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Top Dog Grooming Services In Texas To Check Out Today

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Your dog deserves some TLC, and what better way than to head over to some of the best groomers? From basic grooming, like trims, cuts, and blow drying, to luxurious experiences, like soaks and facials, these groomers in Texas provide them all.

These reputable groomers have made a mark in the industry because:

  • They use high-quality products and modern equipment to ensure your pet gets what it needs.
  • They follow strict protocols to ensure every pet is safe.

Last Updated on: Sep 18, 2023

While places like Portland, Chicago, and Los Angeles have some of the best dog groomers and plenty of options, what about Texas? Well, Texas has quite a few remarkable groomers as well.

We have compiled a list of some incredibly talented dog groomers in Texas who are a favorite not just with pets but with pet parents as well for their personalized services and their attention to detail.

Check them out here:

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Texas Mobile Pet Spa

Andrea Laird, the owner of Texas Mobile Pet Spa, has been serving pets in the San Antonio area for more than 20 years! She believes a pet’s health improves with its appearance.

Along with basic grooming services like bathing, blow drying, haircuts, and nail trimming, Texas Mobile Pet Spa also offers some additional services. They include pet hair dyeing, hot oil treatments, salon dental treatments, and even specialty bath soaks.

Indulge your pet in the luxury of top-notch pampering right at your doorstep, courtesy of this mobile pet spa. With a focus on affordable prices, Texas Mobile Pet Spa will leave your furry companion looking and feeling its best. Additionally, explore their range of premium grooming products, designed to help you maintain your pet’s appearance with ease and style.

Website | Contact

Address: Custer Pass Street, San Antonio

Peek-A-Boo Pet Grooming

groomer cutting dog's fur

In the pet grooming business since 2007, Peek-A-Boo Pet Grooming aims for every pet that walks through their door to have the best grooming experience. And so they ensure that the dog and groomer spend some time together before the session. This helps both the pets and groomers understand each other better.

Peek-A-Boo Pet Grooming is open to dogs and cats. If you’re in need of some extra support, make sure to check out their Facebook page, where you’ll find a treasure trove of helpful tips, engaging videos, and informative guides on pet care.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Concho Street, Coleman

Animal House Grooming Salon

You may have heard of collagen for humans, but did you know about dog collagen
? Well, Animal House Grooming Salon provides that and much more in addition to regular services like cutting and blow drying, trimming nails, cleaning ears, and oral care.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, Animal House Grooming Salon has become one of the most experienced and skilled dog groomers in Texas. Their groomers are equipped and open to grooming dogs of all sizes, right from the pint sized Toy Poodles to the giant Mastiffs and everything in between.

And if you have a special grooming request for your pet that’s not on their list of services, connect with one of their professional groomers to see how they can help.

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Address: Butternut Street, Abilene

Bark Boutique and Grooming Salon

dog groomers in galveston texas - bark boutique and grooming salon dog groomer near harris avenue

Lizz Kid always dreamed of a job where she could take her dogs along to work and that’s how the idea of Bark Boutique and Grooming Salon came to life. While their regular grooming services are top-notch, they also ensure their unique Bubble and Mud baths deliver the best experience, regardless of the breed and size.

They also cater to dogs with special needs and encourage owners to inform them of any requests in advance so no pet is left feeling anxious. In addition to their grooming services, Bark Boutique and Grooming Salon also offers doggy daycare services and a comprehensive pet guide.

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Address: Harris Avenue, San Angelo

The Dog House Of Frisco

The Dog House of Frisco has featured in many magazines, including the Best of Frisco and Living Magazine, for their incredible services. They offer three packages: Basic Groom, Silver Bath, and Gold Bath.

Some of their luxury and exclusive services include blueberry facials, fluff dry, milk baths, deshedding brush-outs, and furminator shampoo and conditioner. This groomer caters to dogs of all sizes and coat types but has limited slots. So ensure you book an appointment in advance.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Main Street, Frisco

Trents Pet Grooming

woman clipping dog's nail

At Trent’s Pet Grooming, you can be assured that your pet is in the best hands possible. With a remarkable 20-year track record as a groomer and veterinary tech, Trent has mastered the art of handling dogs of all sizes, temperaments, and coat types.

Trent Pet Grooming caters to small and medium-sized dogs and offers everything from refreshing baths and meticulous blow drying to skillful annual shave downs. Thanks to the use of high-quality ingredients and the groomer’s expertise in breed-specific cuts, your pet is guaranteed to walk out with the softest fur ever.

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Address: FM 603, Clyde

Jackie’s Dog Grooming

Jackie’s Dog Grooming, a family-owned and operated establishment, has been in business since 1986. This groomer is known for exclusively using natural products, including flea repellents and nail polish.

Moreover, Jackie’s Dog Grooming also sells adorable doggie clothes and provides a complimentary blow dry to every dog. Remember to weigh your dog before scheduling an appointment as Jackie’s has a strict weight limit of 50 lbs. Additionally, the groomer does not attend to biters for the safety of its staff and other pets.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 34th North, Texas City

New Image Pet Grooming

dog groomers austin texas - new image pet grooming dog groomer in north austin

New Image Pet Grooming is one of the best mobile grooming services in Austin, Texas. They provide elite and special grooming and styling services, including haircuts, styling, de-shedding, sanitation cuts around the genital area, and de-matting.

New Image Pet Grooming only dispatches highly trained and experienced groomers to your doorstep. Moreover, you have the option to specify your preferred groomer to tailor the grooming experience to suit your pet’s preferences. This thoughtful approach ensures that your pet always meets its favorite groomer during appointments, which fosters a sense of comfort and security and helps in building a lasting relationship.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: North Austin

Show Me Paws

A groomer that caters to felines and canines, Show Me Paws is an ideal place for your pet’s grooming needs. The breeder is equipped to handle all breeds, sizes, and coat types, so you can safely leave your pet with them.

The groomer uses high-quality shampoos and conditioner with season-specific scents. For example, in October your pooch will come home smelling like pumpkin-spice or sugar cookies. They also have mud bath packages for extremely dry and flaky skin and a deep moisturizing shampoo, oatmeal conditioner, and deodorizing spray.

But beware Show Me Paws is highly in demand and has a waiting period of over 8 weeks! So get in touch with them soon.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 1st Street, Merkel

Bravado Dog Grooming

Another remarkable family-owned and operated salon, Bravado Dog Grooming, offers comprehensive grooming services and specialized summer shave-downs. This small salon ensures that each and every pet enjoys a positive and comfortable grooming experience, and gives special attention to puppies and elderly dogs.

Besides basic grooming services, they also offer luxury baths, de-matting, and de-shedding. Additionally, they use dog-safe hypoallergenic shampoos so your pooch is safe, regardless of its skin and fur type.

Bravado does not take in pets over 55 lbs. And since they have an open floor plan where dogs can mingle, any signs of aggression are not tolerated for the safety of the other pets and their staff.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Loop Boulevard East, Austin


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