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Best German Shepherd Breeders in Hawaii

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German Shepherds are smart, confident, and loyal dogs that make for great family pets and working dogs. They are an incredibly popular breed in the US and around the world. If you want a German Shepherd pup, it is important to partner with a reliable breeder.

When looking for a breeder, check the following:

  • If they have an AKC registration and provide health guarantees
  • If they prioritize quality over quantity

Last Updated on: May 17, 2022

Featured Breeder

Noble Wolf German Shepherds

  • Breeds National Champions
  • Experienced breeder
  • Follows AKC guidelines

Ten years ago, the founders of Noble Wolf German Shepherds enrolled their pets at the Valley Isle Kennel Club confirmation show. To their surprise, there were no other German Shepherds, thus starting something magical.

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Coming from a lineage of 18 world and national champions, every litter from Noble is carefully paired so it is healthy and even temperamental. Each dog must pass veterinary exams before being paired together.

This has resulted in healthy puppies. Additionally, they have a deep, rich pigmentation, which makes them stand out from the rest. Noble World German Shepherd also follows AKC standards, ensuring every pup is mentally and physically sharp.

In fact, they are so confident about the quality of their pups that they offer a lifetime health warranty against hip or elbow dysplasia. Noble Wolf German Shepherds will replace the puppy or refund 50 percent of the purchase price if a puppy isn’t available.

Brian Gapsis

I worked with the top breeder of world class German shepherds in the U.S., according to the SV, German Shepherd Association of Germany, 17 years consecutively.

She personally selected a male, Falko, from one litter and a female, Augusta, from another. She had over 200 world class puppies to choose from and those are the two puppies that she determined would have the best chance of producing exceptional puppies for Hawaii, in terms of conformation, temperament, health, and intelligence.

She said that Falko’s “conformation is as good as anything she has ever produced in her career. Perfect.” She called Augusta “jaw dropping.”

Their bloodlines run rich with 18 world or national champions.

German Shepherds are an increasingly popular breed. They are the first choice of many pet lovers. So you can find a lot of breeders breeding them. German Shepherds may be available at varying prices. However, prioritizing money over quality and opting for a backyard breeder can lead to many medical issues later.

To help you out, we have listed only the reliable and verified German Shepherd breeder in Hawaii. While there seems to be almost no reliable German Shepherd breeder in Hawaii, this breeder follows AKC guidelines. They are AKC registered. They undertake careful measures to breed the healthiest and happiest puppies.

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Puppy German Shepherd running on a grass field

Ohau German Shepherds

This breeder is home to high-quality German Shepherds. Their dogs are well-socialized and healthy.

These experienced breeders aim to produce healthy and sound dogs. Their dogs prove to be great companions. This breeder handles each puppy from birth, giving them all the love and care they need.

They employ the Early Neutral Stimulation program. This gives their puppies a head start in life. They also follow the Puppy Culture program. This is a form of controlled exposure to all the stimuli they might come across in the future.

These breeders treat their dogs and puppies like family. They do not keep the pups in kennels. They raise them at home. The pups play with children and dogs. They get used to household noises and other animals. They socialize their dogs from the start. This ensures you get a secure and confident German shepherd dog.

Your puppy comes to you with :

  • Puppy Vaccinations
  • Vet Certificate
  • Dewormed
  • Microchipped
  • Puppy Basics Goody Bag
  • 2 Year Health Guarantee
  • Lifetime Breeder Support

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Address: Oahu, HI

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Bringing home a pet dog is a thrilling experience. However, the excitement should not lead you to make the mistake of picking an irresponsible or unverified breeder.

It is crucial to spend some time learning about the breeder and the breeding facility. You can definitely consult this list of German Shepherd breeders in Hawaii for some help.


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