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Best Labrador Breeders In Connecticut

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If you are looking to get a labrador retriever in Connecticut, you are likely looking for a companion with a good temperament and who is likely to develop fewer health problems. The right breeder will help you find the right pup who is a good match for your family.

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Last Updated on: Aug 24, 2022

This comprehensive guide includes some of the best Labrador breeders in Connecticut who are authentic, provide value for money, and their seamless procedures bring you closer to getting your very own furry friend.

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Labrador puppy

Atlas Labradors

Reach out to Atlas Labradors to get your hands on labradors raised according to OFA standards. The combination of top-grade genetics, good nutrition and care result in excellent Labrador puppies.

The owners have applied the latest scientifically approved procedures to provide you with black, chocolate, and yellow-colored Labradors. All dogs have been health tested.

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Address: Bethlehem, CT

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Cross Bay Labs

This kennel is one of the best Labrador breeders in Connecticut. The family breeds Labradors in their own home twice a year.

Labradors at Cross Bay Labs have their characteristics preserved through correct breeding methods and the choice of pure bloodlines—mainly Blondella, Briary and Sandylands.

The dogs are evaluated via OFA, CERF, and Optigen before they are chosen for breeding.

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Address: Granby, CT 06035

Labrador in an open field

Stonecrest Labrador Retrievers

The family behind Stonecrest Labrador Retrievers has been breeding since the 1950s.

They have experience with the Labrador Breed since 1962 when they brought home their first Labrador. Two generations of the family hold the AKC Judges License and have judged AKC show championships.

Well aware of the best qualities of the Labrador, they raise purebred Labradors who often participate in shows.

Get in touch with them to get your very own smart show dog or a brilliant at-home companion.

Website | Email ID

Barefoot Labradors of Killingworth

Located in the town of Killingworth, Barefoot provides family-friendly yellow, black, and chocolate labrador retriever puppies.

They are regularly checked by a vet and come with their immunization records and AKC Litter Pedigree Certificate along with parent health certificates!

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Address: 56 Abner Ln, Killingworth, CT 06419

Pacheco Kennels

This kennel is one of the best Labrador retriever breeders CT has to offer. The Pacheco family has been a responsible breeder since 1972.

Pacheco Kennels are also recognized for sheltering rescue puppies and bringing them up in a stable environment.

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Address: 830 Judson St, Raynham, MA 02767

Tanzy Labradors

At Tanzy Labradors, the people who bred and brought the dogs up are as passionate about canines and everything related to them as you.

They are a small hobby kennel that produces a maximum of a litter per year. They stick to the most simple, stimulating, but also nourishing procedures to raise their puppies.

AKC Registered Labradors

All the dogs from Tanzy Labradors hold a title in obedience training or are under training. Their pups are intelligent, hardworking and great companions for life.

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Labrador in park

Woodland Kennel

Trying to get your hands on the best white English lab puppies CT has in store? Woodland Kennel is the answer. They have black, chocolate, and also yellow-colored puppies at incredibly affordable prices.

The breeders at Woodland Kennel are also professional dog trainers and provide structured obedience training to their puppies.

Their pups display stamina and intelligence and show potential to become great hunting dogs.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: 6 Cortland Place, Oxford, CT 06478

Greenwood Labradors

This kennel is one of the best Labrador breeders in Connecticut. They are a pioneer in producing healthy, sound-minded, and able Labradors right from the hills of Northeastern Connecticut.

Greenwood Labradors undergo DNA testing. And they also are unlikely to pass on inheritable health issues to upcoming litters.

They test each puppy’s DNA and share the results with you before letting you take home your new puppy!

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Labrador in park smiling

Have you been thinking of getting a labrador for a while now? We hope our guide helped you choose the best Labrador breeder in Connecticut.

Contrary to popular belief, breeders can actually be reliable sources of healthy dogs. Just ensure you reach out to one of the genuine ones who follow ethical and also sanitary practices to bring home your very own pup!

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