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Best Groomers In Illinois

At A Glance

Many believe a pet’s appearance reflects its health. This is why regular visits to a groomer are just as important as a visit to the vet. Your dog deserves some TLC, and these groomers in Illinois know precisely how to pamper your pooch.

These groomers:

  • Use high-quality products and equipment to ensure every dog breed gets the care it needs.
  • Have a team of experts who handle all temperaments and make grooming a positive experience for pets.

Last Updated on: Aug 03, 2023

When you bring a pet home, they come with a lifetime’s worth of laughter, love, and memories. One of the things you have to do in return is occasionally take them to groomers for some much-needed TLC. While you can bathe your dog at home, some things like trimming and cleaning its ears are best left to the professionals.

Today, grooming establishments from all over – Los Angeles to Phoenix – including Illinois now have trained professionals who can handle every breed and temperament. Plus, they have the best equipment and products. Moreover, they know what’s best for your pooch. So, why not take advantage of them?

If you’re a pet owner in Illinois, check out these pet grooming studios from around the state.

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Kira Pet Cuts

kira pet cuts - dog groomer near rockwell st

Residents from in and around North Rockwell Street, Chicago, may want to check out Kira Pet Cuts. This modern, swanky grooming studio services both dogs and cats.

They provide specialized haircuts for all breeds, full baths, nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning, anal gland expressions, oral care, and de-shedding brushing.

Kira Pet Cuts has built a strong local customer base in the state’s capital, so booking an appointment is necessary. They are also fairly active on Facebook, allowing you to make appointments online as well.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: N Rockwell St, Chicago

Comb & Collar Club

Chief groomer Kristin, with 17 years of experience in the veterinary field, started Comb & Collar Club with partner Mike Iaffaldano 2022. It seemed like a natural step forward for them, especially after their pet-sitting venture boomed.

Today, Comb & Collar Club has a team of certified groomers who undergo Fear Free training annually to ensure every dog, even those with extreme anxiety, has a positive experience.

The groomers are also adept at breed-specific cuts and grooming techniques and use high-quality products and equipment to handle the toughest fur. The best part? Every furry friend receives a free bandana, ear cleaning, and nail trim with a full bath!

Website| Contact | Email ID

Address: W Wise Road, Schaumburg

Wee Little Paws Inn

wee little paws inn - dog groomer near lou sreet

Started by Marie and Mia Latimer, a mother-daughter duo, Wee Little Paws Inn is what you’d call a bougie facility. Wee Little Paws has been helping and servicing small-breed dog parents for their grooming, daycare, and boarding needs for more than ten years.

Wee Little Paws Inn provides everything from Basic to Deluxe and Specialized de-matting baths. They also have a Puppy Groom package, where one of their expert groomers will help introduce your pooch to baths in a positive way.

Marie and Mia prioritize comfort and safety and, as a result, have created their facility to resemble a pet’s home rather than a kennel. In fact, they encourage potential clients to visit their facility to witness their hygiene and safety standards before making an appointment with them.

WebsiteContact | Email ID

Address: 6110 Lou Street, Crystal Lake

Monica’s Superior K-9’s

Monica Davila’s love for animals helped her start Monica’s Superior K-9’s. From working as a professional pet stylist with PetSmart to serving as a grooming salon manager for PETCO, Davila has plenty of experience.

Monica’s Superior K-9’s provides baths, cuts, trims, nail and oral care, anal gland expressions, and ear cleaning. They also have a de-shedding treatment and use a special Tea tree Shampoo that addresses your canine’s skin problems.

Monica and her team are passionate about animal health and want every pet to have a positive experience with them. This is why they have an open floor plan. They also assure every pawrent that their pet will receive one-on-one attention, no matter what.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 1038 S. La Grange Rd, La Grange

Cary-Grove Grooming

Cary-Grove Grooming has been serving local families with pets since 2015! They assure the highest level of care and treat every furry friend as if they were their own.

They service all dog breeds, right from Maltipoos to Poodles and even German Shepherd Dogs. The team is also dedicated to animal welfare. You’ll often see them make posts about rescues that are up for adoption on their social media accounts.

WebsiteEmail ID | Contact 

Address: 280 Cary-Algonquin Rd, Cary

Blooms Grooms

blooms grooms - dog groomer in chicago

This mobile grooming service is unlike any other. The Blooms Grooms van has all the features a top groomer would have in a traditional brick and mortar shop.

Some of their top-of-the-line grooming services include Hydro Massage baths, Blueberry facials, paw pad cleaning, and even breed-specific de-shedding treatments. All you have to do is keep your driveway empty for the van and let your dog experience the pampering it deserves.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Serves in Chicago


Barkbus, founded in 2017, began its mobile grooming services to put a stop to traumatic trips to the groomers. Their team of experienced and trained professional groomers give all canines, regardless of their size, personal attention to ensure they get the love and attention they deserve.

Moreover, they use all-natural products, filtered bath water, and the latest equipment, leaving your pup happy and clean. Barkbus is also available in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Dallas.

Website | Contact

Address: 19401 N Cave Creek Rd



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