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Dog Groomers in San Jose

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As a dog owner, finding a groomer that cleans your dog and helps it overcome its fear is crucial. If you’re a resident of San Jose and looking for your go-to groomer, your search ends here.

This article lists San Jose’s groomers who are:

  • Highly trained and skilled. They can manage dog breeds of all sizes and temperaments
  • Provide your dog with a positive and comfortable grooming experience every time

Last Updated on: Aug 18, 2023

Your dog deserves the best. It needs love and attention, balanced meals, regular health check-ups, and an exercise routine to maintain its physical health. And one of the essentials for any dog is proper and regular grooming.

And if you live in the San Jose area, the good news is that there are plenty of excellent dog grooming places, each promising high-quality service to your dogs. These establishments provide basic and extravagant services so your dog gets the love and care it deserves.

Here are the best dog grooming services in San Jose:

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Dog Grooming PETfectionist

Dogs of all breeds and sizes are welcome at Dog Grooming PETectionist. The team offer a bath package, de-shedding, a double coat bath, and full dog grooming, ensuring your pooch is clean, refreshed, and happy.

There are also additional services that you can choose from for your dog, like teeth brushing. You can also request a special shampoo if your pet has sensitive or dry skin – Dog Grooming PETfectionist are quite accommodating.

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Address: South 10th Street

Unity Bulldogs

dog groomers in san jose - unity bulldogs dog groomer near park avenue

One of the highly recommended dog grooming services in San Jose, Unity Bulldogs, cater to all breeds, contrary to what the name indicates. This cageless salon boasts quality service, provides its undivided attention, and selects high-quality products for your furry companions. Its goal is to give your pet a pleasant experience, so it follows an appointment-only system.

Unity Bulldogs also provide a report card outlining your dog’s behavior throughout the session and the status of its oral, skin, and ear health as well. This report can also help vets during health checkups.

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Address: Park Avenue

The Groomery

The Groomery, one of the best dog grooming in San Jose, offers haircuts, brush-outs, baths, nails – everything your dog needs to be pampered silly and feel refreshed.

The team at this pet salon is committed to providing your dog with a stress-free grooming experience. You can rest assured that your pet will be left in capable hands as the groomers here are trained to handle all breeds and are efficient.

However, the Groomery closes sharply at 5 PM. Any late pet parents will have to pick up their pets from a boarding service next door. So, plan ahead.

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Address: Pearl Avenue

Olly’s Dog Grooming

good dog grooming places in san jose - olly’s dog grooming dog groomer near south capitol avenue

Another go-to for dog parents in the San Jose area is Olly’s Dog Grooming. This highly recommended grooming team are passionate about animals, and their regular and large clientele is proof of that.

Olly’s Dog Grooming works on all kinds of dogs, regardless of breed and size. That said, they specialize in senior dog grooming needs. Here, each dog is provided the care and attention to make the experience less stressful for your canine.

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Address: South Capitol Avenue

Aussie Pet Mobile South Bay

Aussie Pet Mobile, South Bay, have been in the pet grooming business since 1996. They’re committed to providing high-quality services to dogs of all ages and sizes at your convenience.

Once you witness the stress-free environment and exceptional full-service grooming they provide to your dog, you’ll swear your loyalty to them. Their vans are fully equipped to handle whatever challenges. Moreover, they have a strict no-cage policy.

Everyone on the Aussie Pet Mobile South Bay team treats your pet as a family; thus, they use only top-rated products and professional-grade tools to ensure your dog gets the best.

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Address: San Jose

Dang Diggity Dog

Looking for dog grooming services in San Jose with certified groomers? Dang Diggity Dog & Pet Grooming is your answer. This salon cares about every pet’s well-being. As a result, every groomer treats pets with kindness and respect and follows safety protocols. This also ensures your pet has a positive experience when visiting Dang Diggity Dog & Pet Grooming.

They accept all sizes, ages, and temperaments of dogs. Their trained groomers give their undivided attention to ensure they address all of your pet’s needs. All the groomers are up-to-date with the latest trends regarding dog cuts and styles; all you need is to tell them your vision.

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Address: Almaden Expressway

Silicon Valley Grooming

best dog grooming in san jose - silicon valley grooming dog groomer near meridian avenue

Travis, Silicon Valley Grooming’s owner, has over 20 years of experience in the dog grooming industry. His mission is to make every pet’s visit to the groomer a positive one. He does so by treating pets with the utmost care and attention.

Since most of Silicon Valley Grooming’s clientele consists of trainers and show dog breeders, you can rest assured all breed coats are cut to perfection. Moreover, the salon follows a strict no-force policy, so your pet will not feel stressed.

The salon uses a natural botanical shampoo that is great for coat and skin health. The formula is organic and sulfate and paraben-free, ensuring a relaxing bath.

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Address: Meridian Avenue

Quality Pet Spot

Quality Pet Spot’s highly trained groomers shampoo and trim coats, file nails, and clean ear canals with care. The salon is so dedicated to giving your dog the care it needs, so it customizes packages accordingly. However, you can also avail of additional services like a scented facial and paw balm – to name a few.

That said, if you don’t feel comfortable with professionals, you can also choose to use their self-service stations. They have the latest equipment and the finest shampoo and conditioner at your disposal.

After a session with this team or at the self-service station, your pet will surely come out looking clean and fresh and feeling happy and stress-free.

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Address: Bird Avenue

Puppy Cutz

groomer brushing dog's coat

Claudia, the expert groomer of Puppy Cutz, has a legion of 4-legged furry fans whom she likes to pamper. After working for more than ten years as a groomer, she decided to start her own salon to help dogs of breeds, sizes, and ages. Albeit, she is biased toward Terriers.

The dogs that walk in here receive a lot of love and stress-free grooming that includes bathing, ear cleaning, plucking, nail trimming, and haircuts. Most pet owners look forward to picking up their clean and freshly-groomed pup and seeing the fun pictures that Claudia takes after she’s done with the grooming.

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Address: Coltwood Drive

Wow! My Dog

Wow! My Dog is all about providing a pleasant grooming experience at your convenience. Their expert groomers are trained to care for all breed dogs with ease. In fact, they hold themself up to extremely high standards, aiming for “Wow” factor results.

You can choose from three packages: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each process – from bathing to nail clipping, sanitary trimming to eye cleaning – is done with expert care and respect.

All dogs are treated like family, so you don’t have to worry about leaving your dog with them.

Website | Contact

Address: San Jose

If you want your dog to be groomed by efficient, highly-trained, and compassionate dog groomers, your search for trustworthy dog grooming services in San Jose ends here. Treat your pet to a relaxing and pleasant experience they deserve.

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