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10 Goldendoodle Breeders in Tennessee for the Perfect Pet

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Goldendoodles are gentle dogs that get along with children, strangers, and other animals. Thanks to their golden retriever and poodle parents, goldendoodles have the best of health and temperaments.

When adopting goldendoodles from breeders, it’s important to check their breeding programs. Dogs should be raised in loving environments where health and socialization are a priority. Check out the top goldendoodle breeders in Tennessee, starting with our featured breeders Music City Goldendoodles and Hilltop Doodles.

Last Updated on: Jun 14, 2024

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A mix of poodles and golden retrievers, goldendoodles inherit their parents’ best qualities. They’re loyal, intelligent, low-shedding, easy to train, and get along well with kids. Among the designer breeds, goldendoodles are the top choice for families and anyone looking for a lifelong companion.

Here are our top 10 recommendations for Goldendoodle breeders in Tennessee.

Featured Breeder

Music City Goldendoodles

  • Multi-gen goldendoodles
  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)
  • Puppy Preschool

Music City Goldendoodles is one of the best Goldendoodle breeders in Tennessee with more than a decade of experience in breeding and raising goldendoodles. They specialize in F1b and multi-gen mini, medium, and standard goldendoodle puppies.

Goldendoodle breeders in Idahol Good Breeder Certificate.

Their program is designed to raise the perfect lifelong companion for families. They ensure their puppies get plenty of interactions with their adult dogs. Pups are born into loving environments and aren’t kept in kennels. They also have a Puppy Preschool program to prepare puppies to live with their new families. The program involves teaching basic commands, desensitizing canines to various noises, regular grooming, crate training, and housetraining.

They accommodate a variety of delivery options and host Puppy Play Days so pet parents can get to know their puppies before the pickup date.

Jennifer Tramell from Music City.

Jennifer Tramell

Music City Goldendoodles has been raising goldendoodles for over 15 years. Our core belief is that family dogs raise the best family dogs, so ALL of our dogs are inside family companions either in our homes or in guardian homes. Our puppies are encouraged to interact with our other adult dogs as well as getting to meet their future families at a young age. We provide regular updates and offer Puppy Play Days so people and puppy can begin bonding and the transition home will be as stress-free as possible. Our goal is for every puppy family to be a forever family.

Featured Breeder
A featured puppy from Hilltop breeder.
A featured puppy from Hilltop breeders.
A featured puppy from Hilltop breeder.
A featured puppy from Hilltop breeders.

Hilltop Doodles

  • Petite, mini, and standard goldendoodles
  • Puppy Culture and BAB curriculums
  • MBoarding and grooming services

Are you looking for well-adjusted goldendoodles that have been raised in loving homes? If so, Hilltop Doodles is the best Goldendoodle breeder in Tennessee for you. Their petite, mini red, and standard English goldendoodles are reared in caring home environments. Each puppy lives with the breeder or with carefully screened guardians.

They employ Puppy Culture and BAB programs to nurture puppies with proper social behaviors. They also provide ENS, sound desensitization training, and litter box training at an early age. They ensure their puppies have sound temperaments by paying close attention to their environment from birth.
Hilltop Doodles also offers boarding and grooming services.

The breeder for Hilltop breeders.

Heather Morris

Here at Hilltop Doodles and Poodles our puppies are raised in our home, where they are loved on daily and played with by our children. We are an in-home breeder… no kennels here!! All of our breeding dogs are raised in a loving home environment with us or a carefully screened guardian home. When you get a puppy from us, you can rest assured that we will make the process easy and enjoyable for you and your family. You will receive multiple pictures and videos each week so you can enjoy watching your puppy grow and develop with each stage. Give us a call today and let me help match you with a puppy who is right for your family

Morning Glory Doodles

A smiling goldendoodle dog

Morning Glory Doodles breeds and raises goldendoodles, bernedoodles, and Irishdoodles. Their pups are healthy, intelligent, and well-socialized.

The breeder resides on 21 acres where dogs and pups can run and explore freely. The outdoor space allows pups to interact with their parents in natural environments, helping them develop good social skills.

Morning Glory Doodles offers a 2-year health guarantee on all their puppies.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Chattanooga, TN

Doodlebug Farms

A goldendoodle puppy

Doodlebug Farms is a certified goldendoodle breeder in Tennessee that breeds petite, medium, and small standard goldendoodles. They’re a family-breeder with a family-centric approach so their pups make great family pets.

