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Top 10 Dog Groomers In Portland, Oregon

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All pets need pampering, grooming, and oodles of TLC. But whether it's a simple touch-up or a full spa day, what’s crucial is that you entrust your dog's grooming to dedicated professionals who know and love what they do. These top-rated dog groomers in Portland make it to our list because they offer expert care that goes beyond mere haircuts. From luxurious baths to smart trims, and personalized attention, they ensure your pet looks and feels its absolute best. So what sets these groomers apart from the rest?

  • These pet groomers make it to our list for going out of their way to ensure a safe and stress-free grooming experience for pets.
  • They prioritize individualized care and take the time to understand each pet's unique needs.

Last Updated on: Jul 31, 2023

Just like us, our pets also deserve to look and feel their best, and that’s where professional pet grooming plays a crucial role. Regular grooming goes beyond being a mere luxury. Instead, it is vital for maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being.

Professional groomers possess the expertise, skills, and tools to keep our pets’ coats healthy, free of mats and tangles, and their nails trimmed to the perfect length. Regular grooming sessions are also an opportunity to identify any skin issues, fleas, or ticks, ensuring prompt treatment and prevention of potential health problems.

In this comprehensive article, we embark on a delightful journey to explore the finest dog groomers in the bustling city of Portland. From expertly trimmed and gleaming coats to meticulous paw care, these dedicated professionals do their best to ensure a stress-free and rewarding grooming experience for your pet.

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Wiggles & Wags Grooming

Wiggles & Wags Grooming are a team of elite professionals who go out of their way to ensure your pet has a pleasant experience. They are trained to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments, so you can rest assured they’ll do their best.

Wiggles & Wags provide services like washing, blow drying, hair cutting, nail trimming, and oral care under one roof. And if you’re not too comfortable with the idea of letting a stranger handle your dog, you can choose one of their self-service stations with the best equipment and products handy.

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Address: Macadam Ave

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Yappy Dog Pet Grooming

yappy dog pet grooming - dog groomer near beaverton hillsdale hwy

Having been in the pet grooming business since 1995, Yappy Dog Pet Grooming has established itself as a trusted name in the industry.

They cater to pets of all shapes and sizes, from small pups to larger breeds. Their comprehensive grooming services cover everything from bathing and brushing to ear cleaning and skin care. Going by their reviews, the safety and comfort of the pets are their top priorities, and they go the extra mile to ensure that any pet that comes to them leaves their salon, tail wagging and heart content.

They understand that grooming goes beyond aesthetics and includes your pet’s well-being; therefore, they take the time to listen to your pet’s needs.

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Address: Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy

Townhouse Pet Care

Townhouse Pet Care is more than just a doggy salon; it’s also a boarding service. Depending on your needs, you can choose between their top-notch salon services or their pet boarding facility.

Explore their user-friendly website and make an online booking to easily customize your pet’s grooming experience. Whether it’s a refreshing bath, a stylish haircut, or a relaxing facial, their wide range of services ensures that your furry buddy will come out looking and feeling its best.

Townhouse Pet Care caters to all breeds and sizes. Their pricing structure reflects this inclusivity, and your pet will receive a tailored experience that perfectly suits its requirements.

Additionally, their boarding services are thoughtfully designed to provide ample downtime and playtime, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable stay for your dog and giving you peace of mind when you need to be away.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Sandy Blvd

Grooming Arts Northwest

grooming arts northwest - dog groomer near broadway

Step into the world of Grooming Arts Northwest, where pet grooming is elevated to a work of art. With a passion for pets and an eye for detail, their dedicated team of groomers transforms grooming sessions into delightful experiences for your pet.

Established in 2017, this groomer prioritizes your pet’s comfort and well-being, evident from their carefully designed, serene private grooming rooms that aim to create a stress-free and soothing environment. They ensure your pet receives the undivided attention it deserves, making the grooming session a calming and enjoyable affair.

With a focus on providing a luxury dog grooming experience, they use only high-quality grooming products that cater to a pet’s specific needs. Every product is selected with the utmost care, from luxurious shampoos to gentle conditioners, ensuring your pet’s coat and skin stay healthy and lustrous.

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Address: Broadway

Coats & Tails

When it comes to dog grooming, Coats & Tails sets the gold standard. With a waitlist that attests to their unparalleled popularity in the grooming industry, their reputation speaks for itself.

