Best Labrador Breeders in Illinois

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Looking for a reputable and reliable labrador breeder in Illinois? We’ve got you covered with our list of the best labrador breeders in Illinois.

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There are a lot of dedicated dog breeders who breed healthy pups. It’s critical to do your research and find a good breeder. Here’s a list of some of the best labrador breeders in Illinois.

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Pond Creek Labradors

They are a small family-owned breeder in Southern Illinois. They strive to provide you with the healthiest and most compassionate labs you can imagine.

Pond Creek Labradors breed conventional colored canines as well as silver, charcoal, and champagne-hued puppies.

Their labs come from a long line of champions, hunting dogs, and service dogs.

Looking for hunting lab breeders in Illinois?

Some of their labs are currently working hard to get their hunting titles. Whether you’re looking for a hunting partner, a guide dog, or just a friend, their labs are perfect for you.

All of the adult canines have a DNA medical clearance and OFA examination.

Pond Creek takes great caution in its breeding techniques to ensure that you get the healthiest as well as the most attractive Labradors in Illinois. Their labs are loved and well cared for.

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Twin Lakes Kennel

For nearly four decades, Twin Lakes Kennel has been raising and training top-notch labrador retrievers. Their services extend from Southwest to ancient New England, and from Alaska to Florida.

Now you don’t need to look for labrador puppies for sale in Naperville, Il. Twin Lakes Kennel is where you need to be.

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Black Ice Retrievers

This breeder produces labs that are capable of doing just about everything. Whether you’re competing in field trials, hunt tests, or just need a best friend, their dogs will exceed your expectations.

Their dogs have established their reputation by breaking benchmarks in hunt competitions and the Shoot to Retrieve series.

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Bullis Lake Labradors

Their breeding program aims to produce show quality yellow labrador retriever puppies.

Snow white, cream, and a very light yellow with white highlights are the colors they specialize in.

Their breeding program seeks to generate show-quality labrador retriever puppies with intellect, temperament, and an appetite for learning. Your search for white labrador breeders in Illinois ends here.

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Puppy Lane Labs

This breeder is located in Nokomis, Illinois. They are a small kennel in central Illinois that specializes in producing some of the best Labrador retrievers in the Midwest. They aim to produce high-quality dogs with a good disposition.

Puppy Lane Labs regularly breeds black, chocolate, and yellow, nearly white to fox red lab puppies.

Their pups come with a one-year health guarantee, two puppy vaccines, two visits to veterinarians by the time they’re eight weeks old, deworming, dewclaw removal, microchipping, and AKC papers with limited registration.

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When you add a lab to your family, you are making a tremendous commitment. Hopefully, our list of the best Labrador Breeders in Illinois helps you find the right pup for your family.

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