails, anal gland expressions, and Ayurveda Treatment. They also provide coloration using FDA and Health Canada approved color dyes.

Their transformative touch turns dogs from frumpy to fabulous, like an A-lister ready for the red carpet!

WebsiteFacebook | Email IDContact

Address: St Everett MA, 02149

Bubbly Pups

dog grooming-bubbly pups

When the invite said ‘come as you are’ and you brought your A game looking like a su-paw star!

Cuteness at its best, this mini pup gets huge attention, whether online or in person. Those kawaii pigtails and vibrant hues on her tail and feet are so dainty and dreamy, making her look every inch like a su-paw model (move over Hadid sisters!).

According to her groomer, cute and colored haircuts have attracted a cult following since they highlight the natural charm of pups, especially those with long hair.

“The trend of dogs sporting cute haircuts with pigtails and colored hair has gained significant popularity for several reasons. The eye-catching appeal of the vibrant hair color, combined with the natural charm of certain longer-haired breeds such as the Shih-Tzu, Maltese, and Poodle has made these dogs stand out in the crowd,” says her groomer.

About Bubbly Pups

dog grooming-bubbly pups- about us (1)

At Bubbly Pups, cute and chromatin are the order of the day. No matter what look or style a dog owner wants for their pup, groomers at Bubbly Pups work their magic like stylists to the stars.

Bubbly Pups is a dog’s home away from home because it caters to all dogs, even those turned away by other salons for aggressive behavior or other reasons. Their approach has always been about patience and nurturing, and they treat every dog like family, giving them a fondness-filled grooming experience.

They have an open-view layout that allows a pet to see its owner while the session is underway, enhancing the safe and secure atmosphere in the salon. Their services include de-shedding, haircuts, baths, dental care, and grooming.

WebsiteFacebook| Email IDContact

Address: St Charlotte, NC, 28273

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw

cute dog haircuts - dallas mobile pet spaw

Too cute to handle? My sparkly pearlies, for starters, are as bright as my future!

There’s nothing more convenient for dogs and their owners than grooming on wheels straight at their doorstep! Like little Birdie, who gets her regular grooming treatment from the professional groom squad at Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw.

This adorable pup rocks her sleek and polished appearance, thanks to the medium-length haircut highlighting her fluffy, snug-ready coat.

With that irresistibly cuddly look and charm, she looks like a diva, ready for a photoshoot, meet-and-greet, or about to sign an endorsement contract!

About Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw

dog haircuts-about us-dallas mobile spaw (1)

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw upholds honesty and transparency through their custom pricing, allowing owners to pay only for services their dogs need. This grooming on wheels service prioritizes safe and secure grooming sessions through their professional groomers and caretakers and a 5-star mobile grooming experience for every pet that comes aboard.

Aside from dog grooming, they also offer cat grooming, pet sitting, dog walking, creative grooming, and poop butler services. They are just a call or online booking away, and they come to save your day when you have a lot on your plate and aren’t able to give your pet the attention it needs. You can count on their team to help make your dog or cat look great anytime, all the time.

WebsiteEmail IDContact

Address: Dallas

Knot 2 Shaggy

cute dog haircuts-knot 2 shaggy (1)

When you don’t know how to look at the camera but still look crisp and cute nonetheless.

Knot 2 Shaggy delights in delivering clean-cut and picture-perfect transformations for its roster of cool canine clients. This particular furry friend radiates a captivating charm that’s difficult to look away from with the smooth, precision-cut brown hair that makes the little fellow’s eyes pop.

“This haircut is on trend because it’s easy low-maintenance for dog owners at home. It works well for most doodles on a grooming routine of 4-6 weeks. It highlights the eyes and gives a youthful vibe,” says the groomer at Knot 2 Shaggy.

While the well-thought-out framing of the face with perfectly placed fringes has a timeless charm, it adds an artistic touch, bringing out its unique features and boosting the pup’s natural cuteness.

This hairstyle is perfect for dogs with long, curly, and dense coats. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, it serves multiple practical purposes, keeping your furry friend cool during the summer while minimizing the risk of matting and clumping.

About Knot 2 Shaggy

cute dog haircuts-knot 2 shaggy-about us (1)

Knot 2 Shaggy offers premium bathing, grooming, and boarding services in a calming and relaxing spa environment.

The team at Knot 2 Shaggy is committed to delivering flawless grooming experiences so their clients leave looking and feeling their absolute best. Their expertise and commitment to the well-being of the pets that walk through their doors shine through in each transformation.

Young, adult, and senior dogs with varying needs receive professional grooming from a team prioritizing their wellness and safety. The groomers and caregivers pause if the dog shows signs of stress during grooming or bathing and resume only when the dog is back to feeling safe and comfortable.

All sessions are by appointment only, ensuring they can give every client their undivided attention. With Knot 2 Shaggy, you can rest assured that your pet is in the hands of skilled groomers who go the extra mile to ensure a comfortable and delightful.

WebsiteFacebook | Email IDContact

Address:  Dallas TX, 75248



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