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Interesting Facts About Cavapoo Puppies and Dogs

At A Glance

A cross between the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle, these small adorable canines have become a popular choice among dog lovers.

  • Cavapoos can have straight or curly coats, interact well with children, possess limitless energy, and are very trainable.
  • They can also match your mood, make great service dogs, and have large appetites.

If you have loads of time and energy to spend with your dog, the Cavapoo may just be the perfect addition to your household.

Last Updated on: Jun 27, 2024

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When it comes to cuteness, a few dog breeds stand out. A prime example is the Cavapoo, a cross between the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and poodle. These small adorable canines have become a popular choice among families and dog lovers who are looking for easy companionship. Due to their diminutive sizes, they can be disciplined and managed with less effort.

Cavapoo puppies are particularly enchanting with their innocent round faces, large eyes, and fluffy coats. If you’re thinking of adopting a Cavapoo, you’ve come to the right place. Allow us to share interesting facts about Cavapoos.

7 Facts About Cavapoos

A cavapoo puppy surrounded with flowers.

What are Cavapoos like? It’s important to find out if their personalities and behaviors match your lifestyle and personal preferences. Here are interesting facts about Cavapoos.

Fact #1: Cavapoos Can Have Straight or Wavy Coats

Cavapoo coats are white, black, or tri-colored with a straight or wavy texture. The type of coat that the Cavapoo gets comes from its lineage. Hence, it is important to ensure that you know everything about the lineage of the dog before choosing a puppy.

Fact #2: They Are Great Around Children

Cavapoos are brilliant around kids. If you’re in search of a family dog, get a Cavapoo. They calm down quickly and are safe around children. The only thing you need to worry about is their energy, which may lead to mishaps. As long as you are watching your kids while they’re around your Cavapoo, you can let them interact with the dog and manage things should they get out of hand.

Fact #3: They Have Limitless Energy

Considering their heritage and nature, it comes as no surprise that Cavapoos need a lot of energy and time. This hybrid is extremely active, so if you don’t go out much or have a job that requires you to leave your Cavapoo inside the house all day, you should reconsider your decision to adopt one. Note that a lack of activity can lead to health problems and mood issues.

This dog is highly energetic so it thrives with owners who enjoy playtime with dogs.

Fact #4: Cavapoos Are Very Obedient

A Cavapoo dog given treats.

Cavapoo puppies can be trained to be extremely disciplined. They are relaxing and calm pets since they are a mix between a Cavalier and a poodle, two very intelligent canines.

At 12 weeks of age, eager-to-please puppies can already begin training. Use positive reinforcement and lots of rewards to encourage good behavior.

Fact #5: These Dogs Can Match Your Mood

One of the most attractive benefits of adopting a Cavapoo is its sensitivity to the way we’re feeling. Its parents are highly attuned to human emotions so the offspring is likewise adaptable. If this hybrid senses that its owner needs extra attention, the Cavapoo will readily respond with extra affection.

Fact #6: They Are Attentive Service Dogs

If you’re looking for a smaller service dog, Cavapoos are great canines to consider. They are easily trained and stay attuned to human needs. Cavapoos are the best dogs for PTSD, depression, trauma, and therapy. If you entrust your well-being to a well-trained Cavapoo, it will readily rise to the challenge.

Fact #7: Cavapoos May Be Small But They Have Big Appetites

This small dog has a huge appetite. They love to eat though they can be picky eaters. Keep your Cavapoo healthy with a combination of plant-based ingredients, meat, offal, and bone. By feeding your pet a good diet, it will receive all the minerals and vitamins it needs to live a long healthy life.

Fortunately, this mixed breed is generally healthy, with only a few medical issues because of its lineage. Common concerns among Cavapoos include slipped kneecaps, progressive renal atrophy, and congenital heart attacks.


A cavapoo puppy running so fast it almost flies.

Beyond their disarming good looks and fluffy coats, the Cavapoo must complement the lifestyle you have. Cavapoos are an ideal choice for dog lovers who have the time and energy to interact with their canines daily. They also work well for individuals and families who live in small spaces.

If you have the patience to train your dog, you’ll be pleased with the Cavapoo’s learning curve. For pawrents looking for cute, intelligent, and active dogs that get along well with people, the Cavapoo may just be the perfect addition to your household.


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