What separates them from other breeders is they focus on responsible breeding and sound genetic testing. They boast common offerings such as ENS, early scent introduction, early socialization, and potty training. In addition, Doodlebug Farms also offers trained “Turnkey” puppies that have been taught basic manners, crate use, and leash behavior among others.

They offer a 2-year health guarantee and have pets available year-round.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Jackson, TN

Doodles With Purpose

A goldenddodle puppy looking up

If hypoallergenic goldendoodles are your priority, get your goldendoodle from Doodles With Purpose. They’re a small breeder that specializes in F1, F1b, and F1bb goldendoodles, known as the most hypoallergenic doodle generations.

Doodles With Purpose has 14 acres where pups and parent dogs can play. Most of the time, the puppies freely move indoors and outdoors as they choose. In addition, they also provide their pups with ENS and early socialization training.

They conduct thorough screenings of clients to ensure their pups go to loving homes.

Website | Email | Call Us

Address: Milton, TN

Hurricane Creek Doodles

A goldendoodle puppy lying on the grass.

Hurricane Creek Doodles offers goldendoodles and bernedoodles. They’re most popular for their puppy breeding practices along with their dietary and bio-sensory training.

Their doodles are fed a highly nutritious diet of organic goat’s milk and free-range eggs harvested from their farm. This is part of the reason why their dogs have the silkiest wavy coats. Meanwhile, their bio-sensory training makes their doodles smarter and more responsive to human interaction.

We like Hurricane Creek Doodles because of their clean, efficient, and well-equipped facilities. You can see them and their puppies before adopting by paying them a visit.

Website | Call Us | Email ID

Address: Dickson, TN

Gravelle Family Farm

A smiling goldendoodle puppy.

The Gravelle Family Farm is an in-home, ethical, and reputable goldendoodle breeder in Tennessee. They offer standard, medium, and miniature-size goldendoodles. They also have poodles and cavapoos.

Gravelle is a certified Good Dog Responsible Breeder of Goldendoodles and Poodles.

Their puppies and parent dogs are raised on their 130-acre farm in Tennessee where they receive all the training they need for a good start in life. Their puppy training is a combination of the Badass Breeder Advanced Puppy Curriculum, ENS, early scent introduction, and daily puppy handling exercises.

Gravelle Family Farm also offers a 2-year health guarantee on all their puppies.

Website | Call Us | Email ID

Address: Cookeville, TN

Oh My Mini Doodle

A goldendoodle dog lying on the grass.

If you’re looking for toy, petite, and mini Goldendoodle breeders in Tennessee, Oh My Mini Doodle is the breeder to check out. They’re a small-family breeder offering multigen goldendoodles in 3 sizes. Known for their amazing temperaments, they specialize in red and white tuxedo mini goldendoodles.

They only breed multigen goldendoodles to ensure their puppies’ temperaments and coats are better, more predictable, and standardized. Plus, it makes the puppies less prone to shedding.

Their puppies are excellent companions for families. They are socialized and health-tested before they leave for their forever homes.

Website | Call Us | Email ID

Address: Gallatin, TN

Flying Feather Farm

A goldendoodle puppy on the grass.

They have been well-known breeders in the area since 2014.

Flying Feather Farm is a Good Dog Responsible Breeder of Goldendoodles with a Blue Ribbon Breeder certification. They’re also a Gold Level Breeder certified by the Goldendoodle Association of North America.

Flying Feather breeds dogs on its 52-acre farm. Comprised of pasture and woods, their doodles are raised alongside game birds. To ensure and maintain excellent health in their pups, they employ a nurse and cardiac sonographer.

All Flying Feather Farm puppies come with a 2-year extended health warranty.

Website | Call Us | Email ID

Address: Afton, TN

Best Ever Goldendoodles & Springerdoodles

Goldendoodle dogs playing at a dog park.

Do you want to adopt a goldendoodle pup with a lovable and adorable personality? This Goldendoodle breeder in Tennessee has the cutest puppies. They run a small breeding program for goldendoodles and springerdoodles. All their doodles are raised at home in a loving environment.

They specialize in standard-sized goldendoodles that weigh 55 to 60 pounds once fully grown. All their puppies are vet-checked and have warranties against fatal genetic abnormalities (1 year) and illnesses (10 days).

Website | Call Us | Email ID

Address: Wartburg, TN

When you’re adopting a goldendoodle, waiting for the perfect puppy can seem like the most difficult thing to do. But patience and carefully selecting your breeder pay off in the long run. Aside from easier transactions, responsible breeders ensure that you welcome a happy and healthy pup into your home.

So, refer to our list and see which of these reputable goldendoodle breeders in Iowa is your perfect match.

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