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Get To Know California’s Best Great Dane Breeders

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Finding California's reliable and ethical Great Dane breeders may be tough but not impossible. With the proper guidance from vets, experts, and organizations, you can have a pet for your family.

Remember, every trustworthy breeder will:

  • Prioritize health over anything else. If a breeder is adamant about selling a puppy without mentioning its parents or health, reconsider buying from them.
  • Raise puppies in a loving environment. Stay away from puppy mills; if a dog has been raised in cages, it’s best to avoid them.

Last Updated on: Jun 22, 2023

Great Danes, like Labradors, are a popular canine breed known for being friendly, dependable, brave, patient, fast, and alert. These working dogs get along well with people and children, making them great for families.

If you want to get one for your home, consider only reliable, reputable, and ethical breeders. Say no puppy mills or backyard breeders to ensure your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Great Dane breeders in California.

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Neet Danes

One of the best Great Dane breeders in Southern California, Neet Danes produce and breed quality Great Danes as per American Kennel Club (AKC) standards. The kennel owners-John and Cynthia Neet-strive to ensure they raise Great Dane puppies of excellent health, temperament, and longevity.

With some prestigious awards, they run their breeding programs with utmost dedication and selective breeding. Neet Danes are also particular about their puppies’ new homes.

They match each pup to your personality and needs, so you can easily find a pup that fits your lifestyle and temperament well.

Website | Email ID

Address: Murrieta, California

Davishire Danes

Davishire Danes - Great Dane Breeder near Sacramento

Davishire Danes, another reputable breeder in California, has been active since 1997. The kennel is run by recognized AKC Breeders of Merit, Kathleen Davis and Diane Collings. They have been active members of the AKC, GDCA, and the Northern California Working Group Association.

Davishire Danes aim to breed healthy, beautiful, and well-socialized Dane puppies in California. They strictly avoid inbreeding to help their customers get the best Dane pups.

Choose from three coats: harlequin, mantle, and merle.

Website | Email ID

Address: Sacramento, California

Dane Affaire

Run by breeder Laura Munro, Dane Affaire is a small kennel that breeds healthy and well-socialized Great Danes. The breeder regularly tests the dogs and conducts check-ups to prevent hip, elbow, heart, thyroid, and eye defects.

They are selective about breeding companions to ensure the dogs produce are top-notch pups. Dane Affaire is a member of the GDCA, the Great Dane Club of Northern California (GDCNC), and the Monterey Bay Great Dane Club.

They also provide health guarantees and lifetime support for all the pups. This makes them one of the state’s most reliable Great Dane breeders.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Citrus Heights, California

Destiny Great Danes

Destiny Great Danes - Great Dane Breeder near Santa Rosa

Destiny Great Danes, a reputed breeder in Northern California and an AKC Breeder of Merit, is a member of the GDCA and GDCNC. This breeder is passionate about the breed and is perpetually learning so that they can produce puppies of the best quality.

They also have a stringent breeding process and hand-pick the best breeding dogs to prevent inbreeding and genetic defects. If you want to get your pup from them, they offer Danes in two coat patterns: harlequin and mantle.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Santa Rosa, California

Paxton Great Danes

Since 2002 Paxton Great Danes has been breeding healthy, compassionate, and friendly Great Danes. They focus on constantly improving the breed by carefully screening their Great Danes before breeding.

The breeders are committed to raising pups that conform to or surpass standards set by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), Canine Health Information Center (CHIC), and GDCA. Paxton Great Danes spay, neuter, train, and offer microchip identification for all their litters.

You can also get your AKC-registered pup’s health certificate, vaccination records, and a purchase agreement from them.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Napa, California

Payaso Great Danes

Payaso Great Danes - Great Dane Breeder near Los Gatos

They have been in the game for a long time and follow legal and ethical breeding practices. Payaso Great Danes, a small but trustworthy breeder, is a popular Dane breeder in California.

They are a member of the GDCA and GDCNC and are an AKC Breeder of Merit. They care for their pups and treat them like family, so you get only loving and affectionate puppies.

Submit an application on their website to get your hands on a puppy.

Website | Contact

Address: Los Gatos, California

Bent-On Danes

If you’ve looked up, “Great Dane breeders near me”, Bent-On Danes may have probably popped up. This AKC Breeder of Merit has bred many Dane champions since 1972. Also, they are proud members of the GDCA, GDCC), and the Bulldog Club of America (BCA).

They lovingly raise their Dane pups indoors and extensively check their dogs for health and genetic conditions (thyroid, hips, and elbows). You can view each Great Dane’s result on their website. It’s safe to say they follow high breeding standards.

They only produce a few litters annually to avoid stressing their female dogs.

Website | Email ID

Address: Huntington Beach, California

Finding a healthy and beautiful Great Dane pup with a sound temperament and a friendly personality is one of life’s greatest joys. Having a loyal and healthy canine companion is something to be proud of. Reach out to any of these breeders and bring home a pup you will cherish for life.


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