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Best German Shepherd Breeders in Louisiana

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This article covers the three best German Shepherd Breeders in Louisiana who are registered with the American Kennel Club and follow ethical breeding standards.

The top breeders are Schatten Kennel, Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds, and Tropisch German Shepherds.

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Last Updated on: Jun 09, 2022

German Shepherds are a beautiful breed of dogs. They are popular owing to their loving, friendly, and loyal nature. Whether it’s a stranger they are coming across for the first time or their human parent, German Shepherds are friendly. However, to get a pup with all these qualities intact, you need to find a trusted breeder.

Are you looking to bring home a German Shepherd? We have the best German Shepherd Breeders In Louisiana listed for you below.

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Featured Breeder

Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds

  • Passionate breeder
  • Breeds VA and V-rated dogs

Located in the heart of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds are passionate advocates for the West German Shepherd Show Line.

akc logoAKC Registered Breeder

b&b logoBaxter and Bella Partners

pd logoMembers of the Pedigree Database

Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds has fashioned its exclusive breeding program after the principles of the man who found the first German Shepherd in 1899, Max Von Stephanitz. So, you are sure to get dogs of the highest pedigrees from them. Not only that, they take pride in breeding exceptional West German Shepherd puppies that have excellent temperament, conformation, and overall health. After all, they have lineages from VA and V-rated dogs.

Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds are committed to breeding dogs that are top quality. As a result, all breeding dogs are health tested for Degenerative Mylopathy (DM), Multi-Drug Sensitivity (MDR1), Hyperuricosuria, Von Willebrand’s Disease (Type 1 vWD), and DNA testing.

Unlike most other breeders who raise dogs in a kennel, these breeders raise them in a family environment, where they socialize and develop rare qualities that make them highly preferred family dogs. If you choose to take a puppy from Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds, know that every pup comes with a puppy sales agreement, a 2-year health guarantee, AKC registration papers, Up-to-date vaccinations, litter certificate (3 Generation Pedigree), vet health records, and lifetime breeder support.

britanny eames

Britanny Eames

Here At Vom Haus Eames German Shepherds, we take pride in our commitment to responsible breeding practices. We prioritize the health and well-being of our dogs by rigorously health testing each of our breeding dogs to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Additionally, we follow the Puppy Culture program to provide our puppies with the best possible start in life, focusing on early socialization and development. Our dedication to these practices reflects our unwavering passion for German Shepherds and our commitment to producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies for loving homes.

A close up image of a German Shepherd

Schatten Kennel

Established in 2016, Schatten Kennel is one of the leading German Shepherd breeders in Louisiana. The breeders named the kennel after the first female Shepherd that they bred.

They test all the dogs for health and only breed the fittest dogs. Moreover, they raise the dogs in a safe, clean, and hygienic environment. They ensure they meet their mental and physical growth needs.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Hammond, LA 70403

Tropisch German Shepherds

Dogs from Tropisch German Shepherds can work many wonders. They function well at home as house pets, but they also work well in the fields. The breeders breed them to have clear heads and be very sociable.

The dogs produced at Tropisch German Shepherds look stunning. Besides their appearance, they rate quite high on the health meter too.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Haile, LA, US 71260

German Shepherd during winter

Although there are few authentic German Shepherd breeders in Louisiana, those that do provide services are the best at it.

The three breeders listed above are incredibly welcoming to their customers or any dog fanatic who would like to visit the kennel.

Make sure to hit the breeders up to learn more about their services and to make certain whether they match all your requirements.


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