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How To Choose Accessories For An Emotional Support Dog

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  • It is important to choose accessories for an emotional support dog based on the dog's comfort and the handler's comfort.
  • The dog must be able to perform its duties well while being safe and comfortable. Consider the dog's measurements, the climate, and the practical functions of the vest before purchasing one.

Last Updated on: Feb 09, 2023

The world is changing rapidly, and for some people, it can be overwhelming. Emotional Support Animals (ESAs) have grown in popularity because they can help us deal with our feelings and mental overload, both of which are regrettably common in today’s society.

And, as we are not entirely familiar with ESAs, we may have questions about how to handle them and what to consider before owning one.

Accessory selection is one of the crucial aspects of ensuring your ESA is comfortable and can perform well, so here is what to factor in when choosing an emotional support animal vest. Hopefully, it will benefit some of you and answer some of the questions you may have!

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What Should You Consider Before Buying ESA Accessories?

Even though ESA law does not demand tags, leashes, or a vest for emotional support dogs, most ESA owners prefer using them.

This is to avoid certain problems in public and demonstrate the status of their animal. These measures ensure there will be no conflicts because of the constant need to justify why their pet has to be nearby all the time.

Before making a purchase, consider these factors so that you receive the most suitable accessories.

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You should pick such things as an emotional support animal vest, collar, and other items that your animal needs to wear all the time based on its measurements.

If they don’t feel comfortable enough, it may even affect their ability to perform their primary task (which is to support their handler), so measure them carefully before ordering anything online.

Before their owners got a letter of necessity issued by a healthcare provider, the majority of ESAs were just regular pets.

Practical Functions

Here is another thing that you shouldn’t ignore. The products should be comfortable not only for the animal but for the owner, too.

Check whether you’ll be able to easily put on and take off the harness, whether it has pockets (if those are needed), and so on. Determine how to attach the leash and whether all fasteners are strong enough to handle the dog.


Attach prominent patches to your emotional support dog harness so that it is noticeable in public. This way, there will be no misunderstandings like strangers wanting to pet the dog or children trying to distract it.

When the animal is working, it shouldn’t be disturbed, and that’s when special patches will be quite helpful.

Design Details

There are some ways to make an emotional support animal vest more comfortable, especially if they need to wear it for a long time.

Mesh lining, padded straps, and exterior pockets are excellent for enhancing the product and adding the support your dog might need.

Do some research to evaluate all the available features and pick the ones you and your pet will find the most beneficial.

Emotional Support Animals are not the same as service animals. They are not allowed to go into food outlets, supermarkets, healthcare facilities, or other public spaces.

How To Choose A Perfect Vest?

Picking the best emotional support animal vest is crucial because this product is among the most popular items for ESAs on the market.

It’s important to know what aspects to consider before buying a vest and putting it on your four-legged friend. Here are some of the essentials:


Make sure the vest is not too tight because a dog shouldn’t have trouble swallowing or breathing. Also, check whether the vest fits it well every once in a while because they may grow out of it or simply gain weight.

Think about it; you won’t like to wear shoes of a smaller size, so why would your pet like a harness of the wrong size?


Pick the material based on the climate. If it’s hot and humid in your city, a mesh vest would be perfect; for a moderate climate, cotton and other breathable materials would work best.

Synthetic materials are not ideal because they may cause irritation and discomfort. So consider all the factors before making the final decision.

Pick a vest based on the climate, average temperature, and main tasks a pet needs to carry out for its owner. Then, consider what you’ll need to handle your pet with ease and identify the best vest that will satisfy you and your dog equally.

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When it comes to emotional support animal accessory selection, it is crucial to consider your needs and what accessories would be most suitable for you and your dog.

Vests, leashes, collars, tags-the variety can be quite overwhelming. That’s why it’s so important to have at least a minimal understanding of all available options, as well as the ways you can use them to your benefit.

Hopefully, the information in this article helped you understand this topic better and eliminated any confusion around it. Stay safe!


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