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Dogs with Long Ears

At A Glance

All dogs are irresistible, but there’s something particularly adorable about long-eared dogs, whether they be small dogs with long ears, tall skinny dogs with long ears, or anything in between.

Most long-eared dog breeds are hunting dogs, and their long ears help them hear better. But did you know that the ears can even help some breeds smell better?

Last Updated on: Dec 29, 2022

There’s something uniquely adorable about dogs with long ears. They’re a delight to watch, especially as the ears wobble to and fro as your dog runs around. Those ears might encourage you to voice your thoughts and concerns to man’s best friend when you don’t feel like talking to anyone else – your dog is all ears, literally.

They’re not just cute. Interestingly, breeds with long ears are believed to have a stronger sense of hearing and smell, making them scent hounds, ideal for tracking and hunting.

Dogs with long floppy ears can capture minute scent particles that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and funnel them closely, while dogs with long pointy ears are gifted with enhanced hearing.

So, what is a dog with long ears called? Nothing in particular. And on that note, let’s get to exploring the many types of big and small dogs with long ears.

I have rounded up the most lovable small, medium, and large dog breeds with unique ears – from Beagles to the Cavalier King Charles to Lhasa Apsos — so I hope you’re all ears!

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list of dogs with long ears


First on the list of dog breeds with floppy ears is the Beagle, a loving and companionable scent hound. According to the AKC and based on the breed standard, “Beagles’ ears, when drawn out, reach the end of their nose. Those long ears actually catch scent particles and keep them close to the dog’s nose, so that it can take in as much information as possible.”

But despite being born to hunt, beagles are friendly and easygoing and enjoy being around their humans and other dogs.

Cocker Spaniel

brown dog sitting on the ground

Cocker spaniels are small dogs with long ears. They stand at an average of 15 to 17 inches at the shoulder, making them the smallest sporting dog breed. They are also known to be active, playful, trainable, and quiet.

They’re ideal companion dogs, especially for households with children. The soft, can’t-keep-your-hands-off-it fur is an irresistible bonus!


weimaraner dog

The Weimaraner was bred in the early 19th century and was initially meant to be a hunting dog for royalty. The large dog with long, floppy ears was used for hunting bears, boar, deer, and other large game.

To this day, the Weimaraner retains its alertness, steadiness, power, and speed. It’s also a friendly, intelligent, and obedient breed, making it well-loved by pet owners and hunters alike.

Spinone Italiano

spinone italiano dog sitting on the grass

If you’re curious about dogs with long, fluffy ears, check out the Spinone Italiano. It’s an Italian dog breed trained for hunting, tracking, pointing, and retrieving game.

The breed is known for its dense, wiry coat and lush hair surrounding its long, low ears. Both hunters and dog owners appreciate the affectionate, docile, gentle, patient, and loyal nature of the Spinone Italiano.

Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso dog standing

The Lhasa Apso is a well-loved family pet that originated as an interior sentinel at palaces and monasteries in the mountainous regions of Tibet. It’s a non-sporting breed famous for its playful, devoted, fearless, free-spirited, energetic, and intelligent nature.

This furry dog with floppy ears will remain loyal and respectful to its family as long as they treat it well.


papillon dog

If you’re looking up the most common dog with big ears name, the Papillon is likely to appear on the list. After all, its name is derived from the French word butterfly, inspired probably by the wispy ears spread out like butterfly wings. It’s actually one of the oldest surviving toy dog breeds, standing at an average of 8 to 11 inches tall.

The dainty dog has an elegant coat and is friendly. And despite its french name and classy appearance, this is a breed that adapts easily to any setting.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a gentle, affectionate, and intelligent toy dog. It is friendly with strangers and adapts to any setting. It’s devoted to its owner, making it a pleasurable companion for children, families, and empty nesters.

This dog was initially bred to warm laps of royalty in drafty castles and during chilly carriage rides. Its warm and loving temperament makes it an excellent choice for a therapy dog.


havanese dog lying on the grass

The Havanese, a native and the national dog of Cuba, is a small, cheerful, and affectionate dog. It has a silky coat, fluffy ears, and big, sparkling eyes. City dwellers love this breed because of its adaptable nature, gentle attitude, and companionable social skills.

This is an intelligent and trainable breed and despite being a clown, the Havanese is a sharp watchdog who takes its job seriously.


saluki dog standing

Saluki is a tall, skinny dog with long ears. It’s a generally reserved and quiet breed that may sometimes come off as aloof and unfriendly – but this is only because of its dignified and independent nature.

