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As fun and exciting as it is to bring home a labrador retriever, it is also essential to find a good labrador breeder who delivers premium quality canines.

This article discusses the seven top labrador breeders in Pennsylvania who are AKC registered and stand out in terms of utility and value. The list includes Sideling Hill Labradors, Endless Mt. Labradors, Woodland Breeze Labradors, Winchester Labradors, De Soleil Labradors, Larke Lab Kennels, and Bowery Run Labradors.

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Friendly, affectionate, an avid swimmer, lover of nature, a people pleaser—you can never fall short of reasons to get a labrador as your first pet.

If you live in Pennsylvania and have been scrambling to find the best breeders in town, this article lists the top 7 labrador breeders in Pennsylvania.

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Sideling Hill Labradors

This breeder specializes in breeding yellow, chocolate, black, and light-colored Labrador retriever puppies. Sideling Hill Labradors have been in business since 1987.

Pups from them come with eye and hip guarantees and are wholly dewormed before they are sold. They are intelligent and can be trained to grow into incredible service dogs, house pets, and therapy dogs.

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Address: 1589 Blacks Mountain Road, Waterfall, PA 16689

Endless Mt. Labradors

Are you looking for authentic, top-grade English Labrador breeders that are flawless with a great temperament? Look no further than Endless Mt. Labradors. They provide house-raised, all-purpose Labradors through selective breeding, meticulous genetic screening, and other responsible practices.

The dogs are OFA certified for elbow, hips, and heart certified by OFA. Their dogs have been CERF and CAER tested to eliminate the risk of eye deformities, and have cleared various other tests. Most importantly, they come to you with a starter kit, health guarantee, AKC registration, and complete veterinarian records.

Endless Mt. Labradors is an AKC breeder of merit. 

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Woodland Breeze Labradors

Situated in the north-central region of Pennsylvania, Woodland Breeze Labradors breeds healthy puppies in a lovely, family-oriented environment with great care, love, and maintenance.

The dogs are chosen from great bloodlines so that they have a calm temperament, are good at socializing, fit, intelligent, and loving. You can get AKC-recognized black, chocolate, and yellow pups from them.

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Winchester Labradors

This breeder tops the list of the best, most trustworthy Labrador retriever breeders in Northeast PA. It lies in the beautiful Allegheny Mountains and has been in operation since 2015.

The pups are bred and raised at home. Certainly, their pets have outstanding temperaments, and health and conform to AKC standards.

They accept deposits of $250 on unborn puppies based on gender and color. Puppies are examined by a licensed veterinarian, receive their first dose of vaccinations, and are dewormed at 2, 4, and 6 weeks of age. They come to you microchipped with an AKC reunite microchip, a bag of food, and a gift bag.

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Address: 73 Tanner Rd, Smethport, PA 16749

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De Soleil Labradors

Based out of Luzerne County, De Soleil Labradors. They have been in business since 2001, raising and showing exceptional quality Labradors. These Labradors have fantastic swimming, hunting, and running skills.

The breeders ensure puppies only go to the most beautiful and trustworthy families who are up to the challenge of bringing them up in a good environment. Similarly, this is why the breeders make sure not to sell the puppies to pet shops.

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Larke Lab Kennels

Run by Larry and Linda Mock, the Larke Lab Kennels is registered with the AKC and is one of the most reliable sources for getting a Labrador. They breed and raise award-winning, healthy black, chocolate, and yellow Labradors.

Their adult dogs are all OFA cleared for hips and elbows before becoming part of the breeding program. The dogs are as beautiful and handsome as they are witty, lively, and active. Also, their puppies come with a 26-month health guarantee for hips, elbows, and eyes and they are bred to be good companion dogs. Pups are wormed, receive their first set of shots, checked by a vet at 6 to 8 weeks of age, and are microchipped.

The breeders require a $150 non-refundable deposit to hold your choice of pup.

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Address: 1344 Larke Rd Williamsburg, PA, US 16693

Bowery Run Labradors

This breeder is a family-based Labrador breeder specializing in black and chocolate English and field Labradors. The dogs come from premium, health-certified pedigrees and bloodlines with distinct qualities.

Among the few lab breeders in Lancaster, PA, we would place our bet and money on Bowery Run Labradors, and so should you. They are affordable, provide you with the best available lab options in the states, and are AKC registered. The pups are well socialized from birth and make for excellent family pets.

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Lab sticking its tongue out

We hope this article makes your hunt for the best American Labrador retriever breeders in PA easy and seamless. Also, we have listed only the most resourceful and competent breeders who have years of breeding experience behind them.

So if you’re ready for your Labrador puppy, you know where to go!


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