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Get Your Dog Pampered With These Dog Groomers In Corpus Christi, Texas

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A grooming session can be a positive experience for your dog - it's all a matter of choosing the expertise of a compassionate groomer. Professional grooming services keep your dog clean and make them feel healthy and rejuvenated.

In this article, we list:

  • Some reputable and highly recommended groomers in Corpus Christi who are worth the hype
  • An overview of the services they offer and their contact details

Last Updated on: Aug 28, 2023

Corpus Christi, or the “Sparkling City by the Sea”, or “The Real Windy City” is home to two marinas and 11 beaches, with almost a year of sunshine. There’s so much to experience in this city that people are flocking here to become residents or witness its beauty while passing through.

And another reason why Corpus Christi is a favorite is because of its pet-friendly environment. Just like Chicago and San Jose, almost every residents here has at least one dog, so you’ll find comfort in knowing that Corpus Christi has plenty of dog services.

Pet parents love pampering and spoiling their furry companions and the groomers here help them do that. Here are some of the dog groomers in Corpus Christi you can check the next time your dog needs to see a professional.

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Penny and the Wolf Pet Grooming

Penny and the Wolf Pet Grooming, a small business with a big heart, promises top-notch services at affordable prices. The pet salon caters to all kinds of dogs, from small to large breeds with short or long coats.

Some of their services include Bath, Haircut, and Deshed services. They provide breed-specific cuts to every pup that walks in. That said, they specialize in cuts for doodles. In any case, talk to the team members before choosing a package, as they’d know which one would suit your pet.

The team ensures the entire grooming experience for your dog and that you are positive. In fact, they try to get to know the dogs better before the session, so they can reinforce actions that your dog loves and refrain from those that can make your dog uncomfortable. After all, all dogs have their unique personalities, and being handled by a stranger for the first time can be pretty scary.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 10th Street

Furry Land Mobile Grooming Corpus Christi

dog groomers corpus christi tx - furry land mobile grooming corpus christi dog groomer near dillon lane

One of Furry Land’s promises is to deliver pet grooming services without stress. And they sure have stayed true to their commitment. This mobile grooming service grooms your pet at your doorstep to minimize its stress levels at affordable prices.

Furry Land has some of the most skilled groomers that are trained to handle both cats and dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. The staff are passionate about animals, and it shows in their work.

Whether you want a quick bath for your pet or a full-fledged pampering session, this mobile grooming service will do it all. Their van contains some of the best equipment and uses high-quality products to ensure your pet feels special.

Website | Contact

Address: Dillon Lane

Barkaritaville Pet Resort

An all-in-one stop, Barkaritaville Pet Resort is one of a kind. With a mission to enrich your pet and your relationship, this resort goes above and beyond to ensure your pet is comfortable with them while you’re away.

They promise you your pet will feel like royalty when booking an appointment at Barkarita Pet Resort. The facility is more than just a boarding and daycare facility for pets. They also have training and grooming services available to all.

Besides the basic and standard bath and groom services, you get a little extra, like a Blueberry Facial, Fresh Breath Treatment, Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath Treatment, and Pawdicure.

Website | Contact

Address: Jefferson Street

EarthWise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness Spa Corpus Christi

dog groomers corpus christi texas - earthwise pet nutrition center & wellness spa corpus christi dog groomer near saratoga boulevard

This pet nutrition center with grooming services takes pride in using safe grooming products for your dog. EarthWise Pet Nutrition Center & Wellness not only uses products that are safe for pets but also safe for the environment.

The groomers here prioritize your dog’s comfort over anything else. As a result, they follow an efficient and reliable approach to ensure your dog is stress-free. Moreover, they take special care of pets with sensitivities and ask pawrents to disclose any specific skincare concerns.

You can be confident with this dog groomer in Corpus Christi, TX, as they welcome all dogs regardless of their size and give special attention to each pooch.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Saratoga Boulevard

Pooch Pad

The first luxury resort in Corpus Christi, the Pooch Pad has created a cageless environment for your dogs so that they feel safe and secure. They have doggy daycare and grooming services, both of which are highly impressive.

