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Executive Order Doberman Kennel Review

At A Glance

Executive Order Doberman Kennel has one of the best breeding/training programs for puppy and adult Doberman pinschers. Their Doberman pinschers have rich pigments, sound character, and stable temperaments.

Here are more reasons why they’re our top choice:

  • Their dogs meet International Dobermann Club Standards.
  • They have litters available throughout the year.
  • They accommodate shipping for every budget and need.

Last Updated on: Mar 15, 2024

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Vigilant, intelligent, and with a muscular build, the Doberman enjoys a reputation that’s akin to royalty in the canine world. Although they’re one of the easier-to-train breeds, a proper breeding program and consistent puppy training are key to a healthy pup. Anyone who’s considering adopting a Doberman puppy is well aware of the challenge of finding a trustworthy breeder.

During our research, we stumbled upon a promising breeder who put all our worries to rest and went beyond our expectations. Here is our complete Executive Order Doberman Kennel review that takes you through their world-class breeding program.

Why Choose Executive Order Doberman Kennel?

a doberman dog
Executive Order Doberman Kennel is a highly-regarded Doberman pinscher breeder located in Kansas. They have litters available for sale throughout the year and all their purebred Doberman puppies come with American Kennel Club (AKC) registrations.

They’re very transparent about their breeding program while offering comprehensive information and updates about it. So, what does it look like? Their program focuses on breeding and training puppies with superior character and rich pigments. Whether you’re looking for a family, companion, working, or show dog, this breeder can match you with the perfect Doberman pup.

Another reason we trust this breeder is because they train and offer adult Dobermans that adhere to International Dobermann Club standards. There’s proof of this in the many titles their offspring hold in multiple venues and the number of their top studs with successful careers in the USA and Europe.

Here are more details on their program and pups:

Early Development and Socialization

Raised at home, pups bred by Executive Order get to spend their first few weeks after birth in the company of cats, dogs, farm animals, children, and humans. Since they’re located on a hobby farm, they’re also exposed to loud sounds. This makes them well-socialized by the time they leave with you.
Puppies also undergo potty, crate, and obedience training during these weeks.

We also learned that their puppies undergo the Volhard Personality Test before pick-up. This ensures they have a sound temperament and an adaptable character that helps them get used to a new home.

Puppy Health: Testing and Guarantees

doberman puppy
Executive Order Kennel offers lifetime health warranties for all their puppies. Their Doberman pinschers are health-tested from lines of longevity and come with a 5-year DCM health warranty.

All pups are health tested for a range of health issues, including hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, Von Willebrand’s Disease, and more. Puppies are also vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, cropped, and docked before pick-up.

Executive Puppy Program

The Executive Puppy Program is a great incentive for dog owners who want their Doberman to participate in dog shows. With it, puppy parents can earn rewards such as training equipment, waived entry fees, training seminars, or a free puppy. It is accessible to anyone who has adopted a puppy from Executive Order Kennel and actively practices responsible pet ownership.

What Does Their Adoption Process Look Like?

a doberman puppy in a field
Adopting from Executive Order gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know the breeder as well as discuss your lifestyle goals and preferences.

You can get started by submitting your application form and attending a quick phone interview. The next step is paying the deposit and receiving your contract. You’re then put on the waitlist.

You get to select your puppy when they are 6 weeks old and keep in touch with them through photos, videos, updates, or video chats until pick-up day.

Here’s another reason we love this breeder—they offer transportation options that fit your budget and needs. That includes long-distance transport!

What’s Included With the Adoption?

Your puppies come home with a goodie bag that includes all the necessary paperwork along with a blanket (with mom’s and litter mates’ scent), leash and collar, transition food, and toys.

You also get aftercare instructions to ensure they fully recover from the cropping and docking procedures.

If you have any queries in the future, there’s lifetime breeder support to rely on.

Happy Pet Parents Who Adopted From Executive Order Doberman

cute doberman puppy
We always look at testimonials before working with a breeder to understand what to expect. Here are some Executive Order Doberman Kennel reviews for a peek into other dog owners’ experiences.

  • Onji Alsup

    Katherine has the best Dobermans I have seen in the US! You can tell she really puts her heart and soul into her program producing quality dogs. I have had the honor of meeting her dogs and they are beyond the pictures they are beautiful!

  • Alex Stelmachowicz

    Katherine was very straight forward and easy to deal with. She was eager to answer any of my questions and made the adoption of our doberman seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions

a doberman dog

Where is the Executive Order Doberman Kennel located?

Executive Order Doberman Kennel is in Wichita, Kansas, United States.

How can I get in touch with Executive Order Doberman Kennel?

Executive Order Doberman Kennel is reachable by phone at (316) 299-9914 and by email at

testemonial of the owner of Executive Order Doberman Kennel.

What is the cost of adopting a puppy from Executive Order Doberman Kennel?

Adopting a puppy from Executive Order Doberman Kennel can cost you anywhere from $4,500 to $7,500. The price varies on the accomplishments of its parents and additional costs incurred during the puppy’s breeding.


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