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Best Labrador Breeders in Nevada

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Have you made the decision to adopt a labrador? Unsure about which breeder to rely on? Check our list of top Labrador breeders in Nevada to find your pet.

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Last Updated on: Jul 09, 2022

Planning on getting yourself a labrador? Determining the right breeder isn’t simple.  It definitely takes a lot of research and deliberation. The process is hectic. But, if you’ve finally decided to bring home a lab, we’ve prepared a list of the best labrador breeders in Nevada.

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Mountain High Labradors

The breeder is here to serve you if you’re looking for lab puppies for sale in Reno, Nevada. They are situated high up the Sierra Nevada mountains, just outside Reno.

They specialize in breeding and delivering show-quality chocolate, silver, and charcoal labradors. You can raise them as family pets or as hunting dogs.

All of their puppies are American Kennel Club and OFA registered with exceptional lineages.

With great hunting and field trial genetics, their chocolate labradors have an exceptional track record. Their silver and charcoal labs are also absolutely magnificent.

Mountain High Labradors has been raising labrador retrievers for almost 13 years now. They are a name you can trust.

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Address: 755 Piute Creek. Reno, NV 89510

Bell’s Labradors

This kennel breeds AKC-registered Labrador retriever puppies. They offer their services throughout the Midwest and the U.S.

Each of their pups is microchipped and registered with AKC.

Their main goal is to produce fantastic hunting dogs as well as good household pets.

In the United States, the owners usually start the winter months by completing paperwork in Minnesota. They prefer to devote their remaining time to hunting, visiting relatives, and raising their purebred labrador retriever litters in Dakota and Iowa.

Partnering with like-minded breeders to encourage the growth of this absolutely magnificent breed is crucial to them.

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Address: Spanish Springs, NV 89441

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Labradors of Silversage

For the past fourteen years, Labradors of Silversage has been breeding quality labrador retrievers. They constantly strive to breed the very finest of the breed. In the lineage of all of their labradors, there are many show masters. This helps with maintaining quality breeding and the overall health of their puppies.

Silversage puppies have grown up to be amazing show dogs, outstanding hunters, loving pets, and most significantly, lifelong family members to their respective pet parents.

Their canines are sold with limited registration. They advise you to prepare in advance and consult your veterinarian before bringing your new dog home. 

You’ll need to arrange an appointment for your puppy’s second and third vaccinations. To do the same, double-check with them, and they’ll inform you when their first shot was administered. Your veterinarian will make the necessary preparations.

Puppies will also receive a full SafeGuard deworming. Your search for lab puppies Fallon, NV, ends here.

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Address: Fallon, Nevada, United States

Skywater Labrador Retrievers

Since 1996, Skywater Labrador Retrievers have been breeding labrador retrievers in Las Vegas, NV. Their pups make excellent house pets, hunting canines, show and field competitors. Skywater Labradors are known for their exceptional disposition, devotion, and companionship.

Each one of their dogs undergoes genetic health inspections, such as OFA hip, elbow, and eye certifications. Additional tests include EIC, CNM, HNPK, PRA, and others.

If you’re looking for Labrador breeders in Vegas, here’s a reliable one for you.

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Twin Lakes Kennel

This is one of the best labrador breeders in Nevada. For nearly four decades, Twin Lakes Kennel has been raising and training top-notch labrador retrievers. Their labs can be seen in forty states. They provide their services almost everywhere, ranging from Southwest to New England, and from Alaska to sunny Florida.

They breed their dogs for innate prey drive and tractability, selecting from one of the most outstanding American field bloodlines. Their labrador retriever puppies come with an assurance that they will be free of inherited problems and will have basic hunting skills. All the adult dogs are healthy, with hips and eyes that have been certified.

Now you don’t need to look for labrador puppies for sale, Henderson, NV. Twin Lakes Kennel will be able to smoothly deliver labs to those in Henderson.

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Since there are so many Labrador breeders in Nevada, it’s critical to pick one with whom you feel comfortable. When you choose one of these breeders, you should expect a healthy and loving dog.


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