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Dog Breeders in Georgia

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Finding a breeder that is responsible is essential to ensure your pup’s well-being in the long run. When looking for the best dog breeders in Georgia, ensure the following:

  • The breeder provides high-quality, healthy, and well-loved pups with all the necessary certifications and registrations.
  • They provide exemplary customer service to ensure the wellness and happiness of your pet.

Last Updated on: Jul 05, 2023


Georgia has plenty of breeder options if you’re looking for Labrador Retrievers, Beagles, German Shepherds, or Golden Retrievers.

Going from dog lover to puppy parent is a huge step, and it is crucial to find a well-reputed, licensed dog breeder. A breeder who meets the breeding standards set by the American Kennel Club (AKC) will guarantee a healthy, happy, and sound-minded dog.

Along with health, a breeder should also care for a dog’s appearance and temperament. Moreover, a well-designed breeding program can help them find the perfect canine companion for you and your family.

Check out some of the top-rated, licensed dog breeders in Georgia!

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Showboat Kennels

The founders have over 35 years of breeding experience and are well-acquainted with all kinds of dogs, small, big, and Champion Pedigrees, too! Some of their dogs have also worked in movies, commercials, and print adverts.

Showboat Kennels are one of the AKC registered Breeders of Merit that specialize in rare dog breeds, such as the Coton de Tulear, Poodles, and the majestic Shiba Inu. They have also added a rare new Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka to their family. If you’re looking for small-sized dogs in Georgia, their dogs are a great option.

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The Dog Barn Alma

The Dog Barn Alma - Dog Breeder near Alma

The Dog Barn Alma, a family-owned and operated local dog breeder in Georgia, comprises three generations of women! They register their puppies with the Continental Kennel Club, and their primary focus is on providing high-quality puppies with a health guarantee. They are so passionate about breeding that they also ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

The facility has everything required to ensure the best medical care and grooming for dogs, which they love like their own pets. All pups get enough indoor play time in thoroughly sanitized spaces daily. This helps them socialize with other animals and humans. Moreover, all pups are dewormed and vaccinated at the kennel itself.

Website | Contact

Address: Alma, GA

Walker Kennel

Started in 1966, Walter Kennel is owned by a family of animal lovers. Once the founder of the Kennel retired, his son took over to continue the legacy.

Today, they are a well-known dog breeder in South Georgia, offering premium breeds. Some breeds they specialize in include Dachshunds, Yorkies, French Bulldogs, and Schnauzers. As a Georgia State Licensed Facility, they assure you the quality of their breeding facility. Additionally, they assure you of the puppies’ health.

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Address: Pearson, GA

Georgia Jack Russell Shorties

Georgia Jack Russell Shorties - Jack Russel Terrier Breeder near Baxley

The owner of Georgia Jack Russell Shorties, Thomas Dubberly, had always been a dog person growing up. He had a beagle and bulldog cross named Benjie, and his love for canines grew with time.

Today, he is among the few breeders specializing in Jack Russel Terriers. Thomas is familiar with the marks of a good dog and is well-equipped with all the necessary knowledge to breed healthy, hearty dogs. As members of the National Kennel Club, Georgia Jack Russell Shorties breeds wonderful pups that are fun-filled, lively, smart, and loyal companions.

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Address: Baxley, GA


Atlanta Doodles and Poodles

Atlanta Doodles and Poodles breed some of the most exquisite Goldendoodle puppies for sale in Georgia. Owned by a mother-daughter duo with a passion for raising dogs with love and care, the puppies are raised like family.

All the puppies are healthy blends of Poodles and Golden Retrievers that give you the best of both breeds. Each pup receives health checks and vet clearances from trusted vets. They follow a balanced diet of highest quality vegetables, rice, high-protein meats, and vitamins for optimal health.

All in all, they focus on the health and well-being of Doodle puppies in Georgia.

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Address: McDonough, GA

Cullens Classic Poodles

Cullens Classic Poodles - Poodle Breeder near Dublin

Cullens Classic Poodles breed some of the cutest poodles of the highest quality that live up to AKC’s standards. Each of their dogs undergoes genetic tests to flag common poodle genetic disorders.

When they turn a month old, the breeder sends the puppies to a trusted kennel to ensure they socialize with other pups. They are also potty trained for added convenience. Also, every pup is treated like family, and when you purchase one, they will come with a puppy collar, a starter kit, a food bag, and a blanket with their mom’s scent.

You may also receive a health guarantee. The fur babies are also vaccinated and checked by a licensed vet before you pick them up.

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Address: Dublin, GA

Cherokee Rose Kennels

Cherokee Rose Kennels, a small dog breeding business, strives to produce healthy, high-quality pets. They follow AKC standards for breeding and take special care of each puppy.

They specialize in Aussiedoodles, Labradoodles, and Goldendoodles. Their dogs undergo all the required checkups, deworming, shots, tail docking, and claw removals to ensure you receive a healthy pup you can love and adore for years to come!

Check out their website for more information.

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Address: Milan, GA

Ayers Pampered Pets

Ayers Pampered Pets - Dog Breeder near Hull

Ayers Pampered Pets, with over 30 years of experience, are internationally renowned breeders of Goldendoodles, Cavapoos, Mini-Doodles, and Standard Poodles. As one of the best dog breeders in northeast Georgia, they are known to prioritize every dog’s well-being.

Their dogs undergo extensive health checks and receive all the required vaccinations and shots before being handed over to you. They also come with a two-year health warranty, and a puppy care kit with a collar and leash, food samples, and a chew toy.

You can also request a microchip and receive continued support and advice from them throughout your puppy’s life.

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Address: Hull, GA

SouthEast Doodles LLC

Southeast Doodles LLC should be your go-to dog breeder in north Georgia for Doodles. They are known for breeding healthy, sweet-tempered dogs that you can’t help but adore. Some breeds they produce include mini and medium Doldendoodles, Cavapoos, Bernedoodles, Double Doodles, mini Aussiedoodles, and Malti-Poos.

Their dogs receive expert puppy training, so you get a well-behaved pup from the get-go. The breeder also arranges transportation across all 50 states if you live far away. Each pup also comes with a 2-year genetic health guarantee, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will be a high-quality, premium dog breed.

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Address: Cherokee County, GA



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