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Best Golden Retriever Breeders in Ohio

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Getting a new puppy is always exciting, and if you’re determined to get a Golden Retriever, then your best option is to talk to any of these Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio.

Last Updated on: May 24, 2023

Why not make that dog a Golden Retriever today? We’re sure if you do, you’ll have a forever loyal companion who wants nothing more than to please you and be with you all the time.

Golden Retrievers are always recommended for new pet owners because they are intelligent and highly trainable while being friendly and playful. This breed is the perfect combination of dependent and entertaining.

So if you decide to add a four-legged furry member to your family, make sure you get your pup from one of the best Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio who put the dogs’ welfare first.

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Broomfield Goldens

Colleen Broomfield this place, located on a farm in Barberton, Ohio.

Getting a Golden Retriever from her is a sure deal because she is an American Kennel Club (AKC) Breeder with H.E.A.R.T.

She is also CHIC-certified, so you can be confident that her puppies are champion-sired and have sound temperaments. All Golden Retrievers are tested and cleared of any breed-specific disorders, so the chances of defects getting passed on to puppies are impossible. As far as the environment is concerned, the litter is raised with Colleen’s three children, which guarantees they can socialize early on. The pups also get desensitized before they go to their forever homes, so you can expect a puppy that is eager and comfortable being around humans and other pets.

Bringing Home a Broomfield Golden. Aside from the guarantee that you will bring home a Golden Retriever that is smart and healthy, you will also have peace of mind knowing that your dog is already microchipped and with limited AKC registration. Colleen also provides your puppy’s vaccination records, health certificates, and even a goodie snack bag, making your dog’s transition more manageable and seamless. Additionally, they provide a three-year health guarantee with the agreement that once you get your puppy, you will have it checked by a licensed vet within three days.

Note that being one of the reputable Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio, the wait time of bringing home a puppy is a minimum of one year.

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Address: Barberton, OH

My Golden Retriever Puppies

This place started as a family partnership between the Kauffmans and Rivers. Today, they are one of the most prominent Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio and the entire U.S. All kennel breeders are committed to ensuring that their process is ethical and carefully planned—all to maintain the dogs’ well-being. They are dedicated to providing dogs that are the epitome of the Golden Retriever breed and conform to the purebred guidelines.

All interested adopters can also be confident knowing that a licensed vet thoroughly checks the puppies before they’re sold, and all their vaccinations and deworming’s are up to date.

Visit the Kennel Now Interested individuals and families are encouraged to visit this place not just to meet the puppies but also their parents. This firsthand experience can make you feel more secure knowing that your future pup was raised in a good environment. The kennel can confidently stand by their dogs’ authenticity and unquestionable health. The cost of each My Golden Retriever pup varies, but the price can range anywhere from $1,500 to $3,495.

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Address: 5601 State Route 241, Millersburg, OH

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Buschur’s Dream Golden Retrievers

They only breed puppies whose parents meet all the criteria in its comprehensive checklist. For starters, the dogs need to have excellent eyes, elbows, and hips. Their DNAs are also assessed to find their ideal matches to ensure their puppies will be free of any genetic and hereditary diseases. All puppies are exposed to humans through playtime, improving their social skills. They also get age-appropriate vaccinations and regular checkups from the kennel’s partner vet.

Making the Dream Happen What makes Buschur’s Dream Golden Retrievers stand out with so many Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio? The breeder ensures you are part of the entire adoption process, from picking your future pet until it fully adjusts to your home and family dynamics. That ensures that every puppy matches the perfect human family. The kennel does that through extensive evaluations for physical capability, temperament, and agility.

They do not just randomly pick a puppy from the litter for every owner but does so, intending to place one that will thrive and settle into the best forever home.

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Address: 3061 State Route 118, St. Henry, OH

Feo Farm Kennels

It’s always all hands on deck for this family-owned kennel. Every household member needs to ensure that they breed, raise, and interact with their AKC-certified Golden Retrievers daily. This place produced their first litter in 2009, but they are not just dedicated to breeding Golden Retrievers since they also breed Border Collies. No matter the breed, though, all their dogs are part of the family.

They have a dedicated outdoor kennel designed to be heated to 70 degrees during the winter and cool down during the summer. Every dog has a dedicated bed, toys, and space. And during the day, they can run through the pastures and interact with the livestock. The dogs can even swim in the lake in the summer.

Adoption Guidelines:
A Feo Farm Kennel Golden Retriever can cost around $1,700 plus tax. Once the pup reaches eight weeks old, you can already come by the farm and pick up your new four-legged family member.
Your new Golden Retriever pup is already microchipped and has completed all the necessary vet examinations, age-appropriate vaccinations, and deworming requirements.

To help your pup adjust better, you will also get a takeaway pack that contains their current food and NuVet Immune support tablets good for the next six days.

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Address: 44251 OH-558, Columbiana, OH 44408

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Make the adoption process until you bring home your new Golden Retriever a walk in the park. Nobody wants a complicated system with no health or temperament guarantee. So spend as much time and effort to get in touch with the featured Golden Retriever breeders in Ohio before you take the leap.

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