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Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw Review

At A Glance

From anxious pets to over-excited ones, Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw can handle every type of dog and cat with ease. Their expert team understands your pet’s needs very well but doesn’t disregard your worries either.

Take a look at our guide to learn more about their:

  • Service offerings
  • Team of groomers and caretakers
  • Pricing, scheduling, and maintenance

Last Updated on: Dec 19, 2023

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Transporting your pet can be a huge hassle, which is why many owners turn to a reliable mobile pet grooming service. You can cover your pets’ grooming needs without hassles or tantrums.

We gave Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw a try, and the experience was a stress-relieving one for me and my pet.

Here’s an in-depth look at our experience in this Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw review.

Why Choose Dallas Pet Spaw?

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw is a family-operated mobile pet grooming service. Our overall impression was very positive. From the first call for booking to drop-off, my pet Dex and I were well taken care of.

Warm Environment and Ambiance

spa review - warm environment and ambiance

The mobile spa is very clean and cozy. I went to drop Dex off and didn’t feel the usual unease about leaving him. Two hours later, Dex seemed to be in a calm mood, too.

Professional and Caring Team

I did some research before calling them and learned that Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw has a collective expertise in pet care that goes well beyond 100 years. (FYI, they also offer cat grooming services!)

They’re all quite skilled in grooming, and I really appreciated their presence of mind in dealing with an anxious dog in Dex.

They also let me take a good look at the van and their safety precautions. I didn’t need to call their management team, but I was assured they’re available 24/7 to answer any queries.

Transparent and Personalized Pricing

mobile grooming spa

Pricing is personalized, so you only pay for the services you’re getting. And all prices are transparent-you won’t be surprised with the final bill when you pick up your pet.

Convenient Appointment Booking

Mobile grooming services can be quite tricky to schedule. So it was a surprise when Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw accommodated our appointment with such ease!

I called for a booking, but you can also schedule appointments through their website or email. You can also contact them via text message.

What Services Do They Offer?

beautiful dog in grooming spa

We only got a basic grooming session for Dex, but we cover all the services offered in this Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw review:

Luxury Pet Grooming

You can choose from their complete range of offerings, from ear cleaning to anal gland expression.

We love that they accommodate more creative requests for haircuts and colors. And you can rest assured that they use a good selection of some of the finest products and accessories available. Whether you’re adding jewels or glitter, you don’t have to be nervous about your pets’ health.

We also looked at some of the more experimentative haircuts in their gallery-their groomers don’t disappoint. We’re definitely coming back for more stylish haircuts soon.

We’re assured that the expert groomers at Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw can identify and reverse matting and similar concerns.

Custom Pet Sitting

spa review - custom pet sitting

Their highly-trained pet care specialists will give your pet the attention and care needed while you’re away.

Booking an appointment with them is a breeze. Their team offers personalized schedules and allows extended visit times to accommodate your unique needs.

First Class Pet Walking

Pet walking is another fantastic service-the convenience is unparalleled. I was most surprised by how little trouble Dex gave them.

VIP Poop Butler

For those up to their necks in work and other commitments, the VIP Poop Butler service will eliminate waste from your yard and leave it looking pleasant.

What Pet Parents Say About Dallas Pet Spaw?

I don’t try a new groomer without going through customer reviews. Here are some that will back up my positive Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw review:

  • Jonathan Wehner

    I brought my fur baby Winston here for the first time not knowing much about dog grooming, as I am a new owner. The reassurance and customer service they gave me throughout the whole process was impeccable!

  • Kailey Schellack

    They were so good to my Willow, she usually HATES baths and getting her nails trimmed but they were so patient and offered her all of the love, it was a painless experience for Willow and she wasn’t stressed at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw Open?

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw is open from 7 am to 7 pm every day.

Does Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw Offer Discounts?

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw offers military discounts.

What Kind of Dyes Does Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw Use?

Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw only uses chemical-free ingredients in its dyes.


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