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Dog Breeds Which Are Easy To Train

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Looking for adorable dog breeds that are easy to train? Look no further than the energetic Border Collie, the intelligent Poodle, and the active and protective German Shepherd. You can also expect success with the small, affectionate Papillon, the spunky Miniature Schnauzer, the friendly Labrador Retriever, or the majestic Doberman Pinscher.

Last Updated on: Jul 06, 2022

Training a puppy or an adult dog can be very challenging. You have to invest a lot of time, money, and resources in the process. And sometimes, it may not even yield the desired results! This is why many potential dog owners want to get innately intelligent dogs that are easy to train to ease the process.

Are you thinking of bringing a highly-trainable puppy home? These intelligent dog breeds will quickly transition from their breeder to your family environment. You will have no trouble instilling discipline and teaching new commands when you opt for one of these seven breeds of dogs that are easy to train:

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border collie

Border Collie

The border collie is an easy-to-train breed prized for its instincts, intelligence, and working ability. They are very energetic dogs, and they need their owners to engage them in plenty of exercise and stimulation to remain happy and healthy.

Agility training, basic exercises, and obedience training will sharpen their mental acuity and offer plenty of socializing so they will quickly get used to new smells, environments, and people. Admittedly, these “workaholics” of the dog world can be a lot of work. But they’re one of the most loyal dog breeds you will ever find, and training this bright and dedicated canine is definitely worth the effort.

Border collies will do everything it takes to win the affection, love, and praise of their beloved humans.



The standard poodle is an intelligent and obedient breed that’s very easy to train. You can teach your poodle to do track, hunt, and perform well in agility and obedience activities. While poodles are often considered luxury dogs, they are affectionate pets and fast learners.

They appreciate the challenge of learning new things, and they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.

Owners must be prepared to engage poodles in daily exercise and teach them different tricks. Furthermore, poodles mingle well with people of all ages and other dogs, so they will easily adjust to life with a large family.

german shepherd being trained

German Shepherd

Often used as service, police, and military dogs, German shepherds are always ready to work and eager to please. This active breed is very motivated and one of the easier dogs to train. They can learn and retain commands for specialized jobs.

German shepherds have strong protective instincts. If you’re getting a puppy, be prepared to provide regular bursts of physical and mental training throughout the day, so it doesn’t perceive a threat when there isn’t one. As puppies tend to have shorter attention spans, it would be wise to give them breaks between training sessions and use positive reinforcement techniques for optimum results.

When trained by the right handler, this exceptionally loyal dog breed will love and protect its owners unconditionally.

papillion dog runing


The intelligent Papillon is a very active dog breed that loves exercise and agility training. This toy breed learns new tricks and commands fairly quickly. They make for great agility champions and love to tackle all sorts of physical and mental challenges.

This playful, affectionate, alert, and friendly breed needs you to keep them occupied throughout the day. These dogs learn from every single experience, so they require a trainer who has consistency covered down pat.

They love to please their humans, so giving them consistent physical and mental stimulation and using positive reinforcement techniques during training is key to enjoying a loving relationship.

Rest assured, Papillons are more than just a pretty face!

miniature schnauzer puppy

Miniature Schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is a very affectionate and intelligent breed that is easily trainable. They’re quick to learn as long as the right approach and techniques are used. They appreciate a strong-willed, consistent, and confident trainer who’s not afraid to take charge, and they show the best results when reward-based training is applied. Basic obedience training and ongoing socialization can do wonders for this high-energy dog breed.

Friendly Tip: Include training to keep your miniature schnauzer from barking excessively.

You’ll be surprised by the difference it can make in its behavior at home.

Labrador Retriever being trained

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador retriever is an incredibly popular choice for many households, and for good reason. They live to please their owners, and they are the champions of socialization.

They’re very easy to train as working and family dogs, and they can quickly learn a range of skills and tricks.

Labs are non-aggressive towards other humans and dogs. However, their laid-back personality should not be mistaken for low energy. This breed is extremely active and loves to exercise and play. They mix well with families with kids, but if you bring home a puppy, you may want to stay vigilant as they tend to get over-excited and are quick to cause mischief when left unsupervised.

Training can be tiring, but with all the love a Lab brings into your life, it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Labradors are food-motivated, so use treats to your advantage when training these eager-to-please dogs. Labs are prone to obesity, so invest in high-quality treats packed with nutrients to keep them in shape.

Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher

The majestic Doberman pinscher is easy to train as long as they have a strong-willed, consistent trainer. Their ability to learn and retain knowledge is impressive. They enjoy exercise and enrichment, but they can be perfectly content to cuddle with their owners on the couch for hours at a time. Dobermans can become destructive and aggressive when bored or lonely, so be prepared to dedicate hours of your day to their physical and mental stimulation.

The key is to start them young and develop owner focus. Give them lots of love and practice positive reinforcement techniques to achieve the best results.

When trained and socialized properly, the intelligent, loyal, and trustworthy Doberman can become a great guardian for families with kids. They can also assist in activities like search and rescue, obedience, or work as a guide or therapy dog.

Poodle dog with trainer

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Breed of Dog Is Easiest to Train?

Border collies, poodles, and German shepherds are the top easy-to-train dog breeds.

Which Small Dog Breeds Are Easy to Train?

Affenpinschers, papillons, and miniature schnauzers are small dogs that are easy to train.

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What Is the Most Obedient Dog Breed?

German shepherds are generally considered to be the most obedient dogs. It’s why they’re used as service dogs, guard dogs, and police and military dogs.

german shepherd with trainer

The above-listed breeds are the best dogs to train. They are your best shot at pets that will be easy to discipline and command for years to come. If you want to bring home a dog that will be highly compatible with your lifestyle, get a puppy instead of an adult dog. As they’re yet to develop an independent streak, they’re much easier to train than their adult counterparts.

Remember, training even the most intelligent and obedient dog breed will require a lot of time, patience, consistency, and energy. It will be a long-term process, but the relationship you will quickly forge with your dog will make all the hardships worth it. Happy training!


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