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Golden Retriever Breeders In Minnesota

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These Golden Retriever breeders in Minnesota are certified by the American Kennel Club and are sure to provide healthy pups that will grow up to be fantastic examples of their breed. Goldens grow up to be obedient, intelligent, and outgoing, with excellent temperaments.

Here are things to look for in Golden Retriever breeders:

  • Initial vaccinations and vet checkups
  • Health tests and screenings

Last Updated on: Apr 08, 2024

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Golden Retrievers are a delight to keep as household pets. They have calm temperaments and make friends with new people quickly. They make for fantastic family companions who will stay happily by your side for many years.

However, the only way to ensure you will have a dog with all these amazing breed qualities is to get one from a trustworthy and reliable breeder near you.

If you want to bring home a pup that meets breed standards, we have listed the best Golden Retriever breeders in Minnesota.

Featured Breeder

Marshwood Goldens

  • 28-month health guarantee
  • 11-acre family farm
  • Hunting bloodlines

This family breeder is located in Central Minnesota and has been breeding and caring for Golden Retriever pups and parents for many years. Their litters are happy, healthy, and high-caliber examples of the breed.

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Marshwood Goldens is named for the pond/marsh near their farm—their homegrown Golden Retriever pups and parents rouse up ducks, grouse, and pheasants in the vicinity. The Minnesotan countryside is the ideal location for these hunter breeds to be raised and trained; real hunters in the area have been impressed by their aptitudes!

All pups are potty trained within a few weeks and spend time playing independently from their parents, ensuring independence and lack of fear in a new environment. They are ready to go to their forever homes by eight weeks as well-socialized and loving young dogs that will grow up to be well-trained, intelligent, and affectionate adult dogs.

Marshwood Goldens breeds pups to minimize hereditary issues and provides a 28-month written health guarantee for eyes, hips, heart, and genetic/congenital defects. All pups have detailed medical records detailing their first vaccination shots, deworming, and vet approval.

Kathy & Bob Shaffer

We are a retired Central Minnesota couple, having bred high caliber AKC golden retrievers for over 25 years on our hobby farm. Our goals are to diversify the breeding lines and minimize health issues through genetic testing and OFA certifications, etc. The parents of the puppies are from Field, Show, and Agility Championship lines. We offer Full AKC registration, vet check with first vaccinations, and a 28-month guarantee. We are currently taking reservations for two JUNE-ready litters of puppies through our website. Photos are previous puppies and the current parents.

MN English Golden

puppy playing with a ball

MN English Golden began their family-run kennel in 1989. Their English Golden Retrievers come from champion bloodlines that produce fine, healthy, premium pups.

The dogs grow up in a caring and loving home, so they become loving and caring, too. They get along with other dogs and people around them and are very obedient and easy to train. The dogs have OFA certificates and clear tests for the heart, eyes, elbows, and hips.

Website | Email ID | Call

Address: Waconia, MN

Sunset Valley Retrievers

a golden retriever

This breeder provides AKC-certified Golden Retrievers from healthy, cancer-free bloodlines. The pups are now part of several households across the country and are very friendly and easy to bring up.

Golden Retriever pups are available in a range of colors, from light cream to dark golden hues. They are gentle, calm, and can quickly grasp and learn new things.

The pups from Sunset Valley Retrievers are often used as therapy dogs because of their kind temperaments.

Website | Call

Address: ​Pine Island, MN

Tails of Golds

smiling golden retriever

Valorie LaBeau is an experienced breeder and dog lover who started Tails of Gold in 2000. With their natural nature and companionship instincts, she believes that Golden Retrievers could be a perfect addition to any household.

The pups produced at Tails of Gold come from pure and healthy bloodlines. They are given nutritious food, all the essential vaccines, and frequent vet visits to ensure their long-term well-being.

Website | Contact ID

Address: South Haven, MN

Godfeather Run/Center for Canines

golden retriever and his owner

Godfeather Run breeds pups from healthy bloodlines. They are highly active and trainable, becoming show dogs or performing various services in the field.

The pups grow up in a healthy environment, and the breeders ensure that the pets are cancer-free. They choose safe and healthy forever homes for their litters.

Facebook | Email ID | Contact

Address: Richfield, MN

Island Farm Goldens

smiling white golden retriever

Island Farm Goldens is one of Minnesota’s top Golden Retriever breeders. They are a Licensed Commercial Breeder by the State of Minnesota.

Through selective breeding, they have developed bloodlines that make for incredible hunting, service, and family dogs.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Le Sueur, MN

Rolling Oaks Goldens

golden retriever and autumn

With over 40 years of experience, Rolling Oaks Goldens is proud to be ethical breeders who equip all clients and pups with everything they need and keep in close touch over the years.

All pups go home with a 2-year health guarantee and undergo various temperament tests to match them with the best-suited forever homes.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Litchfield, MN

Muddy Goldens

happy golden retriever with tongue out

Pups from Muddy Goldens have a genetic and nutritional advantage—they are high-quality investments that bring many years of joy to their families as companions.

This breeder has also raised pups that have grown up to work in hunt, obedience, therapy, service, agility, rally, and dock dog events.

Website | Contact

Address: Kimball, MN

Golden Acres MN

golden retriever relaxing

With a peaceful farm near Sauk Centre, MN, their breeding program centers on producing the healthiest puppies possible.

Health screenings and genetic tests weed out issues before breeding, and pups are provided with nutrient-rich Life’s Abundance dog food for optimal wellness and long life.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Sauk Centre, MN

Sleepy Morning Goldens

golden retriever with an orange collar

This breeder strives to produce healthy pups with that famous Golden Retriever temperament with accurate structure and movement. Their breeding program is based on the Golden Retriever Club of America’s code of ethics.

These pups grow up to excel in any activity they pursue, such as hunting, obedience, agility, conformation, and as a loving family companion.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Victoria, MN

You are only a phone call or an email away from getting your dream Golden Retriever. You will have a great experience with all the breeders listed here—they all offer healthy, lively, and friendly dogs. These Golden Retriever breeders in Minnesota will help you bring home the perfect family pet you will love for many years!

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