Some might be surprised by how swift and agile the Saluki is when it’s running. However, it is only natural for the dog breed because it’s a sprinter by nature and appreciates a good chase.

Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgi

two cute corgis

Corgis have an unmistakable energy and spirit, so it’s no surprise that they have been a royal favorite for generations. They’re known for their long bodies, short legs, large heads, and equally large floppy ears. Interestingly, their ears come folded when they’re puppies and start to rise and stand upright as the pups grow older.

It’s also worth noting that while the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a fox-like tail, a Pembroke’s tail is docked closely to its body.

Picardy Spaniel

picardy spaniel dog standing

The Picardy Spaniel is a rare, hidden gem hailing from France. It’s a gundog breed created by hunters to track and retrieve game and later inspired the Blue Picardy Spaniel breed.

The medium-sized French hunting dog shares the expressive eyes, silky ears, and sturdy body that Spaniels are typically known for. It’s also courageous, even-tempered, and obedient, making it a favorite among hunters.

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Hound Dogs


Standing at around 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder, the Bloodhound has no problem hunting deer and wild boar. It was even bred to track people during the Middle Ages.

But don’t be fooled by this large scent hound with sunken eyes and droopy ears and a seemingly scary name – it’s actually quite affectionate and even-tempered, although sometimes stubborn.


Coonhounds are tan and black dogs with long ears. They’re a type of scenthound known for hunting raccoons. They are also skilled at hunting bears, bobcats, cougars, and feral pigs.

Although they’re working dogs by nature, they’re popular pets because of their friendly and easygoing nature.


Although they may have a reputation as lap dogs because of their distinctive short-legged stature, dachshunds are born hunting dogs. In fact, they use their short, strong legs to dig into burrows and fetch out prey.

These hunting dogs with droopy ears are active, clever, courageous, and independent. And though they may be stubborn, they’re quite devoted to their owner.

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a French scent hound known for its domed head, velvety ears, droopy eyes, and wrinkled brow, all of which make it appear sleepy.

However, this short-legged hound has an outstanding sense of smell, second only to that of the Bloodhound. The Basset Hound is a gentle, friendly, and sweet-tempered breed.

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is one of the most eye-catching dog breeds because of its thick, silky coat, floppy ears, long topknot, and tail that features a ring curl.

This hound has an aristocratic and dignified beauty, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad with people. In fact, it makes a great family dog because it’s actually a clown with a happy, loving, and sociable nature.

Pharaoh Hound

The Pharaoh Hound, often described as affectionate, intelligent, playful, and trainable is a hunting dog from Malta. It’s a complex mix of elegant and rugged and is famously known for rabbit hunting.

Its body features a clean outline, with a chiseled head and ears that point sharply upward. Note that this breed doesn’t appreciate being confined to the house; it needs constant exercise.

Setter Dogs

black dog with long ears

Gordon Setter

The athletic and outdoorsy Gordon Setter is the largest of setters, with males standing at an average of 27 inches at the shoulder. It’s known for its glistening black coat with tan markings and long hair that flows through its ears, chest, belly, legs, and tail.

The setter is fearless and confident and can withstand rough weather and tough terrain.

English Setter

The medium-sized English Setter is affectionate and intelligent. It’s also mischievous and strong-willed, so every day is an adventure with this breed.

Generally white with light speckles throughout the body, the English Setter has long, silky, and slightly wavy hair. Its long ears hang lightly downward. It also has a dark nose and large hazel eyes.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is known for its distinctive red, mahogany, or chestnut coat. It has long, sinewy legs that make it one of the swiftest sporting dog breeds. Its long ears are set back on its head, and it tends to hold itself apart with an elegant air.

The bold, energetic, lively, and playful dog is an ideal family dog – it enjoys making friends and is generally affectionate with children.

dachshund dog

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Dogs Have Long Ears?

There are many reasons why dogs have long ears. Top Quora writer Susan Canaday says, “Dog breeds developed for hunting by scent were bred with floppy ears because old-timey breeders felt it helped to ‘funnel’ the scent towards the dog’s nose.”

Some dogs with long ears resulted from dog breeds created for a specific purpose. However, in other cases, it was simply a matter of natural genetics.

Are Long Ears Defects?

Long ears might be a dominant trait passed down through a specific dog breed. But if a particular breed has floppy ears that don’t stand tall and straight like its ancestors’ ears, then this might be a sign of genetic mutation, and these ears may be labeled defective.

Whether you own a golden dog with long ears or are interested in curly dogs with long ears, however, here’s one thing to remember: A dog’s physical appearance doesn’t shape its entire personality. Each dog has unique traits and temperaments for you to discover.



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