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11 Adorable Large Dog Halloween Costumes

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When you’re planning to get silly or spooky on Halloween, don’t let your pet miss out on all the fun. Explore some fun dog Halloween costumes for large breeds so you can get your big dog ready for trick or treating!

  • For large dog breeds, make sure the costume is not too tight. You don’t want your dog to feel suffocated.
  • If your dog refuses to get into a costume, a patterned bandana, funny ears, or wings or a cape will work just perfectly!

Last Updated on: Oct 18, 2022

custom oil-painted dog portraits by Poshtraits

Horror movies, carving pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and eerie decor aside, dressing up is arguably the best part of Halloween. This spooky season, get your dog in on the dress-up fun with some cute, hilarious, or downright scary Halloween costumes for big dogs!

Sadly, however, most Halloween costumes seem to cater to the smaller breeds. But, don’t worry! We’ve scoured the internet and compiled a list of some of the best Halloween costumes for big dogs. Go ahead and turn your dog into a cute pokemon, a scary little lion, or an adorable Stitch!

Disney Stitch Cartoon

Stitch from Disney’s Lilo and Stitch is a complex but endearing character. He has a surface destructiveness — much like puppies with slippers, furniture, and anything else they can gnaw on. But, Stitch also has a loving heart — like all dogs!

If your big dog also has an affectionate but naughty personality, a Disney Stitch Cartoon costume might just be perfect for it this Halloween. Your dog already has the personality down pat; dress it in a Stitch costume and people would be none the wiser!

dog in a bat costume

Bat Costume

Do you love witchy Halloween costumes for big dogs but your pet isn’t too keen on dressing up? How about giving your dog bat wings?

Consider getting this Dog Bat Costume for your dog for a simple but spooky effect! It features lightweight bat wings made from soft felt fabric. It also has adjustable neck and chest straps, perfect for making sure your big dog is comfortable.

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DC Comics Classic Batman Pet Costume

Most large dog breeds tend to be the perfect protective guard dogs. This Halloween, turn your big dog into the protector of Gotham! This classic DC Comics Classic Batman Pet Costume can be one of the best Halloween costume ideas for large dogs.

The costume is highly customizable. It comes with a chest piece, cape, belt, and headpiece with attached bat ears. You can even dress up as Robin to your bat-dog and become an iconic duo!

Bulbasaur Dog Costume – Pokémon Outfit For Pets

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and have a large, chilled dog who enjoys relaxing in the sunlight, then this Bulbasaur Dog Costume needs to be on your list. The fleece hoodie is a handmade cosplay costume that your dog can wear during the holiday, at costume parties, or anytime you feel like dressing them up.

Although, before getting a Bulbasaur costume or other Pokemon dog Halloween costumes for large breeds, make sure your dog is comfortable wearing a onesie. If not, maybe a poke ball cap might be better for them to wear.

lion dog costume

Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs

If you’re looking for something fun to dress up your pet in, consider lion Halloween costumes for big dogs. Lions may come from the feline family but they share quite a few similarities with dogs — they’re both strong, powerful, and courageous. Especially with large dogs, you might just manage to pull off a terrifying or uber-adorable effect!

Get this realistic Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane, made from polyester fiber, for a simple yet effective costume. The neck size ranges from 60 to 80 centimeters, making it ideal for medium to big dogs. Simply put the mane on your pet, and your mighty lion is ready to prowl!

UPS Dog Costume Large

A dog and a mailman have an interesting relationship. It’s not quite like the bond you share with your pooch, but your dog certainly recognizes your UPS guy’s footsteps or the sound of their vehicle.

Pay tribute to this strange yet endearing relationship by dressing up your dog in a UPS Dog Costume for Halloween. It’s one of the most clever Halloween costume ideas for large dogs, too, because although your pet can’t exactly deliver your mail, they can definitely fetch things for you.

dog in tutu costume

Dog Tutu Halloween Costume

If you’re aiming for cute Halloween costumes for big dogs, you won’t go wrong with a Dog Tutu Halloween Costume. An adorable costume for your adorable dog, this handmade tulle skirt comes in various colors.

