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Trims And Grins: Top 10 Dog Groomers In California

At A Glance

On the lookout for a dog groomer for your dog or new pup? There are several factors to consider when choosing the right California dog groomer to ensure your pet has a positive experience. While the packages are one thing to consider, pet owners should also think about the following:

  • Type of shampoos, conditioners, and equipment used
  • Steps taken to keep your furry friend at ease
  • Provision of DIY grooming for an anxious dog

Last Updated on: Sep 05, 2023

Grooming has become an essential part of the pet care industry thanks to the burgeoning awareness about its need and benefits. In the U.S. alone, the pet grooming industry was valued at $11.7 bn in 2022 and is expected to grow further to $22.5 bn by 2025.

Pet grooming services offer much more than just baths. Professional groomers provide nail trims, ear and teeth cleansing, anal gland expressions, facials, and more to ensure your puppy lives its best life.

Even if your little one has anxiety, most groomers are equipped to make your pet feel comfortable and deliver an overall positive experience.

If you live in California, you should check out these top 10 dog groomers.

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Diamond In The Ruff House Pet Salon

Strong advocates for transforming how people view grooming services, Diamond In the Ruff House Pet Salon is quite special. While offering full-scale and a la carte choice services, the pet salon has gone above and beyond to educate pet owners about the benefits of professional grooming through seminars, informative blogs, and videos.

Their services start from $15 and increase based on the type of cleansing you choose for your pet. They are located at Twelve Bridge Drive and open Tuesday through Saturday.

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Address: Drakeley Avenue, Atwater

Mejias Pet Grooming

dog groomers in california city - mejias pet grooming

Mejias Pet Grooming has 15 years of experience in the industry and offers everything from deep cleansing to baths and trims and even show grooms. They also provide specialized fur treatments and flea and tick baths.

But what makes them a particularly interesting groomer is their attention to creating a welcoming, comforting environment for the pets. From maintaining the right room temperatures, lighting, and moisture control, Mejias Pet Grooming goes out of its way to create a wholesome experience for your pet.

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Address: Harbor Boulevard, La Habra

The Dog Barber

The Dog Barber is owned and operated by the flamboyant pet groomer, Roberto Lopez. The salon specializes in grooming dogs of all sizes and temperaments and offers complete grooming services and a bath and trimming package.

Lopez’s gentle touch, deep knowledge of dog breeds, and advanced grooming techniques make the salon one of the finest canine grooming services in town.

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Address: Market Street, San Francisco

Isela’s Pet Grooming

california dog groomers - isela’s pet grooming

Owner Isela R. began her journey in dog grooming back in 2011 in Mexico. She is a certified groomer of all dog breeds with specialized degrees from veterinary schools in Centro Universitario del Sur ( CUSUR) in 2013 and International Grooming School in Anaheim in 2016.

She channeled her love for caring for dogs by launching Isela’s Pet Grooming with her husband and prioritized safety, health, and quality.

The salon offers full grooming services, baths, and trims. But the pricing varies based on the size and temperament of your pet.

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Address: Lambert Road, Whittier

All About Paws Pet Spa

Treat your four-legged friends to the pampering they deserve at the All About Paws Pet Spa. The professional groomers at the salon go all out to treat your pup with love and care, using industry-quality shampoos, conditioners, face washes, colognes, and more.

They offer a unique spa experience, regular grooming services, and leave-in paw treatment. You can get nail polish and a pretty bandana if your pet is a little girl.

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Address: Arrow Route, Upland

Pampered Tails

Pampered Tails had etched a mark in the grooming scene in California when it was rated as the highest-performing pet grooming company in West LA. The passion and drive that the professionals have, has over the years, been reflected in their grooming style for over 18 years.

This dog groomer in Los Angeles They groom dogs of all ages, including those with special needs. Pampered Tails operates in a salon and mobile vans for convenience to clients. You can explore where they are on their website, and they also offer online booking.

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Address: Overland Avenue, Los Angeles

Ironmaya Pet Grooming

dog with the groomer

One of the most refined, plush grooming facilities in the state, Ironmaya Pet Grooming has a lot to offer. Located on Baldwin Avenue, the salon provides Bath, Brush, and Styling packages and add-ons.

The salon uses top-quality shampoos, conditioners, and safe, tested equipment to ensure your pet gets only the best experience.

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Address: Baldwin Avenue, Arcadia

El Cajon Dog Wash and Grooming Salon

Offering over 80 years of combined experience in canine care, the El Cajon Dog Wash and Grooming Salon provides full-service grooming services and a DIY option.

The DIY allows an owner with a shy or anxious dog or new puppy to introduce it to grooming safely. An owner can access the best shampoos, conditioners, brushes, blow drier, and other grooming equipment at the salon to groom the pup and establish a positive experience. The salon follows a kennel-free environment, allowing pets to socialize and explore.

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Address: 2nd Street, El Cajon

Cali Pets The Grooming Professionals

groomer brushing dog's fur

Known as one of the most sought-after dog groomers in North County, this salon is known for the warm, positive experiences it creates for pets.

The staff are incredibly friendly, knowledgeable about all breeds, and highly adept at handling dogs of all temperaments. Cali Pets The Grooming Professionals is a clean space, with a highly efficient work ethic, with a passion for dog care.

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Address: San Marcos Boulevard, San Marcos

Pure Joy Pet Salon

Launched in 2018, Pure Joy Pet Salon has since offered some of the best dog grooming services in the Atwater area. Megan Rice, the founder and operator of the spa, along with her team, put the utmost care into each grooming session to ensure your pet is cared for and happy.

The salon offers Bath and Full Grooming packages. It also provides grooming service packages based on dog sizes. More of this is on their website below.

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Address: Broadway Avenue, Atwater



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