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Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Georgia

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This article covers the five best Golden Retriever breeders in Georgia. These breeders are AKC certified. They follow safe breeding practices. In short, they offer the best dog services in town.

The top breeders include 24K Retrievers, Loveline Golden Retrievers, Syrah Goldens, Golden Honey, and Terra Cantatis Georgia.

Last Updated on: Apr 05, 2022

Golden Retrievers are a popular choice among American households. People love them for their friendly nature, intelligence, and obedience.

If you are looking to get a Golden Retriever, check out the top breeders in Georgia. To make things easy, we have listed them here for you.

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24K Retrievers

An image of golden retriever during sunset

Destiny Martel owns 24K Retrievers. He started this project as he loves dogs. He aims to produce dogs that are obedient, agile, and trainable. These dogs can also be good service dogs.

24K Retrievers is part of the Bred with HEART program by AKC.

They are also members of the Golden Retriever Club of America. They have a beautiful facility for their dogs. A bunch of great professionals looks after them.

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Address: 165 Tobacco Circle, Cairo, GA 39828

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Loveline Golden Retrievers

This breeder has more than 20 years of dog breeding experience. They have helped many families get their furry bundle of happiness. The dogs are the best in Georgia and do not disappoint as house pets.

Dogs have access to about 100 acres of land attached to the kennel. This gives them ample space to run, jump, and have fun while they grow up.

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Address: 1957 Mann Rd, Douglasville, GA 30134

Syrah Goldens

An image of a golden retriever sitting

The dogs in Syrah Goldens grow up in foster homes when they are not having puppies. They receive love, warmth, attention, and care all through. Moreover, they enjoy being regular pets, apart from being parents. No wonder the dogs here are friendly, wonderful, and calm.

The breeder imports these dogs from Scotland, Australia, Hungary, Ireland, and Russia. They are unlike any other Golden Retrievers. Besides being attractive, their eyes, elbows, hips, and hearts are tested.

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Address: 489 Ebenezer Church Road, Jefferson, Georgia 30549

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Golden Honey

They started in 2008 and quickly grew into a revolution. Also, they are a small, private breeder. They produce high-quality Golden Retrievers. These pups are smart and healthy. The breeding dogs go through proper genetic screening and tests.

Golden Honey is an old and proud member of the Golden Retriever Club of America.

They are also a part of the Bred with HEART program by AKC. The dogs are AKC verified, healthy, and pure.

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Address: Duluth, Georgia

Terra Cantatis Georgia

A side view image of a golden retriever

This ranch has the best English Cream Golden Retrievers in Georgia. They have an 80-acre piece of land on the foothills of North Georgia. Besides Golden Retrievers, it is also home to cattle, sheep, cats, horses, and more.

Their dogs are AKC registered. The breeders produce them using all the right breeding methods because they grow up among other animals, they are obedient, cooperative, and adaptive.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 6632 Ben Parks Rd, Murrayville Georgia 30564

An image of a golden retriever standing on a rock

Golden Retrievers are great pets. They adapt to new places quickly. At the same time, they are also fun, lively, and are amazing guide dogs too.

Check out these breeders to bring home a healthy and gentle Golden Retriever. Share this article with your friends if they are looking for a Golden pup, too!

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