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Golden Retriever Breeders In Michigan

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  • This guide lists the five best golden retriever breeders in Michigan—Rainershine Goldens, SaraBay Goldens, Wynwood Golden Retrievers, Asoro’s Goldens, and Platinum Goldens.
  • Besides being registered with the American Kennel Club, these breeders take proper care of their facilities, ensure their puppies’ health, and offer them several opportunities for exercise and stimulation. This ensures that your puppy has the best start in life.

Last Updated on: Apr 30, 2024

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Golden retrievers are popular in American households. They are also often seen in movies and on the silver screen. This is not only because they are beautiful. They are also easy to train and are great at many jobs.

Getting a golden retriever is a great option if it’s your first time getting a pet. Unsure where you can adopt healthy and happy pups? Keep reading for the best golden retriever breeders in Michigan.

Featured Breeder

Rainershine Goldens

  • Farm-raised puppies
  • Parents undergo genetic testing
  • Routine checks by veterinarians

Rainershine Goldens is owned and personally run by husband-and-wife couple Jay and Sherry Rainer. They love their golden retrievers and treat them like family members. Their puppies live in their home with them and are exposed to a variety of healthy stimulation and environments. They have several glowing reviews on Google and Facebook.

To adopt a puppy, interested buyers must pass an online puppy application. After an application is accepted, there is a $100 fee to join the waiting list and a $500 deposit once a puppy becomes available. Both are non-refundable. The total cost of a golden retriever puppy is $3,000, minus the initial deposit, plus applicable sales tax.

At 8 weeks old, healthy puppies are turned over to the buyer. Aside from their new family companion, their clients get their puppies’ vet records, forms for American Kennel Club (AKC) registration, a chewable for heartworm prevention, a sample of their food, an item with their mom’s scent, and a puppy kit with helpful information.


Golden Retriever Breeders In Michigan breeder

Jay & Sherry Rainer

Hi! We are Rainershine Goldens, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We are a husband and wife team in the business of breeding AKC Golden Retrievers.

Our dogs are part of the family and are raised in our home. We live on a small farm where they enjoy plenty of room to run, swim and explore the woods. All of the dogs in our breeding program are genetically tested and certified with OFA for their eyes, elbows, hips and hearts.

We have a puppy application on our website that we use to choose the best families for our puppies. Once the application is approved, families are invited to join our waiting list. This ensures that each pup born will already have a family waiting to bring them home.

We share pictures and videos on our social media (at least daily) from the day our puppies are born until the day they leave for their new homes. It is really nice for their future families to be able to watch them as they grow and see all of the things they are learning.

Prior to leaving for their forever homes at 8 weeks old, our puppies live inside our home where they are loved on and socialized. When the weather permits and at the appropriate age, we take them outside for recess. They have fun toys like slides and kiddy pools, a sandbox and chew toys galore! We do our best to introduce them to as many things around the farm as we can. We also use the “Rule of Sevens” to help with early neurological stimulation and sensory development. This makes a huge difference for their future by expanding their confidence. They grow into well-adjusted adults with amazing temperaments and are less likely to be afraid of things like toe nail trims, car rides and vacuum cleaners.

Our pups receive a complete veterinary exam at 6 weeks of age, along with their first puppy vaccination and dewormer. We guarantee our puppies are 100% healthy before we place them with their new families. Each pup goes home with their AKC registration, vet record, first heartworm prevention chew, a bag of the food they have been eating, a puppy kit with info about training, socializing, vet care, and tips for success when bringing home a new puppy. They also have a small blanket that has their mom’s scent to provide emotional comfort as they go to a new place.

We have customers who travel from all over the country to get a Rainershine pup, and we have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing people! The majority of families who get puppies from us keep in touch as they grow up, and we get pictures and updates that we share on our FB/Instagram. We have many repeat customers who add a 2nd or 3rd pup to their home. This will be our 10th year in business and our “Rainershine” family has grown quite large! We are very happy to be able to provide such wonderful dogs to so many people!

SaraBay Goldens

a golden retriever amidst the greenery
An AKC-certified breeder, SaraBay Goldens produces golden retrievers that are easy to train and raise. Their dogs are civil, obedient, and loyal.

Run by Theresa Seraceno, SaraBay Goldens has many dedicated volunteers and professionals. They work every day to bring you healthy, attractive, and intelligent puppies.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Byron, MI

Wynwood Golden Retrievers

two goldens looking out the window

Wynwood Golden Retrievers has been recognized by the AKC as a Gold Breeder of Merit and a breeder that operates with HEART (Health, Education, Accountability, Responsibility, and Tradition).

The puppies are personally raised by the owner, Renee Wynwood who takes pride in being actively involved in breeding and raising her pups. She has been a breeder since 1975 and is actively involved in canine-related organizations as well as dogs’ obedience and field training. Her golden retrievers have won many awards and have been recognized by the Golden Retriever Club of America.

Her dogs are primarily hunting dogs that are athletic, muscular, active, and have a strong work ethic.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Clyde, MI

Asoro’s Goldens

A golden relaxing on a pillow

Founded in 1989, Asoro’s Goldens has made its mark in the dog breeding business with dogs that are healthy, sound, wise, and calm. The dogs pass genetic testing like OFA for the elbows and hips. They also undergo CERF eye tests and more.

Asoro’s Goldens believe that inbreeding can weaken a dog’s immune system. Hence, they only use the most healthy lines to produce healthy dogs. You can fill out their contact form for puppy inquiries.

Website | Call

Address: Traverse City, MI

Platinum Goldens

a smiling golden

If you’re looking for English-type golden retrievers, look into Platinum Goldens. Located in Interlochen, Michigan, their dogs are raised on two acres of land with a lake nearby for swimming. The great thing about this breeder is they post a lot of information on their website. They’re very transparent about every aspect of dog care from how much they feed them, the schedules they follow, their potty training, etc.

They use the Bio Sensor program to ensure healthy stimulation among newborn puppies. The program has been credited with giving their dogs better cardiovascular health, stronger adrenal glands, higher tolerance to stress, and improved immunities.

Website | Email ID| Contact

Address: Interlochen, MI

Selecting a responsible and conscientious breeder makes a huge difference in the health of your puppy and its ability to adjust to its new home. When surveying different breeders, find out how they ensure their puppies’ health and how they expose them to healthy stimulation.

Your due diligence will pay off as you enjoy many happy years with your golden.


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