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Best Labrador Breeders In Nebraska

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Labradors are among the most popular breeds of dogs in the US. However, their drastically rising popularity as great family dogs can also make it difficult to find ethical and reliable breeders. Here are some of the best Labrador breeders in Nebraska.

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Last Updated on: Jul 02, 2022

If you’re planning to purchase a Labrador pup, you need to make sure it’s been raised and vetted properly. And the way to do that is to only purchase from licensed and reputed breeders. Here are some of the best Labrador breeders in Nebraska.

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Drake Creek Kennels

Looking for high-quality Lab puppies Lincoln, NE? Drake Creek Kennels is an AKC-registered breeder that was founded as a breeding service to produce high-quality Labradors for hunters and dog breeders. As such, they also offer hunting and waterfowl training programs to raise dogs fit for assisting people on the field.

Their dogs often have a high success rate in HRC and AKC hunt tests.

In addition to Lab puppies, they also offer stud services for fellow breeders or dog owners that want a litter from their superior male Labs.

Since the family business specializes in hunting, the focus on breeding and raising new puppies and related services helps adjust their temperament for dutiful service as opposed to play. So if you’re ever looking for a healthy litter, Drake Creek Kennels would be the best choice.

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Address: 6916 W Remington Dr, Lincoln, NE 68532, United States

Lincoln Creek Labs

Looking for Lab puppies for sale in Omaha, NE? Lincoln Creek Labs is a high-quality Labrador breeding kennel located on a farm just north of York, Nebraska. They specialize in raising gundogs, companion, hunt test, and field test dogs, and offer training services that equip dogs with the relevant skill sets.

All dogs are registered with the AKC, OFA, CERF, CNM, and EIC. Lincoln Creek is also licensed by the Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture.

Many of Lincoln Creeks Labs have received honors of merit from reputed dog training and breeding institutions across America.

Puppies are looked after with tremendously detailed care to make sure they meet the unique requirements of future adopters. Their Labs are available in black, yellow, and chocolate furs.

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Address: 2117 Road Q, Waco, NE 68460

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Blue Heaven Labradors

This is one of the oldest English Labrador breeders in Nebraska with a 35-year history and reputation for raising excellent service dogs, hunting companions, and competitive show ring dogs.

They are an AKC-certified breeder of merit and founding members of Labrador clubs like Midwest Labrador Retriever Club of Iowa and North Star Labrador Retriever Club of Minnesota.

Blue Heaven selects dogs for breeding by focusing strongly on traits like conformity and docile temperament. To accomplish this, they raise puppies with the intention of keeping them as opposed to selling them.

This socializes puppies and adapts them to a home-family environment much faster. And Labradors are an easy-going breed to begin with, so that adds to the advantage. You can rest assured your Lab will be a safe and loyal companion to your family.

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Address: Dori Lenaeus 2624 County Road 10, Fremont, NE, 68025

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Antons Nebraska Labs

If you have a preference for unique and diverse colors, Anton Nebraska Labs is a highly sought-after breeder with AKC-registered silver, champagne, and charcoal labs for sale in Nebraska.

They’re one of the best Labrador breeders in Nebraska.

Antons Nebraska Labs caters to the specific needs of their customers, whether you’re in the market for a hunting companion, family pet, or service partner of any kind. They only select dogs for breeding from pure bloodlines and health-tested parents.

A majority of breeders believe that the purebred silver does not exist, but the American Kennel Club accepts them and registers them as chocolate. But that is mainly because the silver is just a diluted chocolate color. It’s not silver like cutlery.

The Labrador is a breed with many genetic variations that have occurred naturally over time, but because of some colors being far rarer than others, this controversy that they may not be purebred seems to have emerged.

To reserve your pick with Antons Nebraska Labs, you need to pay a non-refundable deposit of $250. All their puppies come with a 24-month genetic health guarantee.

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Address: 10157 E Lilac Rd, Beatrice, NE 68310


Good Dog Rescue Of Nebraska

Each dog is too beautiful to not deserve a loving home. However, from time to time, dogs have unfortunately been abandoned, lost, kidnapped, trafficked, or illegally tested on. There’s no better way to correct this injustice and treat dogs with the love and respect they deserve by adopting a rescued animal.

Good Dog Rescue is one of the most active and prominent Lab rescue Nebraska non-profit organizations.

Their goal is to rescue all dogs of any breed, rehabilitate them, and give them a fresh start in a new, loving family.

You can also opt for adopting a dog on a temporary basis, like a foster parent. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience that can only reinforce your love for dogs.

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Labradors were originally bred to be fishing dogs and companions on hunting or hiking trips because of their fierce loyalty and obedience. But Labradors are also the perfect companion dogs for families. They’re also one of the most intelligent breeds in the world, which is always an asset to have.

Raising a Labrador is a rewarding experience. You need to make sure the breeder you purchase it from has been vetted properly. It’s very important that puppies reach you safely and in their best health so you can raise them well.

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