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Best Labrador Breeders in Vermont

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If you are residing in Vermont and planning to bring home a Labrador, check out these AKC-registered Labrador breeders in the state—Covered Bridge, Darling Hill Farm, Dole Hill, Heather Hollow, and more.

Last Updated on: May 20, 2022

Labradors have secured their position as America’s favorite dog breed. If you live in Vermont or nearby states and are planning to bring home the Labrador of your dreams, you are at the right place!

Here’s a list of experienced and certified Labrador breeders in Vermont. All these breeders are AKC-registered to ensure that you bring home a happy and healthy dog.

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Black lab sitting on the grass

Covered Bridge Labradors

Since 1987, Covered Bridge has been breeding British-style Labradors. Since 1993, the kennel has been run by David and Patricia Jaqua, MD. They breed black, yellow, and chocolate Labradors with the advocacy: No to silver Labradors.

The puppies are dewormed and vaccinated. They have regular health checks and timely visits to the vet. Moreover, they go through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) hip and elbow x-ray tests. The breeding parents complete an 8-disorder genetic check to lower the threat of producing puppies with genetically transmitted diseases.

Puppies play around with over 20 acres of space. They make great hiking, hunting, and family companions. The breeder ensures quality and health for each puppy you bring home.

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Address: 368 Covered Bridge Road, Stowe, VT 05672

CrossHaven Kennels

They have made its mark for breeding English Labs since 1988. The dogs are known for their calm temperament and sharp skills. All CrossHaven Labs have OFA hip and elbow clearances and eye certifications.

They are examined yearly to ensure good health and suitability for breeding. If you are looking for a hunting partner, a hiking buddy, or a loving canine family member, you know where to go. However, since this breeder is highly selective in the dogs they breed, puppies may not always be available.

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Address: Moretown, VT 05660

Darling Hill Farm

This breeder has been breeding English Labs since 2001, prioritizing the health of both the puppies and the adopting family. The puppies are vaccinated and dewormed and can be microchipped for added security.

The breeder’s website gives information on the puppies’ parents so you know where your new dog is from.

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Address: 4900 Nelson Hill Road Derby, VT 05829

Dole Hill Labradors

This breeder produces black, yellow, and chocolate English lab puppies for sale in Vermont. This breeder also advocates: No to silver Labs. Although having a kennel is just a hobby for the breeder, it puts great emphasis on quality and care and produces Labs from health-tested bloodlines.

The puppies grow with their family and are well socialized with people and other animals. These Labs proved to be the perfect hiking and hunting buddies.

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Address: 151 Dole Hill Road, Danville, VT 05828

Lab puppy

Heather Hollow Labradors

They have been owned and run by Harold McCoy since 1976. The dog parents are selected based on temperament, intelligence, and aesthetics to ensure quality puppies. McCoy breeds black, yellow, and chocolate English Labs.

All the puppies are vaccinated and covered for congenital malformations or hereditary diseases in their first year. In the rare case that anything goes wrong, the breeder will compensate up to the purchase price of the pup.

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Address: 4623 Bridgman Hill Road Hardwick, VT 05843

Lakota Labrador Retrievers

This breeder has been producing English Labrador Retrievers for shows, performance, hunting, therapy, and affectionate companionship. The breeder undertakes careful research and emphasizes quality instead of quantity, thus breeding only one or two litters a year.

All their puppies are vaccinated to ensure good health. They are cleared by OFA and certified with normal hips and good elbows.

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Address: Northern of Manchester, VT

An image of 2 Labradors

Victory Hill Kennels

Greg Hovey has been a Labrador breeder at Victory Hill Kennels since 1994. You can find both English and American styles at his kennel. The Labrador puppies are known for their intelligence, calm temperament, and beautiful appearance.

To ensure good health, all the dogs are dewormed. The breeder guarantees that your dog will not receive a grade of mild, moderate, or severe hip dysplasia from OFA until the age of 26 months. Make sure to have your puppy microchipped by its first birthday because if not, you won’t be able to claim any guarantees if anything happens.

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Address: 3000 Victory Hill Road, Victory, VT 05858

We hope that this list helps you bring home the Labrador of your dreams! To ensure that you get a quality puppy, it’s best to personally inquire about the puppies and check the breeding facilities yourself before getting your Labrador.

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