The basic Pooch Pad Bath & Brush service offered by them includes a bath, blow dry, brush out, nail trim, cleaning, a spritz of cologne, and a bandana for that pretty and dashing look. But if you choose their more bougie services, your dog can have a blueberry facial scrub, deep conditioning, and even de-shedding treatments.

Pooch Pad’s B&B service also includes a pampering session for your dog. At the moment, they service most breeds, but call them if their website doesn’t mention your pet’s breed.

Website | Contact

Address: Burnham Drive

Bow Wow Spaw

Bow Wow Spaw has the best price among all the groomers in Downtown Corpus Christi. The family-owned in-store and mobile grooming is meticulous and efficient, ensuring your dog is well cared for.

A standard grooming service includes cut-deep shampooing, blow drying, brushing, nail trimming, and gland expression. Like most groomers in the city, there are additional grooming services like facials and paw massages to which you can treat your dog to.

If you choose their in-store grooming service, know they have an open floor plan. You will be able to witness every service provided to your dog, so rest assured your pet will be receiving the best of the best.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Everhart Road

Grubby Paws Mobile Pet Grooming

woman cutting brown dog's hair

Awarded as a Neighborhood Fave 2023 and the Best Pet Groomer in the Coastal Bend, this small business has won the hearts of the community in Corpus Christi. Grubby Paws Mobile Pet Grooming takes pride in providing full-fledged grooming services.

From glam haircuts to bold makeovers, this groomer knows how to make your dogs feel confident after a grooming session. Grubby use only luxurious products and rain-soft water to invigorate and clean your pet’s coat.

Their van is equipped to handle all breeds, regardless of their sizes. Moreover, their trained groomer is passionate about dogs, treats every pet as if it were their own, and handles all temperaments.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Corpus Christi

Mobile Paw Spa

Corpus Christi has a plethora of mobile grooming services. And Mobile Paw Spa is here to attend to your pup’s grooming needs whenever you reside without you having to leave your home.

Based on reviews, the groomer is super transparent about her work. She updates pet parents and sends them videos and pictures at every stage to help them understand their dog’s needs. Every fur baby that walks out of the van is squeaky clean and fresh-smelling.

If you choose Mobile Paw Spa, your pet will come home with a complimentary toy. This helps your dog have a positive experience with them.

Website | Contact

Address: Corpus Christi

Animal Medical Corpus Christi

groomer cutting dog's coat

The Wallek family took over Animal Medical Corpus Christi in 2014 from Dr. Miller, who had founded it in 1981. The now family-owned business is a pet medical center that also offers grooming services.

This well-rounded facility provides pet consultation, vaccines, ultrasounds, surgeries, doggy boarding, and grooming. All the groomers here are experienced in handling pets of all sizes. However, they don’t believe in sedation of any kind, so if you have a difficult dog, they might turn it away.

Animal Medical Corpus Christi employees love all animals, so you can be confident that your dog is in good hands.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Everhart Road

So Fetch! Mobile Dog Grooming

Brittnee Andrews started her career in grooming 15 years ago. Her love for her late dog inspired her to start a mobile grooming service that can teach pet parents about pet care, health, and safety.

So Fetch! Mobile Dog Grooming emphasizes low-stress, positive experiences for your dog. As a result, this mobile grooming service does all the services to pamper your pooch in a self-contained trailer that is fully equipped.

And since it is a mobile service, you can be sure your dog gets the groomer’s undivided attention. Moreover, no need to worry about your dog getting stressed with other dogs while waiting to be groomed.


Address: Corpus Christi

So, here are the top dog groomers in Corpus Christi, Texas that can provide your dog’s experience and make them squeaky clean. Although most pet parents have a dog grooming routine at home, the occasional trip to an expert dog groomer with the experience, skill, and proper tools is imperative.


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