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Best Labrador Breeders in Minnesota (MN)

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The best, most reputable Labrador breeders in Minnesota include Loyal Labradors, Silver Creek Labs, Fieldstone Kennels, Brensue Labs, and Danikk Labradors.

They nurture purebred AKC-registered pups that are sure to grow up loving companions for you and your family.

Last Updated on: Apr 12, 2022

Are you a resident of Minnesota and have been hoping to begin your pet parenting journey? This article talks about the best breeders offering Lab puppies for sale.

Fun-loving, caring, easy to train, they’re also great to be around—these are only a few of the many characteristics of Labrador retrievers that make them excellent pets and companions.

Loyal Labradors, Silver Creek Lab, Fieldstone Kennels, Brensue Labs, and Danikk Labradors are our favorite picks. They are AKC-registered and the best in the state. Read on for more comprehensive information about these Labrador breeders in Minnesota.

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Featured Breeder

Fieldstone Kennels

  • Specializes in Chocolate English Labs
  • A 26-Month Health Guarantee
  • Dog & Puppy Training

Looking for the best British Lab puppies for sale in MN? Fieldstone Kennels is the perfect choice.

be logoMinnesota Breeder of Excellence

gd logoGood Dog – Excellent Health Testing Practices

Fieldstone Kennels specialize in producing English chocolate Labradors with amicable, enthusiastic, and loving temperaments. These breeders raise the most healthy bloodlines devoid of diseases and health complications. And because they are located in the countryside, the pups born at the facility have the opportunity to grow and train surrounded by nature.

As a result, they have hone the agility skills and get ample free space to thrive in. Moreover, all dogs are tested for Hip Dysplasia, Inheritable Eye Disease, and Inheritable Heart Defects and come with a 26-Month Health Guarantee along with their health records. The Pups are sent to their new homes microchipped, vaccinated, and dewormed, and with limited AKC registration.

You can also choose Fieldstone Kennels’ training program if you want a trained pup to make the transition easier.

fieldstone kennels logo


Fieldstone Kennel’s commitment and dedication to the Chocolate English Labrador Retriever is one of the leading factors that sets us apart from other kennels. Along with that, our primary goal is to breed and raise puppies with the perfect conformation, sound body, calm temperament, natural retrieving abilities and free from genetic health issues while giving them the highest of quality care and love.

We are a professional licensed kennel that believes in going above and beyond to provide you with the best of the best Labrador Retriever Breed. Fieldstone Labs have the freedom to enjoy our country setting, with all the wonderful benefits of nature, ponds, trees and wildlife.

Loyal Labradors

An image of a labrador lying on a grass

If you’re looking for a lab, then you should get in touch with Loyal Labradors for the best silver Lab puppies in MN. They carefully hand-select their breeding partners—all are AKC certified, health tested, and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

The Loyal Labradors specializes in breeding calm and composed litters of Labrador puppies. Their pups are with excellent temperaments required of service dogs or therapy dogs. Also, their English Lab puppies are as glorious-looking and beautiful as they are intelligent, affectionate, and are also easy to train.

In addition, their puppies can be brought home at eight weeks, along with a one-year health guarantee (four years for hips and elbows). Most importantly, pups have complete health records after thorough testing and limited AKC registration.

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Address: Mora, MN

Silver Creek Labs

This breeder is based out of East Central Minnesota that offers AKC-registered and premium quality English Labradors. Their lab options are diverse coat colors — chocolate, yellow, white, and black Lab puppies.

Silver Creek Labs also provide guarantees of fair or above hip grades (OFA, 26 months) and a passing grade for eyes (Canine Eye Registration Foundation CERF), 12 months.

All the pups in Silver Creek Labs are hand-raised on a 57-acre family farm. They ensure pups receive lots of love, socialization, and more than enough physical and mental stimulation in early life. So when the time comes, puppies go to their forever homes with complete vaccinations, puppy food samples,  and limited AKC registration.

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Address: Brook Park, MN

Brensue Labs

labrador puppy

Located near Benson in Minnesota, is the Brensue Labs. It is a small, family-owned kennel that breeds and nurtures exceptional Labradors. In addition, their pups are monitored closely and genetically tested to ensure that they will be perfectly healthy when sent to their forever homes.

All pups are coached to improve their hunting skills, and some of them even participate in hunting competitions all year round.

Their breeding pairs are OFA certified, and also their litters come with 26-month guarantees for hips and eyes.

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Address: Benson, MN

Danikk Labradors

 An image of yellow labrador

This breeder offer very reasonable prices for started Labs for sale in MN. Nurtured by Dr. Fran Smith and Dr. John Lawrence are the amiable, easy-to-train, and beautiful pups coming out of Danikk Labradors. They are also known long-time veterinarians who can ensure labs’ complete health.

Their quality Labradors are bred for various purposes. This includes hunting, obedience training, participating in shows, and also becoming family pets.

Their pups can go home at seven weeks vaccinated, dewormed, declawed, and microchipped. Danikk also offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on hips, eyes, and elbows.

Website | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Lonsdale, MN

If your household is ready to welcome a new pet, these well-regarded, certified breeders are fantastic choices for lab puppies for adoption in MN.

Reach out to these Labrador breeders in Minnesota to discuss your options and get ready to bring home a healthy, intelligent, and loving furry friend!

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