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How Much Should A Beagle Eat?


People who own beagles know that they have a voracious appetite and can eat all day.

So, if you want to monitor a beagle’s diet, consider factors like age, weight, and physical activity to determine how much should a beagle eat?


How Much Do You Need To Feed Your Beagle?

That depends on the following factors:


Puppies should be fed at least 100 and 180 grams of dog food a day. They also require 45-55 calories per day for each pound of body weight.

If your puppy is younger than two months, you can give it small portions of easily digestible meals throughout the day. 

When your puppy reaches the age of two months, you can begin feeding it four times a day until the age of five months. 

Puppies between the ages of five months and a year can be fed up to three times a day. Always remember to increase the amount of food for your beagle puppy if they are very active. 

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Once your beagle is 18 months or older, you can start feeding it twice a day, or three times a day, if it’s very active.

If your adult beagle weighs between 11-15 kgs, then we suggest feeding it between 120-170 grams of dog food.

A beagle weighing between 15-20 kgs should be fed 160-200 grams of food, while a heavier beagle weighing between 20-25 kgs should be fed 190-250 grams of dog food. 

Calorie Concerns

If you are particular about your beagle’s calorie intake, experts recommend 670 and 930 calories per day for an adult beagle.

Depending on your beagle’s weight in pounds, you can make sure that it eats about 40 calories per pound of its body weight. 

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What Should You Feed Your Beagle?

In addition to your concerns about the amount of food you need to feed your beagle, you may also be wondering about the type of food that’s ideal for your beagle. 

If you have the time to cook delicious meals and treats for your dog, home-cooked food is an excellent choice for your beagle.

All you need to do is take into consideration the following ratio:

40% Meat or Fish

Beagles are best fed with protein-based food such as beef, chicken, and fish instead of grain-based food such as wheat, barley, or oats. 

35% Veggies and Fruits

Some of the most highly recommended veggies to feed your beagle are baby carrots, and green veggies such as spinach, sweet peas, broccoli, and cauliflower.

You can also feed your beagle fruits such as bananas, mangoes, strawberries, and pears.

25% Carbohydrates

Not all carbs are bad for your dog. In addition to protein and fiber, you can feed your beagle some brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, or potatoes to give it a boost of energy. 

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Now you must be having a fair idea of how much should a beagle eat? Following a proper diet for your beagle is essential and should be your priority as a pet owner.

Portion control is necessary as you may be giving them the right food but if the portions are too big, it could lead to obesity and negatively impact their overall health and growth.

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