It’s an ideal option if your dog isn’t a fan of stuffy costumes. Keep it simple as it is or pair it with a cute tiara to treat your dog like the princess she is. It looks great in photos, too!

Camlinbo 24 LED Spider Dog Halloween Costume

Dogs are curious, energetic, and playful by nature. So, they won’t hesitate to chase and play with anything that moves. It isn’t surprising to see them run after spiders. If your dog, too, is particularly drawn to spiders and other creepy crawlies, why not dress it up in spider Halloween costumes for large dogs?

The Spider Dog Halloween Costume is particularly adorable, with its plain black body and sparkling purple and orange lights along the spider legs. It’ll not only get your dog in the Halloween spirit but will also invite lots of pets and scratches from people when trick or treating!

Deadly Dog Costume with Blood Knife

Channel your dog’s inner Chucky with this Deadly Dog Costume with Blood Knife! Reminiscent of the classic Halloween slasher movies, this fun costume transforms your dog into an adorable monster and convinces you to give it some extra Halloween treats.

The costume is as comfortable as it is iconic and will keep your dog comfy and cozy on Halloween! The half-coat is made of skin-friendly materials and comes with an attached foam knife. A black shaggy wig completes this bloody look!

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Safety Considerations For Your Dog’s Halloween Costumes

It’s a good idea to make your dog try on the costume before Halloween. Observe how they react to it. Check whether your dog’s exhibiting any signs of agitation, distress, or other abnormal behavior.

If you think your dog is comfortable, just use a themed bandana, collar, or even wings. But, if your pet is comfortable enough to wear a costume for an extended time, have fun with it!

Like Quora user Sandy Waters, M.S. in Zoology (college major) & Pre Veterinary Medicine, states, “My dogs don’t mind & they usually wear the costume just long enough for me to snap a few pics of them, then I take it off. They have, in the past, gone with me to dog gathering & won some doggie costume contests.”

If you’re concerned about the quality of materials used in costumes, you can make your own safe and customized Halloween costumes for big dogs DIY!

You can even arrange a quick photoshoot before your dog gets too restless in the costume!

dog Halloween costume

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Most Popular Costume for Dogs?

Superhero costumes are arguably the most popular Halloween dog costumes for big dogs mostly because there are just so many superhero characters to choose from. But, don’t let it limit you. All the other costumes we’ve mentioned on this list are popular, too!

What Should I Dress My Dog up for Halloween?

Before you start planning your dog’s Halloween costume, you need to make sure the costume ideas you have in mind will be comfortable for your dog. Then, think about the overall vibe you’re going for — do you want something silly, spooky, or classic? From there, you can narrow down your options. Check our list for more ideas!

Should Dogs Wear Halloween Costumes?

Well, yes and no. Some dogs have no problem wearing Halloween costumes but some may feel uncomfortable. Regardless of how excited you are for Halloween, you need to make sure your dog likes being put in a costume. Rachel Neumeier, a hobby breeder of Cavaliers for 15+ years, echoes this sentiment and says, “It is not wrong to put a costume on a dog, as long as the dog does not mind. If the dog is upset by the costume, then obviously you should not put a costume on it.”

How Do I Get My Dog to Keep Its Costume On?

This needs time, effort, and patience because your dog needs to get familiar with the costume first. The most effective method would be to start about a week before Halloween by showing your dog the costume and using treats to get it to come near the costume. Then, a couple of days later, drape the costume over its back and give it treats again. Wait another few days before dressing your dog up in the costume and giving even more treats.

If you sense any discomfort or restlessness while wearing a costume, don’t force it.

cute dog in a Halloween costume

Dressing up your dog for Halloween is arguably even more fun than dressing up yourself. And with these costume ideas for big dogs in your arsenal, you get to choose from a wide variety of roles for your large canine to pull off! We guarantee you’ll come back from trick-or-treating with a bag full of goodies!


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