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German Shepherd Breeders in Washington

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When you adopt a German shepherd puppy, you gain a loyal friend, guard dog, and an industrious worker. Enjoy the best of what this popular breed has to offer by adopting from the most reliable German Shepherd breeders in Washington.

Our top breeder is Tiltonhaus German Shepherd Dogs, a kennel that has been around since 2007. You can also consider puppies from Von Waldberg Kennels German Shepherds, Majestic Royal German Shepherds, and Tannhauser German Shepherds.

Last Updated on: Jun 06, 2024

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Opening your home to a German shepherd is one of the smartest choices you can ever make. These are good-looking, intelligent, and highly dependable guard dogs. They are everything a K9 dog should be. However, they need a solid foundation to reach their full potential. Hence, choosing the right breeder is extremely important.
If you’re looking for German shepherd breeders in Washington state, you can’t go wrong with our recommendations.

Featured Breeder

Tiltonhaus German Shepherds

  • West German champion bloodlines
  • Long coat and stock coat puppies
  • DNA-tested

Tiltonhaus German Shepherd Dogs is owned by Tammey Tilton, a breeder who has long admired the German shepherd breed’s intelligence and loyalty. Her kennel is attached to her home, allowing her canines to take turns living in their family residence. Aside from a healthy family environment, the German shepherds get to run and explore the family’s 10 acres of land.

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Tiltonhaus’ purebred dams and sires are AKC-registered, come from West German champion bloodlines, and undergo genetic testing. The hips and elbows of their breeding dogs are certified by either the German SV (Verein für deutsche Schäferhunde/German Shepherd Association) or the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). All of Tiltonhaus’ German shepherds come with a health guarantee.
Established over 15 years ago, the kennel’s overall goal is to raise happy, healthy, and confident puppies that love their adoptive families. It has several testimonials from satisfied customers on its website and Facebook page. Check out their German shepherd puppies for sale here.

Tammey Tilton

All Tiltonhaus German Shepherds are AKC Registered, have titles, DNA tested for genetic diseases commonly found in the breed, and Hips/Elbows certified. Our dogs come from top West German champion bloodlines (known for producing dogs that are not only beautiful but have balanced temperaments and strong work ethics). Puppies come with health guarantee, are well socialized, vet checked, vaccinated, and microchipped before leaving us. Check out our website and I know you will be well pleased with what you see. We love this breed and I believe it shows! Tiltonhaus German Shepherds is a family run, fully licensed business in the state of Washington.

Von Waldberg Kennels German Shepherds

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The Von Waldberg Kennels is committed to educating and guiding new owners who adopt from them. While all German shepherd pups are cute, brave, and curious, a Von Waldberg puppy is the cream of the crop.
Most of their puppies have two V-rated parents who are IPO or Schutzhund title holders. The breeders expose the pups to various sounds, sights, and people. Von Waldberg gives every puppy loads of attention and love from birth until their new parents pick them up. This makes them sociable and confident when they move to their forever homes.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Snohomish, WA

Majestic Royal German Shepherds

german shepherd puppy sitting on grass
This small Washington-based German shepherd breeder is AKC-approved. They produce strong and healthy German shepherd pups from European and German bloodlines.
Their puppies make great family pets, sporting dogs, and show dogs. The breeders focus on their character, rich color, and proper structure. Majestic Royal German Shepherds also follows an ethical and responsible breeding program.
They produce dogs with great temperaments while ensuring that they’re confident, attentive, brave, and obedient.

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Address: ​Puyallup, WA

Tannhauser German Shepherds

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Tannhauser is one of the most sought-after German Shepherd breeders in Washington. They produce puppies from the purest bloodlines. They avoid the mass production of dogs so each pup receives loads of attention, cuddles, and love.
Their puppies are bred to perform well as family companions, competitors, and working dogs. The breeders microchip all the pups for identification. They also perform temperament tests on them at 7 weeks of age. In addition, the puppies undergo regular health checks, deworming, and vaccination.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Chehalis, WA

Classified as medium to large dogs, German shepherds require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. These German shepherd breeders in Washington understand the unique needs of these sturdy canines. They offer them healthy environments, nutritious diets, opportunities for socialization, and regular health checks.
As you look for your new four-legged companion, ask your breeder about these important aspects to avoid potential health and behavioral issues. By practicing a little due diligence, you can look forward to many happy and healthy years with your pup.


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