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Do Beagles Like to Swim?

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Beagles are hunting dogs that love the outdoors, so it follows that they would be happy to enjoy a swim.

If you want to teach your beagle to swim, introduce it to water gently. Be patient if your dog needs a bit of time to get used to swimming.

Last Updated on: May 12, 2022

Beagles are well known for their fondness for outdoor activities. They are, after all, hunting dogs.
Swimming in lakes, rivers, and even the sea is an incredibly fun pastime for hunting dogs. Some beagles are happy to swim, and they can quickly learn to do so.

If you want to teach your beagle to swim, gently expose it to water and don’t rush the process. When exposed to water in a calm and regulated manner, beagles will learn to swim effortlessly.

But do beagles like to swim? Keep on reading to find out.

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Do Beagles Like Swimming?

Beagle swimming in lake
Each beagle responds to swimming differently. Some owners happily share that their beagles enjoy getting wet and swimming outdoors, while others say that even the smallest amount of rain causes their pets to whine. Dogs, like people, have their own distinct personalities and preferences.

The body of water can significantly impact how a beagle reacts to it. Don’t be disheartened if your beagle is scared when it rains or is near a shower. It may just dislike the sensation of water pouring down from above and the inability to control how much it gets wet. Perhaps playing in a still pond or at a warm beach will be more enticing for your dog.

Do beagles like water? If a beagle finds itself in water somehow, it will instinctively begin paddling to stay afloat. However, this is not a clear indication that your dog actually loves the water itself. Paddling is a survival instinct, not a fun hobby.

You can get a better sense of your beagle’s genuine reaction to water when you gently introduce it to a pool or a pond.


Why Are Beagles Good Swimmers?

Beagles are hunting dogs bred to be excellent swimmers, so they have many characteristics that make them well suited to water. Here are some of them:

Energy and Stamina

Beagles are one of the most active dog breeds. They were bred to be athletic because of their hunting skills. They were originally trained as scent hounds, and they needed the energy to keep up with their owners on hunting expeditions. They have great stamina, and they do not give up easily due to their tenacious temperament.

Body Shape

Beagles are small-to-medium-sized dogs. Their body shape is perfect for swimming. They have strong physiques with broad chests that allow them to float on water, and their front and rear legs are great for paddling.


Beagles are fearless, and they have an adventurous and courageous nature. The beagle’s inherent inquisitiveness makes the breed an excellent prospect for exploring interesting hobbies, such as swimming. They are always eager to try new things.

Teaching Your Beagle How To Swim

Every beagle is different, so the training methods will lead to varying results. Some beagles are natural swimmers, while others may require more time and effort to teach.

Experts strongly advise beginning training as a puppy. This is because puppies are more eager to learn new things and attempt activities that they know nothing about. Pups are likely to be excited instead of afraid of water.

Swimming comes easily to a vast majority of dogs, and your beagle may be one of them! With a bit of practice, you can surely teach your dog anything. Remember to be as patient as possible—some dogs require more persuading and training than others.

Start With Shallow Water

It’s best to go with a progressive learning experience, similar to how humans must slowly learn to swim. Let your dog spend a significant amount of time exploring and having fun in shallow water before introducing it to greater depths. This will lead to a much-needed positive connection with water to begin with.

Most of the time spent training a beagle to swim will be spent on slow introductions and consistent exposure. It’s crucial to ensure that your beagle is not afraid of the water.

Always Use a Life Jacket

If you are concerned about your beagle’s safety, you can use a life jacket once you transition to deeper water. It should be easy enough to find one that will fit your dog. It’s important to ensure that the fit is comfortable and snug.

Putting a life jacket on an older beagle with physical problems is also an excellent approach to allow them to continue enjoying the water without the risk of fatigue and drowning.

Life Jacket For Your Beagle

Beagle wearing a life jacket while swimming
As established, beagles are natural swimmers. They will be able to paddle or even swim just with their instincts. As an owner, your goal is to make the activity fun and exciting, something that your dog will enjoy and not just survive.

You can use a dog life jacket while teaching your beagle to swim. This safety accessory will boost its confidence and provide greater buoyancy. Furthermore, dog life jackets have a handle, so you can easily pull your beagle away from the water if it begins to panic. Once your dog is comfortable in the water, you can even tie a leash to the life jacket so it can walk further away from you and explore its surroundings.

Remember to be calm and patient as your dog gets used to the new, wet environment. Give your dog time to recover if it becomes frightened or overwhelmed along the way. Just keep trying and encourage it to enjoy wading and swimming.

Support Them

A persons hand holding beagles life jacket while swimming
Your beagle will require a great deal of help and encouragement as it learns to swim. Carry it into the water and enthusiastically show your support in obvious ways. Hold your beagle’s paws and let it paddle while you hold its weight. Do this until it feels at ease in deep water.

If your beagle is afraid, hold it securely around the stomach so it can paddle while you hold its weight. This will help your dog get used to the needed movements without worrying about floating. Encourage and support your beagle until it can properly kick with all four of its legs.

