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Private Paddocks for Your Dog: A Solution for Dogs With Bad Recall

At A Glance

If your dog doesn’t come to you when called, its bad recall skills could lead to dangerous situations. Dog paddocks are the best solution for teaching recall, especially for easily distracted canines. A dog paddock gives you exclusive access to a secure, controlled environment where you can train your pet. A good dog paddock is:

  • Free from distractions
  • Ideal for exercise

Last Updated on: Apr 22, 2024

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Have you ever felt the frustration of calling your dog’s name, only to watch them dart off in the opposite direction? You’re not alone. Many dog owners grapple with the challenges of training a pup with less-than-stellar recall skills. Whether it’s the sight of a squirrel or the scent of another dog, bad recall can turn a simple walk into a tug-of-war, or worse—a search party!

If you’re tired of chasing after your dog, a private paddock could be the best solution. A private paddock is a field that you can lease for you and your dog. It’s a great opportunity for canines to run free in a controlled environment.

Understanding the Issue of Bad Recall

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Knowing to approach their owners when their names are called is a fundamental skill, but not all dogs master it that quickly, especially when they’re outdoors. Dogs with bad recall find themselves easily distracted by tantalizing scents, sights, or sounds.

What is reliable recall? The term refers to having a high certainty that your dog will come to you when you call out to it. While 100% recall is unrealistic, dog owners should strive for as much consistency as possible to ensure their dog’s safety.

Poor recall can be attributed to a lack of training, fear, or simply an overwhelming sense of curiosity. For these dogs, the world is a playground waiting to be explored, and the call of adventure overpowers even the best training.

Bad recall can be frustrating for owners, but they also involve genuine safety concerns for dogs. Pets with unreliable recall may find themselves in dangerous situations in traffic, if they encounter other animals, or simply from wandering too far.

My dog, Blondie, had poor recall and knew how to escape her harness—a bad combination! One day, she got loose on a busy road and spent five minutes weaving between traffic. Believe me, I understand the problem, which is why I started my business, Snootiful Hound, for other dog owners.

What Is a Private Paddock and How Much Do They Cost?

dog standing on a field

A private paddock is a field you can hire exclusively for you and your dog. They are enclosed with a fence, creating a big, open, but controlled space. It’s the perfect place for your dog to roam freely and exercise, or to practice recall, but without the risk of running off.

Dog paddocks come in various sizes. Pick one that’s right for you, your dog, and for what you hope to get out of the experience.

On average, hourly rates for private paddock rentals range from $10 to $50 per hour in the US, or £15 to £30 in the UK. Some facilities may offer discounted rates for longer sessions or package deals for frequent visitors.

Despite the upfront cost, dog paddocks are a worthwhile investment in your dog’s well-being and training. Additionally, the peace of mind that comes with knowing your dog is in a safe and controlled environment outweighs the financial expense.

The Benefits of Using a Private Paddock

dog standing on a field

Here’s a run-down of the advantages you get by renting your own paddock:

Exclusive Access

Unlike crowded and chaotic public dog parks, private paddocks offer a serene and uninterrupted space for dogs to roam and play. Owners and their dogs can enjoy quality time without the distractions and stressors of public spaces, which is a blessing if your dog has a tendency to be nervous.

Controlled Environment

In a private paddock, owners can dictate the pace and intensity of their dog’s activities. This is particularly beneficial for dogs with bad recall, as it allows owners to focus on training without the risk of their pet running off or getting into potentially dangerous situations.

Safety and Security

Private paddocks offer enclosed spaces with sturdy fencing, minimizing the risk of escapes and ensuring the safety of dogs and their owners.

Dog paddocks give you and your pet a safe space to train and play without distractions and hazards.

Hiring a private paddock for your dog can transform your training experience and strengthen your bond. I often use them with my dog, Blondie, and the experience is always rewarding for both of us. She has so much fun that it tires her out the same way a hike would but in less time.

Private paddocks offer a sanctuary for all dogs, but they’re particularly great for pups with bad recall. The safety, privacy, and tailored opportunities for training and play make private paddocks a valuable resource for dog owners who want to provide their pets with the best possible care.

So, whether you’re working on recall or simply craving a peaceful retreat, a private paddock can enrich your dog’s life and foster a deeper connection between you and your beloved pet.



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