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Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Maryland

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This article discusses the five best Golden Retriever breeders in Maryland. They have provided the best services to people in the area, time and again.

The list includes Charms Golden Retrievers, Promise Land Goldens, Shades Of Cream Goldens, Golden Moon Farms, and Liberty Run Golden Retrievers.

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Last Updated on: Jun 03, 2022

Golden Retrievers have a calm temperament, a charming personality, and a loving nature. They are the fourth most popular dog breed in the US. It is easy to train them. First-time dog owners do well with Goldens.

Getting a pup from an AKC-certified breeder is the only way to ensure that you do get a dog that has all these qualities. We have shortlisted the best Golden Retriever Breeders in Maryland here.

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Featured Breeder

Promise Land LLC

  • Family operated business
  • Selective breeding after genetic testings
  • Breeding 4th generation dogs

One of the top licensed kennels in Maryland, Promise Land LLC strive for great health and loving temperaments.

akc logoAKC Breeder with H.E.A.R.T Program

pawtree logoPawTree

ofa logoOFA Certified

Promise Land LLC, established in 2007, promise beautiful, energetic, and healthy Golden Retrievers that come from European lines. The breeders also produce high-quality French Bulldogs.

This small, family-owned business reaches new heights of success every year. In fact, this is their 4th generation of puppies. Promise Land LLC are members of AKC’s Bred with H.E.A.R.T program, and they regularly conduct OFA, EYE CERF, and DNA Tests.

Additionally, all puppies are raised in loving environments, so they grow up well-socialized and acclimatized to common sounds and smells. And although Promise Land LLC don’t have a training program in place, some of their dogs have gone on to become successful service dogs, which says a lot about their quality.

Lori Froderman

Promise land has been breeding since 2007. Our mission is to produce high-quality puppies that are a worthy example of their breed. We strive for great health combined with loving temperaments. This is a family owned business which strives to reach new heights each year. Our foundation stock is from European Lines. We include in our health testing of the parents Pennhip, OFA Elbows and Hips, OFA Eyes, OFA Heart, OFA Thyroid, OFA Dentition. Genetic testing is preformed on all our adults to help prevent abnormalities in the offspring. We are a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America.

Our dogs are AKC registered and we are a breeder with Heart through the AKC. Our puppies are raised with care and love using Early Neurological Stimulation and the Rule of 7s in Puppy Socialization. Working to preserve the beauty and charm of the Golden Retriever. Thanks to our daughters we now offer Cavaliers King Charles Spaniel, Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs.

A golden retriever sitting on some pebbles near the beach

Charms Golden Retrievers

They have been in the breeding business since 1972. It is a pioneer in rendering dog breeding services. Ginny Boyle and Jennifer Boyle Grant started it. They have bred around 190 champion line breeds and 320 titled breeds so far.

The breeders follow a program that focuses on producing “golden” temperament dogs. These dogs are obedient and caring.

Ginny Boyle has been an AKC conformation judge. He is also a member of the Golden Retriever Club of America. You are sure to get one of the best pups in town here.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 4450 Graceton Road, Pylesville MD 21132

Golden Moon Farms

It is one of the best Golden Retriever Breeders in Maryland. They have been breeding happy, socialized, healthy, and calm Golden Retrievers for quite some time now. The dogs are AKC registered. The breeders are a part of the famous HEART program by AKC.

Their English Cream Golden Retrievers come from pure and healthy bloodlines. The breeders focus on the health and wellness of these dogs. These dogs grow up to be great family companions.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 323 Obrecht Rd, Millersville, MD 21108

A golden retriever puppy

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers

This breeder raises their dogs in a family environment. They care for their dogs and maintain them well. The dogs get ample space to play around. Their pups get access to 250 acres and four spring-fed ponds. They begin socializing their pups from day one. Kids play with them, hold them, and care for them.

Liberty Run Golden Retrievers are AKC registered.

The dogs make for ideal household pets. They have been in business for around 24 years now. The breeder provides the best facilities for both pets and pet parents.

Website | Facebook | Call Us

Address: 1443 Buckhorn Rd, Sykesville, Maryland 21784

Golden Retrievers are gentle with babies, other dogs, and every creature around them. They are a joy to have at home.

So now that you know the best Golden Retriever Breeders in Maryland, make sure to get in touch with one of them right away. Share this article with your friends if you found it helpful!


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