Established in 2011, they have over a decade of experience in the grooming industry, and all their groomers come certified by the National Dog Groomers Association of America. Coats & Tails is also a member of The International Society of Canine Cosmetologists. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to detail.

Coats & Tails takes grooming to a whole new level by hand-stripping every pup. This meticulous process involves using specialized gloves and a stripping knife to delicately remove matted fur and debris, ensuring your pet walks out not just clean but with a coat that gleams. They work with dogs of all breeds and ensure every grooming session is an exquisite experience.

While they are currently not taking on new clients due to high demand, you can add your pet’s name to their waitlist by filling out the new client information form on their website.

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Address: Westover Rd

Bow Wow Grooming Boutique

Discover the charm of supporting a small business with a big heart at Bow Wow Grooming Boutique. Located in the East of Portland, Oregon, this grooming boutique is renowned for its exceptional services. Their popularity is evident from the extensive waiting list.

Bow Wow Grooming Boutique exclusively uses natural, gentle products for shampooing and conditioning, ensuring your pup’s skin remains allergy-free while emanating a sense of freshness and rejuvenation.

For anxious and agitated dogs, Bow Wow’s skilled groomers employ soothing essential oils, creating a calming ambiance and turning a grooming session into a positive and stress-free experience.

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Address: Washington St

Heather’s Finest Dog and Cat Grooming

heather’s finest dog and cat grooming - dog groomer near 14th ave

Heather, the groomer at Heather’s Finest Dog and Cat Grooming, brings about 17 years of pet grooming experience to the table. Heather caters to both dogs and cats, and her mission was to create a stress-free grooming experience in a warm and inviting setting.

This small and quiet grooming shop offers a quiet and relaxing atmosphere so your pet’s grooming experience is comfortable and stress-free. From stylish haircuts to soothing baths and precise nail trimming, Heather offers a comprehensive range of grooming services to keep your pets looking and feeling their best. But that’s not all – she also obliges pets that need extra pampering with special shampoos and deluxe services.

Heather is exceptionally skilled at working with pets other groomers find challenging to handle and it’s not surprising to see such animals submitting with docility to her administrations.

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Address: 14th Ave

Pretty Paws & Claws

Step into the world of Pretty Paws & Claws, a dream brought to life by the passion and dedication of Kate Miller, who has been grooming dogs and cats for the last 15 years. Including Kate, Pretty Paws & Claws has two other groomers, and together they ensure your furry companions leave the salon looking and feeling their absolute best. Prices vary depending on the groomer you choose.

Pretty Paws & Claws caters to dogs, cats, and guinea pigs, providing a comprehensive range of services from stylish trims to relaxing baths and even meticulous ear cleaning. They also offer suspended nail trimming for skittish dogs that don’t allow their nails to be trimmed without putting up a fight.

To ensure a seamless grooming experience, they recommend booking an appointment in advance

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Address: 13th Ave

Hair Of The Dog Wash and Groom

hair of the dog wash and groom - dog groomer near alberta st

For over seven decades, Hair Of The Dog Wash and Groom has been the go-to destination for pet owners seeking top-quality grooming services. This grooming salon changed ownership in 2021, but that hasn’t dampened the team’s commitment to excellence. They offer haircuts, baths, and nail trimming and filing.

However, what truly sets this groomer apart is their comprehensive haircut service that goes beyond mere trimming. They pamper your pet with a luxurious bath using skin-specific shampoos and conditioners. Additionally, their hair-cutting services include nail trimming and filing, expert ear cleaning, breath freshening, and gland expression; in short, the works.

Deshedding is also included as part of haircut and bath-only services. They believe any dog visiting their salon must be thoroughly brushed out regardless of the breed.

With decades of experience and a dedication to quality, Hair Of The Dog Wash is a trusted partner in your pet’s grooming journey.

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Address: Alberta St

You Dirty Dog PDX Mobile Pet Grooming

Experience the ultimate convenience of getting your pet groomed at home with You Dirty Dog PDX Mobile Pet Grooming. No more hassle of scheduling appointments or driving to the salon! Their unique mobile grooming service brings the salon right to your doorstep, where their skilled groomer will pamper your pet with high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and top-of-the-line professional equipment, ensuring a grooming experience tailored to your dog’s specific needs.

What started as one van in 2007 is now a thriving business with more than nine mobile units. Their service area includes North Portland, NE Portland, SE Portland, Fairview, and most of Gresham. All you need to do is text them for an appointment. The groomer will contact you to fix the appointment and arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time.

Website | Contact

Address: Serves Portland


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