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Best Labradoodles Breeders in California

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Having a pet that stands out from the rest is a gratifying feeling. Add to that your pet’s intelligence, hypoallergenic coat, and friendliness, and you’ve got yourself the complete package. A breed that encompasses all of these qualities is the Labradoodle!

Here’s what you should know about the breed:

  • Labradoodles are considered a “designer” breed, meaning they are rare and expensive. In fact, even AKC doesn’t recognize them as an official breed.
  • Due to their rarity, many breeders resort to unethical methods to produce Labradoodles and earn a hefty sum. Choosing an ethical breeder will help you get a healthy and happy puppy.

Last Updated on: Sep 28, 2023

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Labradoodles, a mix of Labrador Retrievers and Poodles, are a designer breed. They get the best traits from their parents. As a result, Labradoodles are super friendly and intelligent. Thanks to their Poodle genes, they also have hypoallergenic fur and, depending on their genetics, shed minimally, making them ideal for people with allergies.

Depending on the Poodle parent, a Labradoodle can either come in Miniature or Standard sizes and have wavy to curly hair. Moreover, they are available in many colors, like black, cream, golden, cream, caramel, chalk white, and chocolate.

If you’re around California, you’re in luck. The state is home to some of the best Labradoodle breeders. Here they are:

Best Labradoodles Breeders In California

Featured Breeder

Elite Blend Labradoodles

  • Family Breeder
  • Guardian Programs
  • Provides Health Clearances

Based in two locations, Sacramento and San Diego, CA, Elite Blend Labradoodles is a family breeder that raises puppies in their loving home.

paw print genetics logoPaw Print Genetics

alaa logoALAA

golden paw logoGolden Paw Breeder

Elite Blend Labradoodles, run by a loving family of four, are unlike most breeders. They take pride in improving the quality and health of Labradoodles – both American and Australian – through ethical practices.

Their Guardian Program ensures every breeding dog is living in clean and loving environments. Meticulous health testing every parent dog ensures the litter produced is healthy as well. Besides that, since these puppies grow up in calm and nurturing environments, they are easy to train and calm.

Elite Blend Labradoodles also have a training program. So, if you want a dog that’s already trained, you can try this program. Enrolling your dog in an effective program like this will help make the transition easier for you and your newest furry family member.

elite blend labradoodles - amber

Amber and Sara

At Elite Blend it is our priority to produce top quality Australian Labradoodles, as well as, provide superior customer service. Our puppies are raised in our home, with love, and have full time indoor/outdoor access. Our property is permanently designed around our puppies to ensure a safe and clean environment, with plenty of social enrichment activities to guarantee your puppy is properly socialized. The added benefit of this layout is all of our puppies go home doggie door trained, which makes future potty training a breeze.

On top of making sure your puppy has all of its social needs met, we also take all of the steps we can to ensure each litter is the healthy. We are Gold Paw members of the ALAA which means we go far beyond the basic health testing. Finally, we also make sure our clients are well prepared for their new arrival, through our “Getting Ready for Puppy” email series, and even after go home continue to be a lifelong contact. Our many 5 stars reviews is a testament to our commitment to producing the best puppies while providing top notch communication and customer service.

Featured Breeder
smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle
smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle puppy
smitty’s labradoodles - puppy
smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle dog

smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle
smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle puppy
smitty’s labradoodles - puppy
smitty’s labradoodles - labradoodle dog

Smitty’s Labradoodles

  • Family-run business
  • Licensed breeder
  • Raises therapy dogs

Looking for the perfect Labradoodle for your family? Smitty’s has an impressive selection of doodles that are healthy physically and mentally.

akc logoAKC


ofa logoOFA

Smitty’s Labradoodles, a licensed family-run business, treats every puppy as their own. As a result, it strives to find the perfect match for puppies and future owners. Since the breeder is passionate about every puppy’s health, it takes special care to match every dog parent perfectly. This results in healthy puppies.

The dogs are raised in the family’s home until they’re old enough to go to their forever homes. This also ensures they are loving, have a sound temperament, and are highly intelligent.

Besides Labradoodles, the breeder also raises Goldendoodle and Bernedoodle breeds. They also guarantee every new puppy owner will be happy and satisfied and will make the perfect addition to your family!

smitty’s labradoodles - smith family

Brittany & Walker

We are a family-run licensed breeder located in Visalia, CA and we absolutely love what we do! Our four parent dogs are members of our family, and we treat them as such. Our goal is to provide other families with a similar experience by breeding high-quality dogs that are family-friendly, and most importantly, healthy. All of our dogs are embark tested and all results are posted on our website.

