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10 Best Dachshund Breeders In Pennsylvania (PA)

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Are you thinking of adopting a pocket-sized dog with a larger-than-life personality? The sausage-shaped dachshund may just be the perfect choice for you. They’re affectionate and entertaining. Before you look for your life-long companion, here’s what you should know.

  • Instead of looking at puppy mills, do some research to find a good breeder. Breeders prioritize health over numbers.
  • These Dachshund breeders in Pennsylvania strive to produce the best, so you can be confident that the pups delivered to you will be of the best health and temperament.

Last Updated on: Jun 06, 2023


Dachshunds are a unique breed and your best choice. This trainable, loyal, and affectionate dog breed is wonderful with young children, making them perfect for families.

Their personality packed into a small, sausage-shaped body will captivate your heart-even if they can be a touch stubborn. But rest assured; they’ll provide you with all the love and companionship! They’re also easy to groom, which is another plus.

Are you convinced? If yes, it’s time you checked out these highly reputable Dachshund Breeders in Pennsylvania for a lifelong companion.

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Kim’s Lovable Doxies

All pint-sized hounds at Kim’s Lovable Doxies are AKC registered. Moreover, local dog law enforcement inspects the kennels and their dogs twice a year to ensure the best health.

This reputable breeder uses champion bloodlines to breed these little fur balls of joy in all colors and patterns, like Brindle and Dapples.

Their hands-on approach helps them focus on puppies for temperament. The mothers birth the pups in a nursery room to give them a good start in life. They wean and separate them from the mom at six weeks old and adequately train them in home-based surroundings so they can settle in with little downtime.

They come with a 1-year health guarantee on genetics, the first round of shots, and deworming treatment.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Turnpike Fort Littleton, PA 17223

Little Wiener Dogs

little wiener dogs - dachshund breeder near lakeville

Little Wiener Dogs, one of the best Dachshund breeders in Pennsylvania, prove that great things come in small packages.

The kennel is AKC registered, and the in-home breeder raises long and short-coat puppies in diverse colors (red, black, and tan) and patterns like Piebalds and Brindles. They’re given lots of playtime. The breeders socialize them with people, children, and other animals, making them the perfect addition to any family-even those with small kids!

However, they have limited availability, so act fast to secure a sausage for yourself. If approved, you’ll get a charismatic charmer for a companion, which comes with registration papers (when applicable), a health record, and a puppy starter pack.

Website | Contact

Address: Lakeville, PA 18438

Vom Weberschloesschen German Mini Longhair Dachshunds

This breeder offers healthy, long-haired mini dachshunds with sound and stable temperaments. Their first breeding dogs are of superior champion lineage, imported from Germany.

The breeders register and breed according to DTK (Deutsche TeckelKlub) and FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale) regulations.

They’re the only DTK-approved breeder in the U.S., producing healthy, quality litters with a stable mind and an aesthetically pleasing conformation. If approved for one, you’ll get to take them home with vaccinations and a complete health inspection.

Website | Email ID

Address: Reinholds, PA 17569

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Home On The Farm Dachshund Puppies

Looking for a purebred love bug? Head to Home On The Farm Dachshund Puppies.

This second-generation miniature dachshund breeder follows responsible breeding practices. They focus on health to minimize the risk of genetically-induced problems and congenital disabilities. They hand-raise the puppies in a farm environment alongside children to promote good temperament and social skills.

The breeder has limited litter, so if you want to bring a furry companion home, contact them ASAP to get on their waitlist.

The breeders support and promote the AKC’s stance on spaying or neutering at an appropriate age to keep a check on the canine population.

Website | Contact

Address: Andreas, PA 18211

Happy Dachshunds/Melissa’s Dachshunds

happy dachshunds - dachshund breeder near oxford

Happy Dachshunds is a small in-home breeder. They produce limited litters of healthy puppies, treating each as an integral part of the family with personalities that radiate charm, warmth, and love.

Their pups are in great demand, so you’ll need to get on the waitlist by paying a non-refundable $100 deposit. However, the availability and prices vary according to coat color, pattern, and the veterinary care required.

