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Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Idaho

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Here is a list of Golden retriever breeders in Idaho. The top breeders include Mini Golden Paws, Royal Goldens, Once Upon a Dream Kennels, Lish Kennels, Eagle Ridge Goldens, Love Golden Kisses Golden Retrievers and Lemhi Puppies .

Last Updated on: Mar 29, 2022

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Golden Retrievers are beautiful, smart, and active. They are everything a dog lover could wish for and that is why they are America’s favorite dog breed. Also, they are second only to the Labrador Retriever. In addition, bringing home a Golden Retriever could be quite a task. It is hard to find reliable Golden breeders who follow AKC guidelines.

To help you out, here is a list of reliable and experienced Golden Retriever breeders in Idaho. All these breeders follow the AKC or USDA breeding guidelines. They are AKC and USDA registered. Browse through the list and see which one suits you the best.

Featured Breeder

Mini Golden Paws

  • Specializes in mini retrievers
  • Genetically tested pairings
  • OFA certified

With 16 years of experience under her belt, Jamie Hafen, the founder of Mini Golden Paws runs the business with her family. She takes pride in raising healthy puppies as if they were her own.

ofa logoOFA

pennhip logoPennHip

Mini Golden Paws has meticulously created mini Golden Retrievers by mixing Golden Retrievers, American or English Cocker Spaniels, King Charles Cavaliers, and/or Poodles. The result? A one-of-a-kind breed with no health problems.

The breeder has tested the dogs for 191 different genetic defects and has an OFA and PennHip certification, showcasing the quality of the breed. Besides this, Jamie, her husband, and their children collectively care for the pups. This ensures they are well-socialized and familiar with different touches, sounds, and smells.

All the pups from here will weigh between 18 and 45 lbs. If you choose Mini Golden Paws, your pup will come home with a 2-year health guarantee; collar, leash, and toy; puppy information like vaccines, deworming, and medical records; Lifetime support and friendship; and a blanket with the mom’s scent.

mini golden paws - jamie

Jamie Hafen

We take pride in raising quality, healthy happy pups that the whole family can enjoy. They are very trainable and have the beauty and charm you want in a golden retriever. We do healthy testing on our parent dogs to ensure you are getting the best.

Featured Breeder
royal goldens - puppies
royal goldens - golden retriever
royal goldens - golden retriever 2
royal goldens - golden retriever dog
royal goldens - puppies
royal goldens - golden retriever
royal goldens - golden retriever 2
royal goldens - golden retriever dog

Royal Goldens

  • Quality show dogs
  • Provides Early Neurological Stimulation
  • Comprehensive training program

What started as a passion project turned into an avenue to improve the breed, creating a legacy called Royal Goldens.

akc logoAKC

ofa logoOFA

good dog logoThe Good Dog

Royal Goldens started way back in 2010 when they met their first dog. Since then, they’ve committed to raising healthy, well-socialized dogs. The breeder takes pride in meticulously selecting champion breeding dogs. They choose ones with exceptional genetics, temperament, and looks to achieve healthy litters.

But that’s not all. Royal Goldens goes above and beyond to provide continuous training. They also train dogs for basic behavior skills through Early Neurological Stimulation. The dogs are raised in clean environments and are socialized at an early age.

Moreover, Royal Goldens is AKC registered and hold the Good Dog title, so you know they are one of the best in Idaho.

royal goldens - debie

Debi Little

We meticulously select our breeding dogs, choosing those with exceptional genetics and temperament as the cornerstone of our program. Our commitment goes beyond selection; we also provide continuous training and strive for Canine Good Citizen titles.

Once Upon A Dream Kennels

A close up image of a golden retriever

Michael and Elizabeth Keck own these kennels. They are well-known golden retriever breeders in Idaho that strive to bring the very best out of their dogs. Most importantly, they focus on health and temperament.

Their dogs are health-tested and picked from great lines.

The parent dogs are OFA cleared for hips, elbows, eyes, heart, patellas, dentition, and thyroid.

Their dogs and puppies are known for their calm temperaments. They are very versatile and fit into different families and roles.

As their puppies are raised in their home, like family. They receive all the attention and love of their humans. Most importantly, they are well socialized for the best start in life!

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Idaho Falls, ID

Lish Kennels

They are an expert in producing hunting dogs. Their dogs excel as hunting partners and do great at hunting tests. This breeder has hand-selected each dog, which helps the pups get all the qualities required on the field and off.  In the same sense, these dogs are great athletes.

They also become the best family companion dogs because they are loved and obedient family members. In short, they are very easy to train.

The parent dogs in the breeding program show a high retrieving instinct and prey drive. They are always eager to please their owners, and they love their company.

The breeder ensures their dogs are fit and in good health. Puppies get their first vaccination shots before leaving for their new homes. They come to you with their AKC registration papers and a bill of sale. Moreover, they also come with a 24-month health guarantee against crippling hip or elbow dysplasia.

Training services are also available for your new puppy.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Arimo, ID

Eagle Ridge Goldens

An image of a Golden Retriever sitting

They are home-based Golden Retriever breeders in Idaho and have been breeding Goldens since 1995.

Eagle Ridge Goldens produce dark-colored Golden Retrievers. Their pups are sound, fit, and confident. Irish Goldens are famous for their calm nature. At the same time, they are also great hunting partners and family companions.

The dogs live with the breeder in their home. They give birth in their laundry room under the best care. The pups have healthy, beautiful, fit parents. At the same time, they will make wonderful additions to your home.

Their puppies interact with adults, children, and other dogs. The breeder focuses on quality. So, they only breed 1-2 litters a year.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Hayden Lake, ID

Love Golden Kisses Golden Retrievers

This breeder has been breeding Golden retrievers for over two decades. They retain the best mothers and also add new lines for variety. This ensures good health and immunity against diseases. In addition, they also support the Morris Animal Foundation study for cancer in Golden Retrievers.

Their parent dogs are OFA and Pennhip certified.

Most importantly, they are vet checked so their pups do not suffer from common diseases.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Kuna, ID

Lemhi Puppies

An image of a golden retriever

Located in the Lemhi Valley is the Lemhi Puppies. They are famous for their top-quality Golden pups and their pups are very intelligent.

Their puppies come with limited AKC registration rights and are all vet checked and health-certified.

They come to you with their medical records and also receive timely vaccinations and deworming. Most importantly, the breeders give you a one-year health guarantee when you bring home a puppy.

Website | Call Us

Address: Salmon, ID

We hope this list helped you find a suitable golden retriever breeder in Idaho. Also, make sure to share the article with other friends and family who are also looking for a Golden pup.

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