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Do Beagles Make Good Pets?

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Do beagles make good pets or not?

Read this article to discover everything you need to know about beagles before getting one home.

Last Updated on: Jul 08, 2022

Do Beagles make good pets?

Absolutely! The Beagle is the seventh most popular pet breed in the United States.

Beagles are fun family dogs that are easy to groom. They can live in apartments and their activity requirements are readily met with long walks that allow them enough sniffing time.

Find out why beagles can be an ideal choice and a great addition to your family.

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Beagle Standing in Grass

Key Characteristics of a Beagle

Beagles, although small in size, belong to the hound family. They are scent hounds and they tend to thrive when allowed to use their sense of smell.

Don’t get fooled by a beagle’s small stature and irresistible charm. This was a breed that was bred to hunt. It is more likely to follow its nose than your command, but this tendency can be curtailed with proper training.

Beagles come in two sizes: 13-inches and 15-inches. The same litter can have both sizes of beagles. If you want to make sure you obtain one of a specific size, wait until a puppy is about nine months old to buy one.

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Are Beagles Good with Kids?

Yes. They are known for being great with children.

Due to their nice, gentle demeanor, they are widely popular as pets. They have been developed to have a lot of stamina, yet don’t require a lot of exercise.

Beagles are normally quiet at home, but they can get excited in certain situations. They are gregarious and get along well with other dogs. This often makes them anxious when left alone.

Beagle Playing with Boy

Advantages of Owning a Beagle

It is difficult to resist a Beagle’s charming eyes, velvety nose, and all-around adorable personality. But, are Beagles good for first-time owners?

When it comes to living with a Beagle, you must consider a few factors. Go through this list of Beagle pros and cons to see if they are a good fit for your household.

They are Highly Sociable

A beagle’s strong affection for humans originates from its original duty as a hunting dog. For hundreds of years, beagles and humans worked together to locate and catch prey. As a result, the breed is rarely hostile toward strangers.

The beagle’s social and cheerful temperament makes it an excellent family dog.  Strangers are more likely to be greeted to wagging tails than to be scared away. The Beagle is an excellent friend for both young kids and old children.

Man Combing Beagle's Fur

They are Low Maintenance

The Beagle is ideal for someone searching for a low-maintenance dog that will offer them great company. Because of their water-resistant short coat, they only need one grooming session per week. This keeps their shedding under control.

While Beagles are low-maintenance in terms of grooming and care, they do require moderate exercise every day. They must be allowed to run and walk in a fenced area or a park. If you’re seeking a fun and friendly pal, these affectionate dogs would be ideal!

They are Non-Territorial By Nature

Dogs are usually territorial, whether it’s their favorite hangout spot or their humans. This can often lead to ugly fights with other pets.

Beagles, on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They don’t mind being around other dogs because they are not aggressive. You won’t have any problems having multiple pets around a Beagle.

They are Adaptable

Beagles are extremely versatile. This trait makes them very popular among dog owners. They can adjust to any scenario and things typically don’t impact their behavior negatively. Their personalities stay the same, whether you live in an apartment or a large home, whether you’re in the city, or in rural areas.

With adequate training, Beagles are capable of doing a lot of things when compared to other dogs. So the answer to do beagles make good pets is yes!

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Beagle being Checked by Vets

Disadvantages of Owning a Beagle

Now that you’ve read about the positives of owning a beagle, let’s focus on some of the negatives. Like all breeds, beagles have a few qualities that may make them an unattractive option for certain lifestyles and families. Here’s a list of all the disadvantages of owning a beagle.

They are Loud

The name “Beagle” comes from the French word “beguile,” which means “one with an open throat.” And beagles are exactly that.

A beagle is going to be loud even if it has been professionally trained.

Banging on the door, pleading for attention, or demanding to go outside; a Beagle isn’t afraid to express its requirements.

Beagles have a habit of making a prolonged “woo” sound, called a howl. A “bay,” which is a shorter half-howl, is also common with beagles. Other sounds that you may hear are whimpering.

They Can Be Destructive

Beagles have been bred to have high stamina. They are hyperactive and need to release their pent-up energy daily.

They will end up being destructive if left alone or confined to closed spaces.

Common issues include destroying carpets and furniture and gnawing on sofas and furnishings. An hour’s playtime or exercise daily is a must if you own a beagle.

They are Stubborn

It can be challenging to train Beagles compared to other dog breeds. They are curious, stubborn dogs with a lot of energy. They also tend to get distracted easily.

Beagles were bred as hunting dogs and are adept at tracking down and flushing out animals. These features also make them difficult to train. They are fantastic in a chase or a hunt, but may not be able to stay still during your training sessions.

That said, if trained with patience and care, the breed can do a lot more compared to most other breeds.

Beagle Running in the Grass

Adding a pet to your family is a big decision. Do beagles make good pets? Go through this list of pros and cons of owning a beagle and decide for yourself. Before introducing a Beagle into your family, make sure it will thrive in your home!


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