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Top 10 Dog Groomers In Lexington To Check Out

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As pet owners, we instinctively think of healthy diets, vet visits, and exercise when it comes to our dog’s well-being. However, grooming is equally important. A little pampering goes a long way to ensure that your pet is thriving.

This article highlights the following:

  • What to look for when choosing a professional groomer
  • Ten excellent dog groomers in Lexington who prioritize your pet’s grooming needs in a safe environment

Last Updated on: Aug 07, 2023

As pet owners, we often associate our dog’s well-being with nutritious diets, vet visits, and daily physical exercise. But grooming is equally vital to consider when it comes to your pet’s health.

Simply bathing your pup isn’t enough to keep it clean and free from ticks, fleas, and other harmful skin diseases. That’s where professional groomers come in.

Grooming services offer a wide array of services, such as haircuts, de-matting, ear and teeth cleaning, and more, all while using quality shampoos, conditioners, and equipment. Further, dog groomers in Lexington are incredibly adept at dealing with dogs of varying temperaments, which should come as a relief for all dog owners.

Here’s a list of the best dog groomers in Lexington.

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Rainbow Pet Salon

This ethical pet salon offers top-notch pet grooming packages, including nail trims, tidying up, baths and brushes, and even a full-groom service for cats and dogs.

Rainbow Pet Salon is passionate about pet grooming. They provide information on grooming for novice and experienced pawrents to understand why grooming is necessary and how often pets should be groomed.

You can book an appointment with the expert team at Rainbow Pet Salon on their website and even manage your bookings on the online portal.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Allendale Drive

Country Pet Grooming

country pet grooming - dog groomer near northeast 1st st

Established in 2012, Country Pet Grooming is truly a class apart from the rest. They believe every pet should be excited, not scared, to visit the groomers. As a result, they have created a pet-friendly environment, have qualified groomers, and use high-quality products.

They offer two packages – Baths and Hair Cuts and Full-Service Grooms. All baths and grooms use all-natural shampoos and conditioning, ear cleaning, nail trimming, anal gland expressions, and more. They also add bows or bandanas (upon request) and cologne.

But what tops it all is that they also provide services to special-needs dogs. They take their time with every dog to ensure it gets the care it needs and deserves.

Website | Contact

Address: Northeast 1st St

Happy Hounds Grooming, LLC

The groomers at Happy Hounds Grooming have around a decades-worth of experience caring for dogs in Lexington. Their experienced staff are highly qualified and trained, with some of them having certificates and degrees from Nash Academy of Animal Arts Graduate, Nash Academy of Animal Arts Practical Skills Instructor Graduate, American Red Cross Certification For Dog & Cat First Aid, and National Dog Groomers Association of America Member.

Happy Hounds offers a range of grooming services, including styling and grooming, bathing and drying, nails and paw pads, ear cleaning, and hair removal, anal gland expressions, de-shedding care, face hair trimming, and dental care.

Additionally, they provide a satisfaction guarantee. They assure you that every pet will be cared for as their own.

Website | Contact

Address: East Reynolds Road

Pet Paws Luxury Grooming Salon and Spa

pet paws luxury grooming salon and spa - dog groomer near regency road

This pet salon has dedicated over 20 years to caring for and grooming fur babies. Founded by best friend duo Phyllis Allen and Victoria Martin, Pet Paws Luxury Grooming Salon and Spa pamper your pup with the best shampoos, conditioners, and overall grooming experience.

Recognized as one of the most highly reputable and professional groomers, Allen and Martin enable owners to groom their dogs in a professional environment where they have access to a full range of shampoos, brushes, dryers, and industry-level dog care equipment.

If you plan to visit them, book your appointment weeks in advance, as they are always full.

Website | Contact

Address: Regency Road

Absolutely Paws-itive

With over 30 years of experience in dog grooming, the pros at Absolutely Paws-itive focus on providing the most comforting and secure grooming experience for your dog at reasonable prices.

Absolutely Paws-itive, located at 509 Southland Drive in Lexington, Kentucky, places compassion and kindness at the center of every grooming appointment. They have multiple grooming and bathing packages, varying by breed, age, size, and coat condition.

However, you can also request grooming services that are not on their list, which they’ll happily accommodate.

Website | Contact

Address: Southland Drive

Petitude Grooming Salon

This full-service dog grooming salon, run by Teresa, a Nash Academy of Animal Arts graduate and an animal lover and owner herself, goes above and beyond to ensure your pet is healthy and clean.

Besides the regular grooming services they offer, Petitude Grooming Salon also thoroughly examines your pet’s coat, eyes, ears, and teeth to detect early signs and symptoms of serious illnesses.

Additionally, the salon offers a blueberry facial, a cleansing, brightening, tearless, and therapeutic massage.

Website | Contact

Address: Longview Plaza

D & S Canine Designs, LLC

d & s canine designs, llc - dog groomer near partner place

Located at Partner Place, Lexington, D & S Canine Designs LLC pet Grooming is run by grooming veterans Donna and Somer, who have over 15 years of experience in the pet industry.

They offer specially medicated or hypoallergenic baths for fur babies with sensitive or itchy skin conditions. Moreover, they have packages for seniors and dogs with special needs.

The salon also offers Basic Bath, Tidy, De-Shedding, and Puppy & Kitten packages. All their services include a bath, brush, nail and sanitary trim, and ear cleaning.


Address: Partner Place

Pawlished Pets Salon & Spa

Pawlished Pets Salon & Spa is all about keeping it real. They have licensed pet stylists with 40 years of combined experience in caring for our four-legged friends.

The salon’s unique open floor plan allows owners to see their pups being groomed and pampered. There’s 100% transparency, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

The spa offers a full range of grooming services, including nail art for pets. Book your appointment through their website or call them.

Website | Contact

Address: Pimlico Parkway

Mutt Cutts, LLC

mutt cutts, llc - dog groomer near east new circle road

Founded 3 years ago, Mutt Cutts is owned and operated by professional groomer Holly Adair. The salon offers a comprehensive 15-step cleaning routine that is open to all breeds. The plan includes three brush-outs before (during, and after bath), sanitary trims, and paw pad cleanings, among other steps.

Each groom ends with a spritz of cologne, a blueberry facial massage, and plenty of treats. You can book an appointment online. Mutts Cutts also offers to drop your pet home after the grooming appointment.

Website | Contact

Address: East New Circle Road

Big Blue Dog Spaw

The Big Blue Dog Spaw has been an open-kennel grooming service in Clays Mill Plaza in Lexington since 2019. They have over ten years of pet grooming experience, and their services are open to all breeds of all sizes, and even pups with special needs and seniors.

If you have a pup with anxiety, you can choose their Express Package, where your pet is groomed quickly so it’s not as stressed being away from home. Book an appointment with Big Blue Dog Spaw and choose from various packages, including Haircuts/Bath Combos, Bath/Brush Combos, Puppy Bath, or Trim Combos.

Website | Contact

Address: Partner Place



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