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Best Labrador Breeders in Colorado

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Labradors are some of the best companions to have by your side, one reason why they are a favorite pet in America.

In this article, we discuss the best AKC labrador breeders Colorado has: Lucky Ranch Labradors, Heatherdowns Labradors, Bear Creek Labradors, Labalicious Pups, Tovah Labradors, Whispering Pines Labradors, and Evermor Labradors.

Last Updated on: Mar 04, 2022

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Have you been wanting to get a good, premium-quality Labrador that can be your lifelong companion? We list seven of the best Labrador breeders in Colorado who are American Kennel Club (AKC)-registered and excel in customer service, price, and dog quality.

Therefore, you’ll be sure to find your next best furry friend at one of these facilities!

Featured Breeder

Lucky Ranch Labradors

  • Family-based breeder
  • Passionate breeder
  • Raises service dogs

On a 35-acre farm in Douglas County, Colorado, lies Lucky Ranch Labradors, a passionate breeder that raises all pups as if they were their own.

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A family of passionate breeders runs Lucky Ranch Labradors. They aim to breed exceptional, healthy, and active Labrador retriever puppies. And as a result, raise each puppy with the utmost love and care. The labradors here are raised in clean environments, keeping them away from harm’s way.

Additionally, their breeding program ensures all litters have amazing temperaments. As a result, most of the puppies from Lucky Ranch Labradors have become Service Dogs, Emotional Support, Avalanche Search & Rescue, Hunting dogs, and family companions.

Lucky Ranch Labradors are confident in their approach to breeding, they guarantee purebred champion bloodlines. They also have OFA-certified parents, are registered with the AKC, and conduct all age-appropriate genetic testing prior to all breedings. Each puppy is also vaccinated, dewormed, vet-checked, and microchipped before they go to their fur-ever homes.

lucky ranch labradors - gaylen

Gaylen Gibson

I started breeding labrador retrievers over 30 years ago and my love and infatuation for the breed just continues to grow. We raise all of our dogs and puppies on our ranch in beautiful Castle Rock Colorado. All of our dogs and pups are raised in our home in a safe, clean and stimulating environment. I take great pride in producing, top-notch, healthy, genetic tested Labradors. I’m proud to say that we have had many of our puppies go into a life of service; avalanche search, and rescue, canines for Christ, therapy dogs that serve first responders and fire departments here in Colorado, mental illness, drug and alcohol recovery centers, service, stability, dogs, and the list goes on. Our pups are smart and extremely trainable with great temperaments.

The most rewarding thing about breeding is witnessing the natural instinct of motherhood between my mamas and their babies. Another huge bonus is that I get the privilege to meet so many amazing puppy families along the way that often turn out to be lifelong friends. I love our Lucky Ranch Labrador family!! These dogs are a gift and I absolutely cherish this moment in my life.

Heatherdowns Labradors

black labrador dog on leash

They are one of the best American Labrador breeders in Colorado. A small family-owned ranch in Franktown that breeds and raises Labradors with grand champion lines.

Aside from raising and training quality Labradors since 2001, they have also been permitted as a Dog Breeding Kennel Business in Douglas County since 2018.

All pups are purebred, from champion bloodlines, Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)-certified parents, registered with the AKC, and also with accurate pedigrees.

The pups go home at eight weeks with current vaccinations, de-wormed, micro-chipped, and thoroughly examined by a licensed vet.

Most importantly, Heatherdowns Labradors also provide a written 100% money back health guarantee and a 30-month written health guarantee on the pup’s hips, elbows, and eyes.

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Address: Franktown, CO

Bear Creek Labradors

Dr. Kelly Hepworth and his family run Bear Creek Labradors, where high-quality Labs are  trained for hunting. It is in northwest Colorado and is easily accessible from all parts of the state.

The Labs come from fine pedigree lines carefully selected for temperament, conformation, and intelligence.

All breeding pairs at Bear Creek have certified hips, elbows, and eyes, and pups are sold with 26-month hip and eye guarantees.

Bear Creek Labradors pups have grown to become wonderful family companions, bird and hunt test competitors, gun dogs, obedience winners, and also K9 narcotic dogs.

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Address: Craig, CO

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Labalicious Pups

labrador running during winter

At Labalicious Pups, their AKC purebred Labs grow up with optimum love and care. That is to say, their family-oriented environment ensures that the puppies grow up to have excellent temperaments and that they can adapt any new environment.

All pups are purebred from OFA-certified parents, with limited AKC registration.

Pups go to their forever homes with their first vaccinations and a 30-month hip guarantee.

As a bonus, Labalicious Pups has partnered with BAXTER & Bella, an online training program wherein new owners can coach their Labs from the comfort of their homes!

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Address: Parker, CO

Tovah Labradors

For exceptional quality British Labradors Colorado can deliver, get in touch with Tovah Labradors.

Their pups are AKC-registered and are sold at affordable prices.

From house companions to productive service and hunting dogs, the pups bred and nurtured at Tovah Labradors can be coached in every way because of their exceptional pedigrees.

Available color variations include black, chocolate, yellow, and fox red.

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Address: Palmer Lake, CO

Whispering Pines Labradors

wet labrador retrieving his toy

They are proud breeders of intelligent and healthy Labradors nurtured in a friendly, loving, yet highly regulated environment.

Their pups are trained for every stage of their life, such as crate training, socializing, and potty training.

The extensive training routine at Whispering Pines ensures that the pups grow up to be exceptional pets for their future households.

Most importantly, all dogs are hip certified through OFA. Also, DNA tests to avoid inherited forms of blindness (PRCD and RD) and EIC (exercise-induced collapse).

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Address: Burlington, CO

Evermor Labradors

To get your hands on the best Lab puppies Denver, Colorado has, reach out to Evermor Labradors.

They are proud breeders and suppliers of chocolate, yellow, and black Labradors that are athletic, healthy, and certainly have a sound and friendly temperament.

Evermor Labradors is one of the best English Lab breeders in Colorado. Also, their pups are AKC-registered, and all breeding pairs are genetically tested to identify any inherited health issue prior to breeding.

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Address: Denver, CO

There are plenty of Labrador breeders in Colorado, however only the responsible experts with the experience and ability to produce healthy, purebred pups should be added to your list.

In short, these six breeders are passionate about nurturing Labradors that meet the breed standards and are guaranteed to provide customers with the very best.

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