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How Much Exercise Do Greyhounds Need? The Surprising Truth!

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As a greyhound owner or owner-to-be, you need to be prepared to meet your dog's daily needs, including exercise. Read on so you can better understand:

  • Your dog’s recommended daily dose of exercise
  • The benefits of exercise to your greyhound

Last Updated on: Sep 20, 2023

Dogs love running around and going out for long walks. Depending on your lifestyle, your dog may also prefer hiking and swimming. Dogs need to be mobile and physically active not just for their health and well-being but also to burn excess energy and to be kept mentally stimulated.

Some dogs would require minimal exercise to keep them happy and healthy, and some would pose a challenge for you. And if you own a greyhound, you might be in for a surprise on how much exercise your pet needs! Find out today and start clocking in those steps for you and your dog.

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Greyhounds and Their Daily Exercise Needs

Upon the mention of greyhounds, the first thing that might come to mind is the US transport lines. These buses are a common sight along the main thoroughfares of the country. And what’s eye-catching is the color of the buses and the actual greyhound dog on its side. It is obvious where the bus got its name.

If you first see a greyhound – the dog – you’d first think about speed and strength; a reputable transit bus company won’t name their services after this breed if this is not true.

But let’s get to know this breed first. Greyhounds have the impressive reputation of being the second fastest animals, and yes, that’s after the cheetah. Its speed is all thanks to its aerodynamic body with long, muscular legs. Believe it or not, this breed can reach up to 45 mph in speed, which works to their advantage as hunting and racing dogs.

Considered a medium to large dog breed, most first-time owners of this breed or owners who keep the same dog size would assume they would need the same exercise as a husky.

But this is what’s surprising and even questionable when it comes to greyhounds.

Greyhounds are perfectly happy with 40 minutes to an hour of daily exercise. They have cat-like behaviors and usually have a laidback energy level for their build. You can expect your greyhound to prefer lying indoors, relaxing and taking naps, and not running around and begging you to be outdoors. This breed is legit couch potatoes and would be sleeping up to 18 hours per day, so it is pretty evident that exercise is the least of their worries.

You also don’t have to worry about sudden bursts of energy with your greyhound running around the house and wreaking havoc. No, these dogs love to chill.

This exercise for greyhounds gets most off-guard because, most of the time, breeds with the same build would need at minimum 2 hours of physical activities, but for your greyhounds, backyard exercise is almost enough for most days.

So, do greyhounds need a lot of exercise? Not much as compared to a Husky, who needs a minimum of two hours a day, but this doesn’t mean that you settle for an hour or less in keeping your dog active.

Recommended Greyhound Exercises

greyhound exercise needs - recommended greyhound exercises

With minimal greyhound exercise needs, make sure you make every hour worth it. Use exercise activities to further bond with your dog. If you have a spacious and enclosed space, you can use this as the primary venue for play, whether playing catch with your dog or letting your buddy run around.

It is highly recommended that you spend this exercise hour (or more) improving your dog’s social skills with other animals and humans. Walk to the park and around your neighborhood so it can meet and play with other dogs and also receive some treats and cuddles from other dog owners. This routine is highly recommended if your greyhound is just a puppy so they can feel confident and secure with other dogs.

Note that greyhounds are not distance runners because their bodies are designed for sprinting, so yes, you can bring your greyhound to run long distances with you, but make sure that you build up and condition your dog and do short-distance jogs first and gradually increase the distance.

Meanwhile, exercise for senior dogs will also be different as you need a gentler and less tedious approach. This will mean breaking down your walks into 30 minutes each, one in the morning and the other in the evening. With older greyhounds, their speed will naturally be there, but the stamina won’t be, so low-impact exercises are your best option.

Why Exercise Is a Must for Your Greyhound

do greyhounds need a lot of exercise - why exercise is a must for your greyhound

It’s established that your greyhound’s exercise requirements are very minimal, but you can still encourage your dog to be involved in more physical activities. You need to because greyhounds need exercise due to the following reasons:

Exercise Can Help Minimize the Risk of Obesity

Given the preferred lifestyle of your greyhound, simply lazing around, they are more susceptible to becoming overweight. If this happens, it will significantly strain their legs, bones, lungs, and heart and eventually can lead to severe medical conditions.

Exercise Can Keep Arthritis at Bay

This is a common medical condition among greyhounds primarily because of their bone physique and structure. Given that their stature is intended for speed, their knee and hip joints are constantly pressured and stressed, so prevent your dog from suffering from joint inflammation through regular exercise.

Exercise Can Lessen Your Greyhound’s Anxiety

Greyhounds are known to have separation anxiety when you leave them alone for long periods, and to help address this, walking and exercising your dogs for up to 45 minutes daily can help promote the release of endorphins or feel-good chemicals so they can manage their loneliness better.

Additionally, exercise do greyhounds good in a way that it will tire them out, so when you need to leave them at home, you can expect your dog to be napping most of the time and won’t feel anxious or alone.

How much exercise do greyhounds need? Minimal and fair enough daily that there’s no reason for you and your pet to skip an hour or even two to get active and mobile. Your dog needs this; this time spent together can strengthen your and your pet’s bond. So, make your exercise activities with your greyhound fun and engaging.



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