All the dachshunds come with a sales contract, a health record, and a puppy starter pack. The breeder will also offer a limited health warranty against genetic defects and administer basic deworming. They require you to get your puppy vet-checked within 48 hours of picking them up (at your own expense).

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Oxford, PA 19363

EJ’s Miniature Dachshunds

EJ’s Miniature Dachshunds is a well-known kennel that provides pet lovers with top-quality miniature dachshunds with playful personalities. They breed wire, smooth, and long coats and have been recognized as an AKC Breeder of Merit.

Their dogs win local and international competitions. And because they breed selectively, you can expect the puppies to be healthy and have controlled characteristics.

So, when you buy a dachshund from EJ’s, you can be sure your pup will be well-trained and in perfect health. The breeder also gives the litter plenty of opportunities to socialize, so you can be sure they’ll adjust to any family.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Beaver Falls, PA 15010


My Little Dachshund Heaven

When looking for Dachshund puppies for sale in Pennsylvania, check out My Little Dachshund Heaven, an in-home breeder who has been in the business since 1995. It is run by a pet nutritionist, so you know the pups are healthy.

They provide puppies in colors like American Cream, while patterns are available for an extra price. Some of her pups are AKC registered, while others have an ACA registration.

All puppies come microchipped, dewormed, with age-appropriate vaccines, and a sales agreement. You also get a puppy starter pack with food, a blanket, toys, and information on pet nutrition and care from the breeder.

The breeder also offers boarding services for $10/day plus any costs for vet visits, deworming, or vaccines required to keep the puppy healthy and happy.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Tamaqua, PA 18252

PA’s Darling Doxies

pa’s darling doxies - dachshund breeder near waynesboro

The owner of PA’s Darling Doxies raises puppies in her home as family members. The breeder feeds the dogs a high-quality diet and ensures they get plenty of playtime in the yard to keep them fit and fine.

They also ensure the pups are up-to-date with vaccinations. They potty-pad train them to make house training a breeze and administer regular deworming. The breeder also socializes the pups with children and adults, so they can easily adapt to any environment.

When you purchase a Dachshund from PA’s Darling Doxies, you’ll take them home with a puppy starter pack, which includes food samples and a blanket with scents of the mother, so that the puppy can feel right at home even in a new place.

Website | Contact

Address: Waynesboro, PA 17268

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Beaver Valley Doxies

Beaver Valley Doxies, owned by Lida Bellum, is located in Bloomsburg. It is licensed and inspected by the AKC once every year. Additionally, a Pennsylvania dog warden carries out an inspection twice a year.

Spread across a 106-acre farm and backed by 17 glorious years of experience, Beaver Valley Doxies has an air-conditioned and heated nursery for the puppies. They even play music in the background to make the puppies comfortable. They have a separate room for weaning and separating puppies from their mothers.

The breeders socialize their pups well to help them adjust to different sounds, sights, and smells. The pups are ACA registered and go home microchipped, with a health record, sales contract, registration papers, and a puppy starter bag containing puppy food vitamins, treats, and toys.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Bloomsburg, PA 17815

Mountain Dachshund

Established in 2011, Mountain Dachshund pride themselves on offering AKC-registered (limited) spunky and friendly dogs that make the perfect furry addition to your home.

They breed from bloodlines of show quality, focusing on temperament and conformation, giving you the best of health and aesthetics. They specialize in mini and tweenie dachshunds with smooth, long, or wired coats. The puppies are socialized with other dogs and humans to help them adjust to new environments. Moreover, they are given age appropriate shots and deworming.

If you wish to secure one for yourself, you’ll have to put down a $300 non-refundable deposit. If approved, you can take them home with a health guarantee, a sale agreement, and a goodie bag with a toy or blanket with familiar smells from the kennel.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: New Eagle, PA 15067

There are many breeders in Pennsylvania, but choosing the right one is essential so that you get a dog that’s healthy, well-tempered, and sociable. Always choose breeders that prioritize quality over quantity and follow ethical practices.



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