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Find the Best Dog Groomers in Phoenix, AZ

At A Glance

Who doesn’t love a good pampering every once in a while? And pets are no different. From hair wash and cuts to nail trims, your pooch can have it all! The good news is that if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, you’re spoilt for choice.

These professional groomers:

  • Have high-quality dog shampoos for every fur type, so your dog gets customized pampering
  • Are trained and knowledgeable to handle every breed and temperament

Should you choose any of them, your pet will be in good hands.

Last Updated on: Jul 17, 2023

Dog grooming isn’t just about making your dog look prim and proper; it is an integral part of caring for a pet, ensuring hygiene, and warding off bacteria, fleas, and ticks.

These days, many pet grooming services do more than maintain hygiene. Some specialize in specific breeds, some have luxury spas, while others have mobile services.

If you’re a pawrent who is pressed for time, you may be looking for dog grooming services around you. But where to find dog groomers in Phoenix, Arizona?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you! Here are some of the best dog grooming in Phoenix:

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Le Doggie Pet Grooming

If you’re looking for a salon where your dog will be pampered in a stress-free and loving environment, Le Doggie Pet Grooming is the place for you.

This family-owned business has eight years of experience. They love getting to know you and your furry friend, providing the best dog grooming in Phoenix, AZ.

Some of their services include bathing, brushing, de-matting, or coloring your pet’s fur.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 1249 E Northern Ave

Puff & Fluff Grooming

puff & fluff grooming - dog groomer near north 27th avenue

Founded by Liz Illg, who turned her passion for pet sitting into a business, Puff & Fluff prides itself on its friendly staff and excellent customer service.

Today, if there’s one grooming service that is a local favorite, it’s Puff & Fluff Grooming. They are so well-liked, they have nine locations in the state. These professionals offer dog and cat grooming services and treat every pet that walks in like royalty.

Some of their top-notch services include full-service grooms, baths, blueberry facials, massages, nail trims, and paw pad shaving.

Website| Contact

Address: 7828 N 27th Ave

Bark If You’re Dirty

Brothers and business partners Steve & Rich have spent the last 20 years building a special haven for pet parents in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Bark If You’re Dirty in Phoenix, AZ, doesn’t only offer treatments with highly trained groomers but also self-service dog wash stations. Here, pet parents can use specially designed tubs to wash their pets using professional equipment and products.

After towel drying your dog, browse through their aisles of healthy cat and dog foods and treats or reward your pet with a fresh treat from the bakery.


Address: 4230 N 7th Ave

The Hairy Dog

the hairy dog-dog groomer near-4019-N 32nd St

The professional groomers at The Hairy Dog take their time grooming each dog and cat! They ensure your pet gets the care it deserves. The Hairy Dog doesn’t believe in caging dogs; you’ll often find your furry friends roaming freely in the shop or in designated running areas.

Pawrents can choose between a bath and brush, a light trim, or a full haircut. They also have a pet shop that sells everything you need to care for your furry friend.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: 4019 N 32nd St

Betty’s Dog Wash & Grooming

Established in 2011, Betty’s Dog Wash & Grooming is a family-owned grooming salon. The groomers here have over 40 years of experience in the field, offering full-service grooming, including nail trimming and expressing glands, at a competitive price, and with love and care.

WebsiteEmail ID | Contact 

Address: 15425 S 48th St. Suite 104

Missy Shed N Clean

The employees at Missy Shed N Clean describe themselves as “compassionate, experienced animal lovers.” Their clients vouch for them too!

Missy Shed N Clean promise to keep your pet safe, cared for, and treated with highest quality of products and services. With all-natural grooming products and walk-in services for nail trimming and ear cleaning, Missy Shed N Clean is a reliable groomer. They provide the same care for your pet as they would want for their own.

Website | Contact

Address: 7828 North 19th Avenue #17

Doggie Doos Grooming

doggie doos grooming- dog groomer near- cave creek rd

This grooming facility is as rare as they come. Hollywood Grooming is the first mobile dog grooming facility in Los Angeles.

With 15 years of experience serving clients, Doggie Doos Grooming and its four experienced groomers welcome all pet parents into their cozy salon.

Owner Jennifer is trained in landscape architecture. Her passion for grooming dogs and her aesthetic sensibilities work to give your dog the look it deserves. At Doggie Doos Grooming, your four-legged companion can get the full grooming service, a de-shedding treatment, and a flea and tick bath.

Website | Contact

Address: 19401 N Cave Creek Rd

Gentle Groomer

The self-proclaimed best and bubbliest groomer in town, Gentle Groomer is a family-owned dog and cat grooming business.

Gentle Groomer, with over 50 years of experience, focuses especially on service pets. They provide full dog grooming services to ensure your pet receives the treatment it deserves in a safe and stress-free environment.

Website | Contact

Address: 8911 N Central Ave #104

Bark & Bark Dog Grooming Salon

Bark & Bark Dog Grooming Salon offers hygienic and thorough care of your dog, with grooming services like anal gland expression, fur coloring, a de-matting brush out, and a clay treatment that helps deodorize and refresh your furry companion’s skin and coat.

They also specialize in all fur types and haircuts. Book an appointment with them to pamper your pet.

WebsiteEmail ID | Contact

Address: 1501 Grand Ave.127

One Love Pet Parlor

one love pet parlor - dog groomers near -375 E shea blvd suite l

Founded by sisters and dog lovers Alex and Marisa, One Love Pet Parlor aims to treat every dog based on their individual needs. All the groomers at this salon have many years of professional experience and multiple pets of their own, so you can be sure that your pup will get the care it deserves.


Address: 3375 E Shea Blvd suite l,

You’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for dog grooming in Phoenix.

Of course, taking your dog to the animal salon isn’t always a convenient solution. In that case, you could consider signing up for mobile dog grooming in Phoenix, AZ, like AZ Mobile Spaws. They bring professional and caring groomers right to your doorstep, giving you the best service without any hassle.


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