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Best Labrador Breeders in Ohio

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This list of reliable and experienced breeders in Ohio will help you find an AKC-registered healthy Labrador. The top breeders include Black Swamp Labradors, Green Gables Labradors, Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers, Punk Hollow Labrador Retrievers, and Silver Mist Labradors.

Last Updated on: Jun 23, 2022

Everyone wishes to bring home a Labrador because of its unparalleled qualities. However, you need to find a reliable and experienced breeder to bring home a happy and healthy Labrador.

Here is a list of all the reliable and experienced Labrador breeders in Ohio who have AKC-registered healthy Labradors waiting to get a loving family like yours!

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white lab puppy

Sunfire Labradors

If you’re looking for American Style Labrador retriever breeders that Ohio houses, Sunfire Labradors is here for you. They have high-quality American and English style black and yellow Labradors. Their dogs are extensively health tested for hips, elbows, eyes, and hereditary defects. They are brilliant performers on the field and excel in obedience, agility, and rally. Their dogs and pups receive regular medical care and are well socialized.

Visit their website for details of their upcoming litters. In addition, the breeders have their dogs’ certifications and registrations available for you to see. They also offer specialized training for dogs.

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Address: 110010 Bennington Dr. Cincinnati, OH 4524

Black Swamp Labradors

If you’re looking for Lab puppies for sale in Toledo, Ohio, Black Swamp Labradors can help. This small family-run breeding facility in Grand Rapids, Ohio, just west of Toledo has black swamp Labradors, black, chocolate, yellow, white, and Fox Red Labradors.

Their AKC-registered Labradors come with an initial health guarantee, a one-year genetic guarantee, and a 26-month hip guarantee. In addition, they also have a lifetime guarantee to confirm they are free of the hereditary diseases commonly found in Labs. Sample of these is musculoskeletal disorders, centronuclear myopathy, and eye disorders like Retinal Dysplasia, Oculoskeletal Dysplasia, and Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration.

Their dogs are socialized well with other dogs, other animals, and kids of all ages.

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Address: Grand Rapids, OH 43522

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Green Gables Labradors

They are one of Central Ohio’s Labrador breeders with excellent quality English Labs. These English Labrador breeders in Ohio have been breeding AKC-registered healthy Labs since 1997.

Their dogs have strong champion bloodlines, excellent conformation, and calm temperaments. The breeder ensures that proper health clearances are obtained to reduce the risk of adverse genetic conditions. Their dogs are cleared for OFA hips and elbows, eyes, exercise-induced collapse, and other disorders.

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Address: Green Gables Labradors, PO Box 163, Granville, OH 43023

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Heartlands Quality Labrador Retrievers

This breeder has been breeding English labs for 17 years. Their AKC-registered labs are sold only on AKC limited registration.

Their puppies receive their first round of shots, are dewormed, and are examined by their veterinarian before leaving. Apart from this, they are fed a nutritious diet specified by the vet to ensure healthy growth.

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Address: 4883 Cherry Grove Rd, Jamestown, OH 45335

Punk Hollow Labrador Retrievers

They are AKC and UKC registered and are one of the top yellow, black, and chocolate Labrador breeders in Ohio for over 41 years. This breeder focus on producing champion gun dogs. Furthermore, their labs have gone on to be pointing dogs, retrieving dogs, upland hunting dogs, and waterfowl hunting dogs. In addition, their dogs have gone as docked jumpers, blood trackers, therapy dogs, drug detection dogs, bomb detection dogs, and dependable service dogs.

Their Labradors undergo hip screening, elbow screening, eye screening, and extensive DNA screening. Most importantly, the breeders screen the Labrador parents for specific traits, intelligence, temperament, drive, adaptability, and scenting ability.

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Address: 9910 W Tr 132, Fostoria, Ohio 44830

Silver Mist Labradors

They are Silver Labrador breeders in Ohio. Moreover, they breed Charcoal and Champagne Labradors. In addition, they have black, yellow, white, fox-red, and chocolate Labradors for sale. Their puppies are all AKC-registered and inspected. They ensure excellent health through health testing and OFA testing. In addition, they breed their Labs to be calm and intelligent.

From proper socialization to medical checkups and breeding facilities, everything is top-notch here.  Furthermore, their website has complete information on the measures they undertake, the parent dogs, and other facilities available.

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Address: 2148 Mount Zion Road, Jackson, Ohio 45640, Southeastern Ohio

White Labrador

Ridge View Labradors

They are premier breeders of yellow, black, and chocolate Labradors. Also, they have been breeding excellent Labradors for the past 35 years.

Their Labrador retrievers have proven to be devoted companions, excellent hunting retrievers, and dependable service dogs. They take pride in being AKC Breeders of Merit and Labrador Retriever Club members. At the same time, their dogs have also received numerous awards in competitions and shows.

They produce excellent family dogs and hunting, sport, and service dog prospects. Most importantly, they offer a 30-month health guarantee as well as lifetime breeder support.

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Address: 16785 Chardon-Windsor Rd, Huntsburg, OH 44046

Laurkim Labradors

They are champion bloodline Labrador retriever breeders in Medina, Ohio. Also, they breed dogs with an emphasis on pleasant, intelligent temperament, soundness, and correct conformation.

All their Labs are cleared for hips and elbows through the OFA and eyes through an annual OFA exam. They also go through Optigen testing for PRA. Moreover, the dogs’ hearts are tested for EIC.

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Address: 3195 Country Club Drive, Medina, Ohio

Maple Creek Labrador

They are promising Lab breeders in Northeastern Ohio and have bred excellent quality, beautiful English Labradors since 2002. Their Labradors belong to the champion bloodlines and are well-known for their temperament, conformation, intelligence, and health. All their puppies are AKC-registered and checked for all diseases.

For more information, you can visit their website.

Website | Facebook | Email ID | Call Us

Address: Josh and Melissa Perkins Alliance, Ohio

Chocolate labrador during fall

We hope this article helped you find reliable and genuine Labrador breeders. If you’re looking for lab puppies for sale in Cleveland or its surrounding areas, this guide may help you. Just ensure you look for a breeder whose labradors conform to AKC standards and who health tests their puppies and parent dogs.


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