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Best Labrador Breeders in Maine

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One of the easiest dog breeds to train and bring up, labradors are exuberant, sagacious, and lively dog breeds who can be incredibly fun to be around. For the people of Maine, the only important thing is to get them through the right and reliable lab breeders Maine has.

This article discusses the five most competent labrador breeders in Maine. This includes Bear Pond Retrievers, Chalk Pond Retrievers, Sevenoaks Labradors and Puddleduck Retrievers.

Last Updated on: Mar 24, 2022

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Whether you want charcoal labs for sale in Maine or are on the lookout for remarkable lab puppies for sale Bangor, Maine, can provide, this article is your savior.

We have researched and found the five of the best lab breeders in Maine who are accredited by the AKC and are touted for producing some quality breeds in the states.

Keep reading ahead to know more about each one of them.

Featured Breeder

Bear Pond Retrievers

  • Family breeder
  • Adhere to the State of Maine’s Statute
  • Provides Worldwide Universal Chip

If you’re looking for smart, happy, and healthy pups in Maine, look for further than Bear Pond Retrievers.

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Located on close to a 100-acre land, the dogs at Bear Pond Retrievers are what the breeder likes to call “country dogs.” Here, they have plenty of space to run around and socialize with other animals and people, making them very friendly and adaptable to their surroundings.

When you choose a pup from Bear Pond Retrievers, know they provide full or limited AKC or UKC Registration and Health Guarantee backed by Maine’s Statute. Additionally, the furry friends are given age-appropriate vaccines, deworming medication, a microchip, and vet checks before they go to their forever home.

Since they follow high breeding standards, the breeder promises high-quality pups that are clear of hip, heart, and eye conditions and are certified by OFA and Penn Hip. For any reason, if the adoptive family cannot take care of the pup, Bear Pond Retrievers will take them back, in an attempt to reduce the number of pets at the shelter.

bear pond retrievers - heather

Heather Nadeau

We’re a small, professional breeder of English and American Labrador Retrievers. Our first priority is to breed the healthiest dogs possible through genetic and health testing. Second, we are here for our lab families for the life of the dog; not just for the sale. We offer support in nutrition, vaccine, and preventative care guidance. Our focus is caring for our dogs and puppies. We are not a show breeder; however, we do have show quality labs in our full English lines.

Many of our labs have become excellent hunting dogs, some professionally for Maine Guides. Mostly, they are beloved family members. We support a wonderful Veterans’ dog training program Company 2 Heroes in Danvers, MA, providing well bred puppies to be trained for Veteran service dogs and support dogs.

Chalk Pond Retrievers

An image of a black labrador sitting on the grass

As one of the best labrador retriever breeders in Bethel, Maine, Chalk Pond Retrievers has successfully produced an extensive and quality collection of labradors at their facility. The dogs grow in a healthy, natural environment with ample obedience training and bonding experiences.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Bethel, ME

Sevenoaks Labradors

For the best lab puppies Skowhegan can give to its people, you should reach out to Sevenoaks Labradors. They deliver high-quality English retrievers that are zealous, energetic and make for fantastic house pets, therapy dogs, as well as hunting dogs.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Belgrade, ME

Puddleduck Retrievers

Who does not like the idea of owning one of the lab puppies for sale Maine offers its residents?

At Puddleduck Retrievers, you can get your hands on the best ones with outstanding temperament, optimal intelligence, beautiful appearance, mental and physical wellness, and champion bloodlines.

WebsiteEmail ID | Call Us

Address: Morrill, ME

We hope you’re now aware of five of the best labrador breeders Maine offers. Each breeder is determined to deliver quality service at quality prices and bring you closer to having a four-legged companion by your side.

Some of them also qualify to provide lab puppies for adoption in Maine so you can reach out to them as per your requirement.

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