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Golden Retriever Breeders in Tennessee for Happy and Healthy Puppies

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Golden retrievers make delightful pets. Affectionate, gentle, and easy-going, golden retrievers get along with everyone, including small children and other pets. The best way to enjoy the breed’s best traits is to adopt from a responsible and ethical breeder.

In this article, we highlight our top favorite, The Golden Girls Retrievers. Other breeders we recommend include Daystar Goldens, Goldenway Retrievers, Mountain Laurel Goldens, and Brooks Golden Blessings. Learn more about them.

Last Updated on: May 10, 2024

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Are you looking to adopt a golden retriever? With their easy-going temperaments, friendly personalities, and attractive golden coats, golden retrievers are perfect pets for families. They get along great with other animals and different family members, including small children.

Though they require some grooming, golden retrievers aren’t more difficult to take care of than other breeds. To ensure that you’re off to a great start, it pays to carefully consider which breeder to adopt from.

For happy healthy puppies, take a look at our golden retriever breeders in Tennessee!

Featured Breeder

The Golden Girls Retrievers

  • Family-owned breeding service
  • Natural weaning
  • Utilizes sound therapy

Golden Girls Retrievers is a family-owned golden Retriever breeder in Tennessee. The breeder is a member of the American Kennel Association (AKC) and is known for carefully breeding their pups. Golden Girls’ program focuses on breeding dogs with gentle and loving personalities along with healthy coats. It’s no surprise that some of their clients are veterinarians!

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They wean puppies naturally to ensure that they develop healthy personalities without separation anxiety issues. Pups are also given sound therapy to help them get used to all kinds of sound early on without becoming overly alarmed in loud environments. The pups also spend time on open land with their children and other pets. From clean facilities and nourishing food to healthy stimulation and exposure, there’s nothing missing from their puppies’ care.

Additionally, their dams and sires are regularly checked by their veterinarian and undergo DNA testing.

the breeder of The Golden Girls Retrievers

The Smith’s

We are a family owned and operating AKC Golden Retriever breeding program. We have been blessed to raise our goldens in beautiful Middle Tennessee. We strive to produce healthy, happy and well socialized Goldens for families and homes all across the US. Our Golden’s enjoy free range living, safe clean boarding facilities and a child friendly environment. We take great pride in this being a whole family effort to bring you the best of the best in the Golden breed. We truly care about our pups finding loving homes where they are well cared for.

Daystar Goldens

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Daystar Goldens is a family-owned breeding service that specializes in champion English cream golden retriever puppies in Middle TN. They’re an AKC-registered breeder with sires and dams from European champion bloodlines.

They raise the pups at home in a whelping box. They also play and train with them every day. Puppies are given early neurological stimulation to desensitize them to common stressors, allowing them to develop better stress responses as they mature.

Puppies receive all the necessary vet checks, immunizations, deworming, microchipping, etc. during their time at Daystar Goldens.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Nashville, TN

Goldenway Retrievers

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If you want healthy, beautiful, and well-adjusted golden retrievers, head over to Goldenway Kennel in Mount Juliet, TN. They’re a responsible breeder with 35 years of experience in breeding European and American golden retrievers. They offer top-quality OFA health-tested AKC golden retrievers that come from outstanding lineage and champion bloodlines. They also import goldens from Poland, Columbia, and Canada.

All parents are health-tested and their puppies undergo temperament tests to ensure they have well-adjusted personalities. Early neurological stimulation is also a part of their breeding along with regular exposure to common noises. Puppies are allowed to wean naturally during the weeks before they’re picked up.

All pups come with a health guarantee.

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Address: Nashville, TN

Mountain Laural Goldens

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Mountain Laural Goldens is a small golden retriever breeder in Tennessee who’s been breeding goldens since 2026. They have European golden retrievers that come from top bloodlines from Hungary, the Netherlands, Russia, and Finland.

Since they’re a small breeder, they pay special attention to the puppies’ daily grooming, handling, and training. Their pups get plenty of socialization and outdoor time during their regular hikes, swims, and car rides.

All golden puppies come with a 5-year health contract.

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Address: Dunlap, TN

Brooks Golden Blessings

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Brooks Golden Blessings has a farm where they raise their golden puppies. This allows their pups to spend plenty of time outdoors living the farm life while socializing with other animals.

They have 18 years of experience and strive to raise goldens with intelligence, healthy disposition, and obedience. They offer puppies with a range of coat colors.

If you’re looking for AKC champion/OFA golden retrievers with full or limited AKC registration, this is your go-to golden retriever breeder in Tennessee. Plus, they’re vet-recommended and AKC-approved.

This breeder ships to all locations in the US.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Adams, TN

Selecting a breeder to adopt from is a major decision. Your breeder’s practices will have a big influence on your future puppy’s disposition, health, and ability to adjust to its new home.

While you can’t go wrong with our featured breeder, don’t be afraid to ask about their breeding program, how they raise their puppies, and the health checks their dogs undergo. A good breeder will welcome your questions and even offer tips after the adoption process.

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