Swimming is a strenuous exercise, and even the most athletic and water-loving beagle will need a lot of time to learn. When you notice signs of tiredness, guide your dog ashore and take a little break. Remember that training involves a lot of repetition, and your dog will not get used to swimming in water overnight. Some dogs may demand far more time and dedication to learn than others, so owners must be patient.

Swimming in Packs

If you are having difficulty getting your pet in the water, consider making it a group activity. Invite your dog’s friends in the neighborhood—preferably those already comfortable with swimming.

Beagles are pack dogs, and they learn much faster in groups. Make sure to invite a dog or two that your dog gets along with. This “trust” among companions can significantly boost your beagle’s learning.

Introducing Your Beagle To Water

Beagles may be reluctant to jump into water unless necessary. Some may like swimming when they become acquainted with it, but the process may take a bit of time.

While many dog breeds are fearful of rivers and lakes, a Beagle’s curious attitude makes them more amenable dogs and explore new horizons.

Before pushing your dog into a pool and finding out the answer to “Do beagles like to swim?” It’s best to follow certain steps.

Begin by introducing your beagle to water in a positive and comfortable approach. Ideally, this should start while your dog is young, and it must involve praise and encouragement to develop its love for the water.

Introducing your beagle to water also involves various safety procedures. If you make water exciting for your dog while keeping a watchful eye on protection, you might have a skilled swimmer sooner than you can imagine.

Train Them Properly

Before teaching your dog to swim, ensure that it is well-trained on land. Make sure it responds to your instructions and will behave accordingly. These prerequisites will make swimming practice a breeze for you both!

Start Early

Introducing swimming to a pup as early as possible can make the learning process smoother. Begin with a pool of about an inch or two of water. Slowly place your pup’s paws in it and gauge its reaction. Their curiosity may easily lead to enjoyable wading after a bit of time.

Allowing puppies to observe older beagles in water might encourage further exploration.

Make It Fun

Set up a mini swimming pool for your beagle to play in or a fountain in the backyard. Do your best to establish a favorable relationship with water from the beginning. One of the best ways to help your dog adapt to water is to make swimming fun and exciting. This will ease their fear of water from a young age.

After your beagle has had regular contact with shallow bodies of water, the next step is to bring it to a nearby pond or an even deeper pool. Allow it to explore the surroundings and sniff the water, which they will happily do.

If you are wondering, “Do beagles like the beach?” Yes, they do. They love being outdoors and trying new things. A beach can be the culmination of your slow and steady training schedule!

Benefits of Swimming For Your Beagle

swimming beagle
Swimming has a variety of health benefits for dogs. Dr. Arleigh, a veterinary surgeon and physiologist, claims that swimming for one minute is equivalent to running for four minutes. It is an aerobic activity that is beneficial to your pet’s overall health. Let us see how.

Exercise & Strength

Beagles require at least one hour of physical activity every day. Because of their love of food, many beagles are prone to obesity; therefore, regular exercise is essential to keep them healthy.

Swimming is an excellent full-body exercise for dogs, and it would greatly benefit a hyperactive breed like the beagle. Swimming is a low-impact form of strength training that bolsters the cardiac, orthopedic, and respiratory systems while putting no strain on joints.

Health & Wellness

Swimming is excellent for building muscle and avoiding bone deterioration. It is also beneficial in terms of treating a dog with musculoskeletal problems such as arthritis, obesity, and hip dysplasia. Swimming will notably aid a beagle’s recovery following a surgical procedure or a severe condition.

It also helps in increasing metabolism and improving blood circulation.

Swimming aids in the therapy of these conditions and prevents them from occurring in the first place.

beagle sleeping

Sleep Routine

Some studies have shown that beagles may have irregular sleeping habits. They either sleep excessively or do not sleep at all. This is because beagles have an excessive amount of energy, and they need to burn this energy in physical activities.

Swimming comes in handy in this situation since beagles can become tired after only a few minutes of paddling in water. And a tired dog will be able to get a good night’s sleep after a bout of good exercise.

Body Temperature

Beagles have double coats that help them adapt no matter the temperature. However, this may not always be sufficient, especially in very hot weather during the summer months. It may not be practical to bathe your dog every day, so you need to ease the heat in another way.

Swimming is a fun activity that can help your dog regulate its temperature and cool down. You don’t even need a real pool or even a beach; you can set up a makeshift kiddie pool in your backyard where you and your pet can have fun!

Weight Loss

Beagles are among the dog breeds prone to obesity. Swimming is a fantastic workout for obese or overweight dogs. Paddling in water can help them shed weight without the risk of bodily pain and joint discomfort, especially when compared to running. After all, the water can easily support any dog’s body weight and relieve stress in bones and muscles.

beagle jumping into water

Do beagles like to swim? As a breed, beagles are not quite renowned for being water-lovers, but they can be trained to love being in water with a bit of effort and care.

Keep in mind that swimming is meant to be a fun experience for both of you. Be patient, always be supportive, and use positive reinforcement. Soon, you’ll have a relentless water lover as a pet!


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