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Unique Pet Pairings: Do Dogs And Rabbits Get Along?

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Do dogs and rabbits get along? Can you have them both as pets simultaneously? Yes, you can. Here's how.

  • Introduce your rabbit to your dog gradually, with appropriate safety measures and training.
  • Ensure you get the right rabbit breed and the right dog breed to ensure they get along well and so your dog doesn't see the rabbit as prey.

Last Updated on: Mar 27, 2023

Dogs and rabbits are both adorable creatures, making them the perfect household companions. If you’re a pet lover, you might consider having these two together as pets.

However, the question is, although they are individually lovable, do dogs and rabbits get along?

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Can You Keep Dogs And Rabbits Together?

Among the combinations of pets a pet owner can think of, one of the most unlikely is having a dog and a bunny living in the same household.

Many people think a dog would hurt a rabbit or worse because of their key differences-most dogs are aggressive, and rabbits are more susceptible to attacks from predators.

Even so, getting a dog and a bunny to get along isn’t impossible. Ideally, their first interaction should be somewhere the rabbit can feel secure and has a safe space to run to and hide.

To prevent undue stress, choosing the right cage for bunny pets is crucial. The perfect cage should be large enough to fit the rabbit, its bedding, and litter.

A good rule of thumb to follow when buying a cage for your bunny is to get a cage four times your pet’s size.

Once you have a safe space for your rabbit, consider the following tips when introducing it to your canine friend.

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How Can You Introduce Your Dog To Your Rabbit?

Training a rabbit and a dog, socializing them, and helping them get along can be challenging. It will take a lot of time and patience before they get used to each other’s presence.

Try these steps:

  • First, give your dog impulse control training. You can achieve this with positive reinforcement-providing rewards, like treats or praise, when it follows instructions.
  • Second, allow your dog to sniff your rabbit so it gets familiar with your bunny’s scent. Consider putting your rabbit inside a cage for a while to prevent your dog from potentially inflicting harm.
  • Third, get your rabbit out of the cage while keeping an eye on your dog. Let your dog inspect your rabbit, but if it shows signs of aggressiveness, make your dog sit down.

Repeat the process until they get used to each other. Remember to praise your dog once it behaves well while providing more dog treats.

What Are The Best Types Of Rabbit And Dog Breeds To Keep Together?

An animal’s breed is crucial when getting a pet, especially when you want to raise it with other animals.
The breed will determine how they behave and if they’re compatible.

Check out the following breeds of rabbits and dogs that are most likely to coexist peacefully:

Rabbit Breeds

Rabbits are known as prey animals-creatures other species see as food. Therefore, they may find different animals, like dogs, a threat even if they don’t mean harm.

Keeping rabbits and dogs together means both animals must be open to interacting without any signs of fear.

Here are some rabbit breeds that may get along with dogs:


Flemish rabbits are the largest domestic bunnies, weighing fifteen to twenty-two pounds. Despite their immense size, they’re known for being patient and cuddly with humans.

Also, they’re likely to build a bond with dogs, thanks to their outgoing personality.


Dutch rabbits may be small, weighing around four to five pounds, but they also have a calm, easygoing nature.

They’re affectionate to humans and dogs, making them ideal companions.


Known as the first rabbit breed ever found in the world, Himalayan rabbits are avid fans of sunlight.

They may not be as energetic as other rabbit breeds, but they can be ideal partners for dogs when walking and playing in your yard.

Choosing the right rabbit breed is crucial if you want to keep them together as pets with your dog. So, consider choosing these breeds if you intend to have them build a bond with your dog.

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Dog Breeds

Dogs are active animals, but sometimes, they’re too hyper, which can lead to damage to life and property.

Their strong physique can hurt others, especially small animals, even if they don’t intend to.

As it may be, some dog breeds are capable of restraining their impulses better than others while being friendly at the same time.

Here are some dog breeds that can get along well with rabbits:

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are known for their pacifist nature, aside from their beautiful gold fur. Loving not only to humans but also to other pets, they can quickly bond with rabbits too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belongs to a family of hounds with short legs and long ears, weighing eleven to fifteen pounds.

Aside from having charming looks, they have an easygoing nature that makes them ideal for mingling with small animals like rabbits.

Understanding that many dogs have a high prey drive and may hurt small animals like rabbits is crucial. You can identify them by learning about their origins and what they were bred for.

For one, attack dogs are canines that are most likely to display aggression toward a stranger they perceive as threatening. Some of them are:

  • American Bulldog
  • Cane Corso
  • Tosa

Guard dogs are hounds that can be trusted to protect someone’s property and typically bark first to alert their owner to the presence of a stranger.

Among them are:

For years, hunters and big animals saw rabbits as food. Therefore, many rabbits develop a great sense of fear towards people, even dogs, and decide to keep their distance.

Nonetheless, the breeds mentioned above are social animals that can easily build companionship when they receive proper training and the love and attention they deserve.

Having a pet sure is fun, but it’ll be more fun if your pet has a friend to bond with. Despite their stark differences, rabbits and dogs are affectionate animals. They are capable of reciprocating love with their owners, even with other pets, as long as you are patient and guide them well.



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