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Best Dog Groomers In Los Angeles To Check Out

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As a pet parent, finding a reliable dog grooming service in Los Angeles can be a tall ask. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a professional groomer for your pet to ensure that it has a positive experience. This article enlists the top 10 dog groomers who

  • Use industry-grade shampoos, conditioners, and instruments
  • Prioritize the security and well-being of your fur baby

Last Updated on: Jul 14, 2023

Grooming can often be a daunting experience for your pet, especially if it’s a puppy or has never been to a groomer. While plenty of dog groomers are available in Los Angeles, choosing the right one is not easy.

A professional and trustworthy groomer ensures your pup has a positive experience. This is especially essential if your dog needs regular grooming.

Here are some of LA’s best dog groomers who are professional and extremely knowledgeable about all dog breeds and temperaments.

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Alessandro Pet Spa

Alessandro Pet Spa, located on Santa Monica Boulevard, is a full-service pet grooming center with over 20 years of experience. They offer professional grooming and bathing services for dogs and cats.

With services like nail clipping, brushing teeth, and specialized breed haircuts, this place is a one-stop shop for your pet’s grooming needs. The professionals here go above and beyond to ensure the dogs and their owners feel safe and comfortable.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Santa Monica Blvd

Blue Pooch Dog Grooming

blue pooch dog grooming - dog groomer near west pico blvd

Blue Pooch Dog Grooming is especially interesting because it offers specialized Japanese grooming services. Family-owned and operated since 2013, celebrity groomer Arisa adds a magical Japanese touch to every pet that needs it.

The salon offers four unique packages: bath and haircut, bath and brush, topdog (no bath, no haircut), and Japanese – Asian Styling Packages. Its Asian styling package offers iconic Japanese-style haircuts that make any puppy look incredibly adorable.

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Address: West Pico Blvd

Bubble Pup Salon

Bubble Pup Salon’s unique Japanese and Korean-style grooming is the talk of the town. They offer bath and grooming packages and an Asian-Fusion style grooming service. This includes a charming haircut that’ll leave your pet looking like a teddy bear.

The stylists have experience working with breeds such as Bichon, Poodles, Yorkies, Cocker Spaniels, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Schnauzers, and Maltipoo. If your pet is nervous or shy, you can even stay with your pup during the grooming appointment. The salon offers 2 hours of free parking with validation to ensure you and your pup have a wholesome experience.

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Address: Alameda St

Wowow Grooming

wowow grooming - dog groomer near monte vista st

Wowow Grooming, true to its name, brings the “wow” factor to your pup’s look after every grooming appointment. Located at Monte Vista Street, Los Angeles, this grooming salon has much to offer with its impeccable nail trimming, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

The grooming service is so thorough, they even have a dedicated pet skin care treatment for matted pets and pups with fleas and ticks.

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Address: Monte Vista St

Melrose Pet Grooming

Melrose Pet Grooming, known as the best dog grooming service in West Hollywood, has been in the business for over two decades. Their attention to detail and care for every breed and the use of natural shampoos and conditioners sets them apart from the rest.

They also offer specialized trimming and cuts on request. Contact them for an appointment and take your fur baby in for a full-service grooming experience.

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Address: Melrose Ave

Paw La Las

Paw La La is a grooming service worth considering. They have caring, dedicated, and experienced pet-care professionals that prioritize your furry friend’s comfort and well-being.

The groomers have over 10 years of experience grooming different breeds and temperaments and have a way of making your fur baby feel loved and pampered. Paw La La also specializes in high-end hand scissoring, providing top-notch haircuts.

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Address: Vermont Ave

Collar & Comb: Boutique Grooming

collar comb boutique grooming - dog groomer near north la brea ave

The origins of Collar & Comb are intriguing. Founder Paul established Collar & Comb after failing to find specialized salon services that catered to senior pets; the rest is history.

Decorated as California’s Safe Certified Salon by American Kennel Club (AKC) and rated as the best pet grooming spa in California on Yelp, this pet salon is in a league of its own.

The grooming services are so thorough that AKC utilized Collar & Comb’s grooming practices and techniques to set the standard for pet grooming across the country. The salon is a pioneering advocate for modern health spa experiences that include cage-free, fun-loving experiences in a sparkling clean facility.

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Address: North La Brea Ave

Hollywood Grooming

This grooming facility is as rare as they come. Hollywood Grooming is the first mobile dog grooming facility in Los Angeles.

Their state-of-the-art mobile vans are the most advanced in the pet grooming industry, and their professional groomers use only the best shampoos, conditioners, machinery, and more to keep fur babies happy, refreshed, and safe.

Hollywood Grooming has over 10 mobile grooming vans across the city. Book an appointment over the phone for an on-the-go grooming experience.

Website | Contact

Address: Greater Los Angeles

Washing Spot

washing spot - dog groomer near sunset blvd

Besides its industry-grade full grooming package, Washing Spot provides a self-washing package. Mindful that some pets get anxious and don’t like being groomed by strangers, this dog groomer allows owners to bathe and groom their fur babies in its professional facilities.

This is a great way to wash your anxious dog while using professional equipment and pet care products. So, if you have an over-anxious pup, consider Washing Spot’s self-washing package.

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Address: Sunset Blvd

Pour La Pooch

Perhaps one of the oldest dog grooming services in the City of Angels, Pour La Pooch, has been caring for pups since 1967. It has an array of packages to choose from, including full grooming for normal hair-length fur babies and even short-haired pooches.

You can customize the services based on your pet’s needs. Also, if you have errands to run for the day, leave your pet at Pour La Pooch’s fun-loving daycare service, where it will be well looked after.

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Address: Beverly Blvd


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