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6 of the Most Ethical Goldendoodle Breeders in Iowa

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Goldendoodles are a popular crossbreed that makes excellent house pets. Before you adopt one, ensure that the puppy is health tested, responsibly bred, and socialized at an early age. This gives them a great start to life and helps foster excellent temperaments.

One of our top goldendoodle breeders in Iowa is Violet Views but you can also check out our runners-up: Star Creek Kennel, Kutabays Cattery and Kennel, Wild Paw Doodles, Midwest Valley Doodles, and Kimberlee’s Kennels.

Last Updated on: Jun 14, 2024

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Goldendoodles are one of the most popular crossbreeds. They are adopted as family pets, therapy dogs, and service dogs due to their intelligence, high trainability, and their desire to please owners.

To fully enjoy these prized qualities, dog lovers should adopt from responsible breeders who produce healthy and well-adjusted Iowa goldendoodles.

Allow us to give you a head start with the best goldendoodle breeders in Iowa. Let’s begin with our top breeder Violet View.

Featured Breeder

Violet View

  • OFA and DNA-tested parents
  • Early socialization and training
  • Different sizes and coat types

Named after owner Violet Ahrenholtz, Violet View should be your goldendoodle breeder of choice if you’re adopting a puppy for companionship. The home page of her website stresses that her goldendoodles are healthy, well-mannered, and serve as lifetime companion dogs.

Based in Denison, Iowa, Violet View offers mini, medium, and small standard goldendoodle puppies for sale in Iowa. You can also choose from dogs with straight, wavy, and curly coats, including red, cream, and apricot colors.

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Violet is very transparent about pricing and available litters. She even posts pictures and weekly puppy videos so you can keep track of their development. As for health, each puppy has OFA and DNA-vetted parents and comes with a 26-month health guarantee. Puppies are also microchipped and receive early training and socialization.

For an extra $250 a week, you can delay getting your puppy so it can undergo more training, allowing it to become more familiar with basic commands and crate manners.

Violet Ahrenholtz

Here at Violet View Iowa Goldendoodles we raise mini and medium sized puppies in all coat types!

Temperament – Parent dogs in our program are chosen for intelligence & relaxed behavior.

DNA/OFA testing – We raise puppies that are extensively screened and come with a 26 month health guarantee. We include a vet check, first shots, microchips and deworming.

Shedding – Our dogs are DNA tested for the shedding genes.

Breeder Support – Training starts at 3 weeks and our weekly videos show how your puppies are raised. We send them home with a transition packet of food and other great stuff.

Star Creek Kennel

A goldendoodle enjoying the sun on a couch.

Owned by Mike and Lori Marshall, Star Creek Kennel is a family-run kennel that raises golden retrievers, poodles, and goldendoodles. The dogs and puppies are loved and cared for like family. They are ethical and conscientious dog breeders who specialize in producing healthy and happy dogs.

They are one of two GANA-certified Blue Ribbon Breeders in Iowa. Star Creek was also ranked the top Goldendoodle Breeder in Iowa by We Love Doodles in 2021. Since this breeder is registered with the state and the American Kennel Club (AKC), the facility is regularly inspected by these bodies.

All parent dogs are genetically tested and selectively bred. Meanwhile, the puppies are fed quality food in addition to receiving regular exercise, grooming, and attention. Puppies are vet-checked, dewormed, and come with updated vaccinations. Each pup also has a limited registration and a 2-year health guarantee.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Knoxville, IA

Kutabays Cattery And Kennel

A goldendoodle staring at the camera.

Kutabays is a cattery and kennel that has been raising Bengal cats, Australian shepherds, goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles, and British shorthairs for more than 20 years. It is dedicated to producing high-quality, healthy, and happy puppies and kittens.

The breeder is a GANA-certified Blue Ribbon Breeder in Iowa. Parent dogs are genetically and OFA tested. All of their poodles and Aussies are registered with the AKC. The goldendoodles for sale in Des Moines, Iowa are sold as pets; however, the breeding rights can only be awarded to selective breeders for an additional cost.

Puppies are vet-checked, vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped. They come with the health test results of their parents and a free 30-day pet insurance. The puppies are guaranteed against life-threatening genetic diseases for 2 years. This can be extended to 4 years if the puppy is fed Life’s Abundance dog food.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Des Moines, IA

Wild Paw Doodles

A goldendoodle running with a ball in its mouth.

Wild Paw Doodles is a small family-operated breeder in Northeast Iowa licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). They are raising puppies alongside their children.

The dogs either live with them or with specially selected guardian families. They are genetically tested with Embark or Paw Print. In addition, the hips and elbows are evaluated by OFA. Most of their parent dogs are registered with the AKC.

The puppies are offered early training and desensitization to give them a good start. They learn to play and respect boundaries at home.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Easley, SC

Midwest Valley Doodles

A closeup of a goldendoodle puppy's face.

Natalie Chandler owns Midwest Valley Doodles. Aside from having a bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences from Iowa State University, she is a certified pet groomer and veterinary technician.

The breeder is registered with the state and is annually inspected. The facility produces happy, healthy puppies that are designed to offer companionship. The dogs live with them as family members and are genetically tested by Embark and tested with PennHip or OFA. All the parent dogs are registered with the AKC.

The puppies are loved, cared for, and socialized. They are started on crate training and puppy training at 8 weeks of age. The puppies have a 1-year health guarantee against congenital health diseases in addition to being vet-checked and vaccinated.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Russell, IA

Kimberlee’s Kennels

A goldendoodle puppy sitting on the carpet.

Owned by Kimberlee Grinna, Kimberlee’s Kennels is located in Decorah, Iowa. A true doodle fan, she breeds goldendoodles, poodles, bernedoodles, sheepadoodles, and Englishdoodles. The dogs are available in 4 different sizes: petite, miniatures, moyens, and standard. Clients can also choose from F1s and F1bs coat types.

The sires and dams undergo thorough genetic and health testing. They specialize in excellent vet-approved protocol and temperament testing.

Many of their puppies and dogs have become Certified Therapy Dogs. They are placed in police stations, retirement homes, and with families who have special needs children.

The puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and get their dew claws removed. They come with temperament test results and a one-year health guarantee against inheritable diseases.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Decorah, IA

When you’re adopting a goldendoodle, waiting for the perfect puppy can seem like the most difficult thing to do. But patience and carefully selecting your breeder pay off in the long run. Aside from easier transactions, responsible breeders ensure that you welcome a happy and healthy pup into your home.

So, refer to our list and see which of these reputable goldendoodle breeders in Iowa is your perfect match.

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