We’ve not only been able to provide families with healthy, loving companions, but we’ve also been able to see some of our wonderful puppies become therapy/comfort dogs for various places such as the Hanford Police Department! This business has brought more joy and reward than we could ever ask for, and we are proud of every puppy that has come from our household!

Love A Labradoodle Inc

With over 35+ years of experience, Love A Labradoodle Inc. is one of the top Doodle breeders in California. The home-based breeder nurtures every puppy as if it were their own. They specialize in F1b and Multi-Gen Labradoodles that are exceptional as services and therapy dogs but also ideal for families and companionship.

All the puppies are health tested, OFA Certified, and have a Health Guarantee. Visit their website or call or email them to get your hands on your furever pet!

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Wrightwood, CA

Delta Breeze Labradoodles

A well-groomed brown poodle perched atop jagged rocks in a serene outdoor setting.

Karen, the owner and founder of Delta Breeze Labradoodles, learned about Labradoodles after her son’s passing. She applied to become a Guardian of a female Labradoodle and no-so-surprisingly fell in love with the breed, leading her to pursue breeding as a full-time gig.

Ever since then, Delta Breeze Labradoodles have been the place to stop by when looking for Labradoodles. Their breeding dogs have won AKC Star Puppy Good Citizen awards, indicating that the pups produced are of top quality. Delta Breeze Labradoodles provide a 2-year health guarantee and administer timely vaccines and deworming medication so you take home a healthy and happy pet.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Clarksburg, CA

Brasken Labradoodles

Brasken Labradoodles have one goal: to produce loving, healthy, and intelligent Labradoodle puppies for deserving homes. As a result, they take care of every litter produced with diligent care and attention. Every pup receives individual care and is socialized so that they grow up to develop top-notch temperaments.

The guardian homes are thoroughly checked and approved, ensuring the breeding dogs are safe. Moreover, all the breeding dogs undergo comprehensive health tests for eyes, hips, elbows, and potential genetic conditions. All puppies are vaccinated, dewormed, and microchipped, ready to go to their new forever homes!

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Atascadero, CA

Junebug’s Labradoodles

best labradoodle breeders in california - junebug’s labradoodles

Junebug’s Labradoodles is a small family-owned and operated facility in California. Their goal is to provide well-tempered and healthy Labradoodles to families in need of a loving pet. They also have a strict Guardian Program, ensuring every breeding dog is healthy to produce high-quality litter.

Junebug’s Labradoodles have an upcoming litter soon. If you want a Labradoodle, visit their website or call them before it’s too late!

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Visalia, CA

Sacto Labradoodles

With quality multi-generational Labradoodles, Sacto Labradoodles are one of the best mini and medium-sized Labradoodle breeders. They take pride in raising some of the best dogs in the industry and have an excellent breeding program in place.

All breeding dogs live in loving Guardian homes, where they are cared for. Moreover, health tests are conducted before breeding to ensure the litter produced is in the pink of its health. All the puppies are also socialized and given timely vaccines and deworming medication.

Website| Contact

Address: Elk Grove, CA

Goin Doodles Labradoodles

labradoodle puppy with stick

Going Doodles Labradoodles has close to a decade of experience breeding Labradoodles. They took a special interest in breeding after their first doodle. Needless to say, they believe Labradoodles are probably one of the best breeds to have.

They raise every puppy at home to ensure they are healthy, well-socialized, and of sweet temperaments. All the puppies are introduced to children and adults, helping them get familiar with all age groups.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Pollock Pines, CA

Country Club Labradoodles

Shelly, the owner of Country Club Labradoodles, takes pride in what she does. Her goal is to breed sweet-temperamental and healthy puppies. They do this by raising each puppy in caring, loving homes.

At these homes, they are introduced to all kinds of age groups of people, smells, and sounds to get them accustomed and adjust well into their forever homes. They also ensure all puppies are vaccinated and dewormed. You can bring home chocolate, cream, or caramel-colored Labradoodles.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Central Coast of California and Bakersfield

Loving Labradoodles

dog sitting in the grass

Another family-run breeding program in California – two sisters operate Loving Labradoodles. Their love for canines started as children, and today, they raise top-quality Labradoodles.

They conduct extensive health testing on dogs to ensure the litter produced is also healthy. They also raise puppies on curriculum and provide exposure to prepare them to face the real world. Because of their commitment, they are pretty determined to match puppies with families.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Morgan Hill, CA


Looking for mini and medium Labradoodles? SouthernCaDoodles may be the one for you. This breeder is located in Southern California and has multi-generational puppies in apricot and cream parti, buff, and cream.

All the puppies go to their forever home with a 2-year health guarantee, health records, a blanket with the scent of its parents and siblings, and a guide to caring for the puppy.

Website | Email ID | Contact

Address: Tehachapi, CA



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