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Best Labrador Breeders in Massachusetts


Have you fallen in love with Labradors? Courtesy of their amiable nature, great temperament and willingness to socialize, labs do make for great pets!

Check out these Labrador breeders in Massachusetts. We have curated a list of verified and certified breeders, just for you.  

an image of a Labrador puppy

Hoof-N-Paw Labradors

Located in Acushnet, Massachusetts, Hoof-N-Paw Labradors breed to produce Labrador retriever puppies that are happy, healthy and calm. They have Labradors ranging from red fox, chocolate, black, and yellow to silver, and charcoal. They focus on raising highly intelligent Labradors. 

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Address: 16, Morses Lane, Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743, United States

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Labrador outside

Mello Labradors 

Also located in Acushnet, Mello Labradors specializes in producing high-quality English labs. They have been in the Massachusetts puppies breeding business since 2003 and their kennels are top-notch. They raise their puppies in versatile environments and train them using a number of fun outdoor learning activities.

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Address: Acushnet, Massachusetts, United States

All Mello labradors puppies are AKC registered.

Excalibur Labradors

Located in Acushnet, Massachusetts, Excalibur Labradors are AKC registered breeders known for their exceptional English labrador retrievers and Bernese Mountain dogs. They specialize in black, yellow, fox red, cream and chocolate labrador puppies. 

All Excalibur puppies come with a health certification and are regularly dewormed. They hand-raise these dogs with utmost dedication and care. They take extra care to place their dogs in loving homes. That’s why they urge potential adopters to research and learn more about keeping a dog as a cherished pet. 

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Address: 229, Perry Hill Road, Acushnet, Massachusetts, United States

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Cedarbrook Labradors 

Cedarbrook Labradors is based out of Burlington, Massachusetts. They breed AKC-registered English Labrador Retrievers with a keen focus on their health, physique, and overall development.

Cedarbrook Labradors are experts who produce healthy and fine-looking labrador retriever puppies. Some of their puppies have grown up to be field champions in dog shows and competitions. 

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Address: Burlington, Massachusetts, United States.

Handy Hill Labradors

Handy Hill Labradors is an AKC registered private breeder. They are known for their black, yellow and chocolate labrador retrievers.

Their main goal is to produce fine-looking, physically sound, and loyal retriever puppies. They practice ethical breeding.

Puppies at Handy Hill Labradors are verified against genetic disorders common to the breed. 

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Address: Acushnet, Massachusetts 02743, United States.

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Paddington Labrador Retrievers 

Based in Charlton, Massachusetts, Paddington Labrador Retrievers has been in the business for 30 years. They have consistently produced healthy, loyal, and beautiful Labrador puppies. Paddington Labrador Retrievers examine all retriever puppies through aptitude tests at exactly 49 days of age.

All Retriever puppies are microchipped as well as akc – registered.

The best thing about Paddington Labrador Retrievers is that their puppies come with an OFA certification on elbows and hips along with CERF clearance for their eyes.

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Address: 80, Richardson Corner Road, Charlton, Massachusetts 01507-1428, United States

Dunrovin Farming Kennel 

Dunrovin Farming Kennel in Halifax have been in the breeding business since 1987. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable breeders.

Beyond running a top-class breeding business, they also run a big store of good quality puppy toys, treats, crates, dog bones and almost everything that your puppy may need. 

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Address: 261, River Street, Halifax, Massachusetts 02338, United States

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Debonair Labradors

Debonair Labradors from South Shore, Massachusetts is a small hobby Labrador retriever breeders Boston. They strictly follow the best practices underlined by the American Kennel Club. Debonair Labradors raise their dogs in their homes while training them through a selection of indoor exercises and outdoor activities. 

Debonair Labradors are also active members of the Labrador Retriever Club of Greater Boston. Their labs also regularly participate in different dog shows and other dog-oriented events. Looking for Labrador puppies for sale Boston? Try Debonair Labradors! 

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Address: South Shore of Boston, Massachusetts, USA

D&D Labradors 

Run by the Fiandaca family based in Massachusetts, D&D Labradors is a small private breeder that has been in the breeding business since 1997. They attribute their decision to breed labradors to their first dog Roxxan. 

D&D is very particular about the breeding process, taking care to find suitable mates for their dogs. They only plan one litter per pair every year. They also take care to find the right pet parent for their retriever puppies. Their family dogs complete Rally, Dog Obedience Training and Canine Good Citizenship training.

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Address: Fiandaca Family Endeavor, Massachusetts, USA

Labrador sitting on the grass

Labradors bring a great amount of happiness and laughter to families. They are gentle giants who deserve every bit of the love and admiration they get. However, with the rapid increase in the number of breeders in Massachusetts, it often becomes hard to choose one over the other.

We have listed some of the top Labrador breeders in Massachusetts to make your puppy buying experience smooth, hassle-free and memorable.

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